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We have been specialising in power transmission since 1897, beginning with sawmill and mill transmissions. Today we are the number 1 worldwide supplier of torque limiters, elevator brakes and stage brakes. We operate under strict quality control procedures and use state of the art technology to provide innovative solutions tailored to our customers' specific requirements. We hold several international patents thanks to our flexible product development which uses 3D CAD systems and the latest calculation tools. Our products are used in almost every industrial sector. With 24-hour delivery on popular products and unlimited global replacement part availability, our products and systems offer cost-effective, optimum up-time.

Torque Limiters

We are the market leader for safety clutches that limit torque to a defined value, preventing costly overload damage to machinery and equipment. Torque limiters offer many advantages to machine manufacturers and end users, including reduction in driver motor and gearbox size as well as low operating costs with high productivity and system availability.

We offer a comprehensive range of torque limiters, including load holding and load separating safety clutches as well as corrosion-resistant torque limiting clutches.

Our load holding torque limiters include frictionally locking, positive locking, and magnetic safety clutches. Load separating torque limiters include ratchetting, disengaging, controllable, switchable, and linear movement safety clutches.

Shaft Couplings

Our shaft couplings offer backlash-free torque transmission and shaft misalignment compensation that are especially suited to reversing, dynamic, or high speed precision drives. Whatever the type of drive, we have the optimum backlash-free coupling:

  • ROBA®-DS servo couplings - Wear & maintenance free shaft couplings with high
    performance density & low mass moment of inertia for transmission of high torques in high speed dynamic drive systems;
  • Our patented smartflex® steel bellows couplings - rapid and easy shaft attachment
    with high misalignment compensation capability;
  • ROBA®-ES elastomer couplings - temperature and media resistant, maintenance free
    operation; variable rigidity and dampening;
  • ROBA®-DS all-steel couplings - extremely robust, high misalignment capability; handles
    full nominal torque even with shaft misalignments or alternating torques.

Safety Brakes

We supply ROBA-stop® spring-applied electromagnetic safety brakes for the reliable prevention of uncontrolled movements even during emergency stop or power failure situations:

  • ROBA-stop® Universal - multi-functional all-around safety brake with simple wear
    re-adjustment and highly adjustable braking torque;
  • ROBA-stop® M - maintenance-free, cost-effective and robust with IP54 or IP65 enclosed
    brake housing;
  • ROBA® topstop® modular safety system safely holds axes in any position even during
    maintenance when the servo motor is disconnected; also available with insertable
    shaft coupling;
  • ROBA® alphastop® - complete safety brake unit with backlash-free coupling;
  • ROBA® pinionstop rack and pinion brake;
  • ROBA® linearstop® hydraulic and pneumatic backlash-free brake system for linear axes;
  • ROBA-stop® silenzio® - quietest safety brake for stage and elevator drives even after several million switchings;
  • ROBA-diskstop® electromagnetic safety brake system for disk brakes with grind-free

We also offer a comprehensive range of elevator safety brakes.

DC Drives

Our high quality tendo-PM DC drives feature optimal running characteristics and high degrees of protection. We custom design these permanent magnet and servo motors for your application. Their high speed consistency and low torque ripple result in extremely quiet running, with a carbon lifetime of up to 6000 hours. Tendo-PM drives have a low-backlash, high performance gearbox. IP54 or IP65 protection is standard, with IP68 protection available.

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

We offer a fantastic range of high quality electromagnetic clutches and brakes. The range features:

ROBATIC – this electromagnetic clutch is energised to engage and features consistent switching behaviour, high torque security, minimum wear, large permitted shaft diameter and short switching times.

ROBA-quick – this electromagnetic brake is energised to engage and features exact positioning over the entire service lifetime, high braking torque security, low-noise operation and short switching times.

ROBA-takt – this electromagnetic clutch and brake is energised to engage and features reliable positioning and synchronising, high permitted switching frequency and is and environmentally friendly.  


We also supply a fantastic range of accessories for use with safety clutches and safety brakes. The range includes: Limit Switches (mechanical, contactless, contactless magnetic field resistant, contactless with mounting flange and mechanical multi-directional), EAS-Sm/Zr Control Unit, EAS-Sp Control Unit, Half-wave rectifiers and bridge rectifiers, Phase Demodulator, ROBA multiswitch, ROBA switch, ROBA switch 24V, Spark Quenching Unit, ROBA-takt switch gear and ROBA takt Circuit Module. All items are manufactured to extremely high standards using high quality materials. To view the range in full, please follow the link to our website. Images are also available.

Customer Specific Developments

We understand the importance of delivering solutions which are not only effective and reliable but also completely tailored to the job at hand. It is for this reason that we can offer both standard products and products which have been modified with specific customer requirements in mind. For more information on our customer specific developments or to discuss your options further, don't hesitate to give us call. 

ATEX Certified Products

We stock a variety of ATEX certified products which take into account the 94/9/EC directives. It is worth noting that products are assessed by our experts prior to being marked with an ATEX certification. For further information feel free to visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly by phone or email. 



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Brand & Trade Names

  • EAS
  • EAS-Compact/NC positive, backlash free safety clutch
  • EAS-HTL housed torque limiter
  • Nor-Mex flexible shaft couplings
  • Opti-torque torque limiting clutches
  • Posiflex gear couplings
  • Posimin torsially rigid, all steel couplings
  • ROBA
  • ROBA-Slip Hubs friction torque limiters
  • ROBA-stop electromagnetic safety brakes
  • Secustop New Safety Break
  • silenzio Electromagnetic silent safety brake
  • Smartflex backlash free servo drive coupling
  • smartic torque limiter
  • Tschan flexible shaft couplings

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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