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MagDev Ltd
- Swindon, Wiltshire - s and permanent magnets, nickel zinc and manganese zinc ferrite cores,Amorphous cores, sintered ferrite, alnico, neodymium, bonded neodymium, samarium

Muirhead Aerospace
- London - tors; Permanent Magnet Alternators; Slab Resolvers; Resolvers; RVDTs; Gearheads; A.C. Motors; Synchros; Tachometer Generators. GB384 4960 16

SG Magnets Ltd
- Rainham, Essex - c and permanent magnet products are manufactured to match the requirements of demanding applications such as fast actuators, solenoids, stepper motors

Mellor Electrics Ltd
- Blackburn, Lancashire - nd DC permanent magnet versions, BLDC and synchronous motors. GB254 6786 25

SDT Drive Technology
- Southampton, Hampshire - tator permanent magnet, brushless DC, induction, switch reluctance, drive electronics, gearboxes and linear actuators. GB218 8408 93

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd
- Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire - rs of permanent magnets, specialising in bonded magnets and magnetic assemblies including magnetic seperators, magnetic catches and magnetic white boa

Silverwing UK Ltd
- Swansea - on of permanent magnets enable localized magnetic saturation of the floor area under test Pipescan Pipescan is an easy to use, cost effective, portabl

Focus NDT Ltd
- Rotherham, South Yorkshire - ing a permanent magnet, electromagnet, flexible cables or hand-held prods a magnetic field is applied to the item under test. Liquid Penetrant Inspect

Magnet Schultz Ltd
- Woking, Surrey - ectro-permanent magnet Type GMP (energise to release, holding force up to 500N, five sizes, high energy permanent magnet for long life), Heavy Duty El...ectro-permanent magnets forming part of the deployment system for wheelchair access platforms on buses, high shear strength bolt assemblies for automa

Maxmag Moulded Magnets Ltd
- Birmingham - gnets Permanent Magnets Magnetic Components Magnetic Clutches Ferrite Magnets Magnetic Drive Pumps Plastic Magnets Reed Switch Device Magnets Magnetic

Motor Technology Ltd
- Stockport, Cheshire - ed DC permanent magnet servo motors, analogue servo drives for brushless servo motors and stepper motors drives. Depending on each project and its req...tors, permanent magnet DC servo motors, stepper motors and linear and rotary direct drive motors. For further information on our range of electric mot

Eriez Europe
- Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan - erful permanent magnets which produce repelling forces for separation. Alongside our ECS systems, we have also developed an ECS module which features ...eder, permanent magnetic drum and the RevX-E eddy current separator. Eriez Manufacturing Co, Erie PA USA Ez-Tec Metal Detection Metalarm metal detecti

HV Wooding Ltd
- Hythe, Kent - s for permanent magnet generators. Find out more Medical & Surgical Providing life critical, high volume components including pressed medical ventilat...r the Permanent Magnet Generator. Read in full Next Generation of Offshore Wind Turbines A worldwide manufacturer of Wind Turbines, developing the Gen

Rotalink Ltd
- Crewkerne, Somerset - tors, permanent magnet and hybrid stepping motors, gearboxes up to 15Nm and auxiliary products ranging from encoders to lead screws. Somerset

Magnapower Equipment Ltd
- Bromsgrove, Worcestershire - ement permanent magnet option which would perform to the same strength. The recommended unit has been working very well! I am very pleased with the re...ement permanent magnet option which would perform to the same strength. The recommended unit has been working very well! I am very pleased with the re

Ex-Ed Drives & Controls Ltd
- Hinckley, Leicestershire - d for permanent magnet or shunt wound DC motors that arerated up to 4 Amps. It incorporates the Spring Electric micro analogueprocessor creating a pro

Master Magnets Ltd
- Redditch, Worcestershire - gnets Permanent Magnets Magnetic Products Metal Separators Magnetic High Intensity Separators Overband Separators Wood & Textile Metal Detection or permanent magnets, depending on application and customer preference. Suspension Magnets are designed specifically for the removal of occasional

Bowtech Electronics International
- Woking, Surrey - tors, permanent magnet motors and servomotors.Arc Systems Inc has over 45 years of experience in the field of high precisionmotors and AC components a...tors, Permanent Magnet Motors, Stepper Motors and Servomotors. AVX Components Passive components, principally from their range of surface mount & lead

Anglo Carbon & Contacts Ltd
- Pudsey, West Yorkshire - d and permanent magnet motors. These brushes are made from low-friction high-resistance materials which withstand the exalted levels of armature react

Mayr Transmissions Ltd
- Keighley, West Yorkshire - ed by permanent magnets and which magnetise hysteresis material. The torque transmission takes place contactlessly. First the cap is screwed onto the ...ants, permanent magnet clutches are frequently to be found in addition to hysteresis clutches. In slipping operation, these generate an intermittent t

Elesa (UK) Ltd
- Lincoln, Lincolnshire - ality permanent magnets in sintered hard ferrite, Aluminium nickel cobalt (AINiCo), Samarium cobalt (SmCo) and Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB). Neodymium

Comus Europe Ltd
- Brightlingsea, Essex - her a permanent magnet of a current-carrying coil. Our reed switches feature two ferromagnetic contact blades that are positioned in a hermetically se

Hydralectric Ltd
- Woking, Surrey - ty of permanent magnet synchronous pumps which have a wet rotor chamber which means a mechanical water seal is not needed. These pumps are supplied wi

Cermag Ltd
- Sheffield - er of Permanent Magnets And Magnet Systems. GB308 1884 53 201 Michael Colley

Greenbank Machinery & Plant Ltd
- Hyde, Cheshire - ipple Permanent-magnet excitation Terminal box *** Some units ceasing manufacture June 2015*** View More Radio Energie RE.0588GB Tachogenerator GB ind...15*** Permanent-magnet excitation 20V-40V Ex stock View More Radio Energie RE0444 L Tacho generator KM811491G01 DC Tachogenerator (series REO444) kone

Penny & Giles Controls Ltd
- Christchurch - ns. A permanent magnet within the assembly enables the solenoid plunger to maintain its position with no current applied, thus reducing the amount of

CCL Components Ltd
- Glasgow - und a permanent magnet generator power curve whichaugments the energy levels produced by small wind turbines. The 3000 model operates without a transf

NSF Controls Ltd
- Keighley, West Yorkshire - h use permanent magnets together with the magnetic circuit board of standard DC solenoids. The solenoids pull and attract using only momentary pulse c

Bisbell Magnetic Products Ltd
- Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire - s are permanent magnets made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. Discovered in 1982, they are now the most widely-use type of rare-earth magne

Southern Sales & Services Ltd
- Southampton, Hampshire - by a permanent magnet system. When required, the fan blade is switched by the electromagnetic clutch and rotates synchronous to the drive speed. The ...a the permanent magnet system. In the 3-speed stage, the fan blade rotates synchronous to the drive speed. LINNIG Angular Fan Clutches LINNIG electrom