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Bowtech Electronics International specialises in the import and distribution of industrial, military and aerospace components. Bowtech has been in the industry for more than 40 years, known previously as Bowmar Instrument Ltd but changing to Bowtech Electronics International in later years. Bowtech has significant knowledge and experience of the industry enabling the company to provide an incredibly high standard of products and services. We have formed great relationships with many leading global companies which enables us to provide products of the highest quality to our customers.

All of our products are provided with full certification and traceability. We are registered to ISO 9001: 2008 standards and CECC/IECQ. We are pleased to be recognised for our first-class products and services and currently supply to major OEM's in the aerospace, defence and industrial sectors of the UK and European electronics industry.

We hold a large number of products in stock at any one time to enable us to meet orders and requests in fast turn-around times - often same day dispatch. Please contact our dedicated sales team for all the information you may require. Examples of our ranges of products includes surface mount capacitors and resistors to NTC and PTC thermistors, RTD sensors, DC mini motors, synchros, resolvers, encoders, elapsed time indicators, aircraft quality AC motors and generators, GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth antennae, title sensors, and many more.


Electrolytic Tilt Sensors

We also supply various single axis, dual axis, narrow angle and wide angle electrolytic tilt sensors as well as various tilt switches. Electrolytic tilt sensors have been used for many years to accurately measure tilt angles in static and dynamic environments.

When connected to an appropriate electronic conversion module, the tilt sensor provides an output proportional to a corresponding inclination angle.

Please contact us for further information regarding our range.

Temperature Sensors

Sensors receive and respond to a signal. They measure a physical quantity and convert it into a signal that can be read by an observer or by an instrument. We supply a range of temperature sensors including the following models:
  • PTC,
  • NTC,
  • RTD,
  • Pt100 and Pt1000,
  • various assemblies, and thermocouples.

Electro Mechanical

We provide various high quality electro-mechanical products. Our range includes DC motors, synchros, elapsed time indicators, DC tachos resolvers, event counters, encoders, gear motors, and rotary solenoids.

For further information regarding all of our products, please contact our friendly team at Bowtech Electronics International and we will be happy to provide you with all the advice and information you may need.

Frequency ControlSurface MountThrough-Hole

Our frequency control surface mount through-hole range features quartz, crystals, oscillators, VCO's and TCO's, and filters. This equipment is widely used in military applications, communications, microwave transmission, data acquisition and transmission, and more.       

CapacitorsSurface Mount Leaded

Surface mount technology (SMT) is usually used for mounting directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCB's). Our range includes aluminium, multiplayer ceramic, tantalum, and film models. SMT's have widely replaced the through-hole construction method of fitting components into circuit boards.

Please contact us at Bowtech Electronics International for further technical information and for quotes.

EMC Products

We are pleased to provide our customers with a fantastic range of EMC products.

EMC equipment is widely regarded for use throughout the world. Our EMC range features various items such as surface mount, feedthrough, filters, 3 terminal EMI, and pi filters.

Please contact us for further information regarding our EMC products.           


Our GPS range of antennae includes ceramic patch 17mm, 18mm, or 25mm square, with or without LNA, and 2.4-5.0v helical type with or without LNA 3.6v. We also provide housed active antenna GPS, GPRS, GSM mobile: marine 2.4 - 5.0v.

Please contact us with your requirements for advice and information on the best solutions.      

Resistors Surface Mount Leaded

We also supply surface mount resistors in the following models:
  • conventional thick film resistors,
  • specialised thin film resistors,
  • leaded and arrays.

All of our resistors feature high performance qualities and are extremely reliable to make them suitable for use in demanding applications.


We are also pleased to supply a fantastic range of GSM equipment. Our GSM range features whip antenna, mobile antenna, modems 433Mhz to 2.5Ghz, dual band, and wall antenna to suit different industry applications.

Please call us with your requirements.


Alongside our standard ranges, we also provide a range of equipment suitable for various industry applications. Other categories include marine application, military, glonas, tetra, and flat panel 800Mhz.

We also provide WLAN, base antenna, diplexers, cable assemblies and bluetooth SMD.

If you are not sure on the equipment to use for your application, please contact our technical team who will be happy to help.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Bowtech Electronics International has over 40 years of supplying industrial, military and aerospace components. We have built many long-term business relationships with our client thanks to our reliability and our high quality professional components. We only ever supply products manufactured by experts in this field and we have a global network of preferred partners. Bowtech Electronics International supply components by specialist manufacturers such as Arc Systems Inc, AVX Components, Beyschlag Components, Europquartz Ltd and The Fredricks Company. We also have long-term business relationships with companies such as Daco, Harrowe Servo, Hyper-Sense Technology and of course Bowmar Llc.

Products by Arc Systems Inc

Bowtech Electronics International supply an extensive range of products and components manufactured by Arc Systems Inc including AC and DC motors, gear motors, stepper motors, permanent magnet motors and servomotors. Arc Systems Inc has over 45 years of experience in the field of high precision motors and AC components and are specialists in the aerospace industry field. Bowtech Electronics International is proud to work with and supply Arc Systems Inc products due to their high standards of product quality and in-depth experience and knowledge in this field. Please visit our website for more information on our suppliers and manufacturers.

Products by AVX Components

AVX Components is a well-established company who specialise in the field of passive components. Bowtech Electronics International offers a wide range of AVX components and we have had a beneficial long-term working relationship with AVX due to their superior products. We supply AVX Components products such as those from their surface mount and leaded MLC and Tantalum capacitors range. Our skilled advisors can provide extensive information on our complete range of AVX Components products and more information on this company is available at the Bowtech Electronics International website.

Products by Beyschlag Components

Bowtech Electronics International supply a comprehensive range of Vishay Beyschlag professional components including Beyschlag resistors Melf and Micromelf as well as an extensive range of leaded and surface mount products. Vishay Beyschlag are experts in their field and supply components for a number of industries including the industrial, avionic and the military sectors. We have a long-standing business relationship with Beyschlag and value their high quality, reliable and professional range of products. For more information on our range of Beyschalg components please visit the Bowtech Electronics International website or speak to one of our experienced advisors.

Products by Bowmar LlC

Bowmar Llc, originally known as Bowmar Instrument Corp has been supplying electronic and electro-mechanical components to the aerospace industry for well over 40 years. We offer an extensive range of Bowmar Llc components specifically designed for industrial, aerospace and military use including a wide range of custom precision gearheads, gearboxes and gear assemblies. Bowmar Llc know how to produce high quality products that are fit for purpose, reliable and designed for a long lifespan. Our customers value the professional products we supply and we will only ever supply products manufactured by experts in their field such as Bowmar Llc.

Components by The Fredricks Company

Bowtech Electronics International is proud to be associated with and supply for The Fredricks Company. We stock and supply a wide range of components by this well-established and reliable manufacturer. The Fredricks Company has over 70 years of experience in the field of tilt sensors for level or tilt angle indication. High levels of accuracy and repeatability as well as applications in tilt sensing and on/off switches are just a few of the benefits of the glass and electrolytic sensors we supply through The Fredricks Company. For more information on our complete range of components and our Fredricks Company products please visit the Bowtech Electronics International website.

Products by Daco Instrument Company

We supply a number of products manufactured by Daco Instrument Company. Our extensive Daco product line includes small precision rotary solenoids and flag indicators. Our Daco products are used on an extensive range of aircraft instrumentation and we recognise that the Daco Instrument Company will fulfil the vital professional and safety standards required by the aerospace industry. Daco Instrument has over 75 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality, cost-effective aircraft instrumentation. For more information on the manufacturers and suppliers we use please visit the Bowtech Electronics International website.

Products by Euroquartz ltd

Bowtech Electronics International has worked with Euroquartz for a number of years and Euroquartz has been an international name in frequency control products for over 30 years. The UK based Euroquartz supplies high quality products to industries in over 70 countries including sectors such as defence, aerospace and electronic engineering. Bowtech Electronics International only supply components manufactured by experts in their field to ensure that our customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. Euroquartz components are certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards and more information on components by this company and our entire product range can be found on the Bowtech Electronics International website.

Components by Hyper-Sense Technology Ltd

We offer an extensive range of high quality components by Hyper-Sense Technology including NTC thermistor temperature sensor elements probe assemblies. Hyper-Sense Technology has a well-deserved reputation for reliable and innovative products, which are used throughout a number of industries world-wide. Components supplied by us through Hyper-Sense Technology can include silicon temperature sensors, thermocouples, PT sensors and glass encapsulated probe assemblies. We understand that our clients require components to meet the most demanding of standards and we only use manufacturers who are experts in their specific field. Visit the Bowtech Electronics International website to view our complete range of products manufactured by Hyper-Sense Technology and our other suppliers and manufacturers.

Contact Bowtech Electronics International

Bowtech Electronics International is a UK company based in Old Woking, Surrey. We take our responsibilities to customer satisfaction seriously and will endeavour to offer the best support service available. Our team of experienced advisors are on hand to answer inquiries on our complete range of products and components. Telephone, fax and email contact details are available at the Bowtech Electronics International website. We have also included an online inquiry/contact form as an optional contact method. Once we have assessed your request one of our team will contact your via your preferred means of contact.



Registration Number: n/a
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Founded:1 January, 1963 (59 years and 6 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
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Company Type:
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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Arc Systems Inc AC Motors,DC Motors,Gear Motors, Permanent Magnet Motors, Stepper Motors and Servomotors.
  • AVX Components Passive components, principally from their range of surface mount & leaded MLC and Tantalum capacitors
  • Beyschlag Resistors Melf and Micromelf are supplied by Bowtech. We have extensive stock of leaded and surface mount product
  • Bowmar Manufacturers of a range of Aerospace display products including mechanical and electromechanical counters and elapsed time indicators.
  • Daco Small precision rotary solenoids and flag indicators used on a wide range of aircraft instrumentation.
  • EuroQuartz Quartz crystal and associated frequency control components
  • Harowe Servo Controls suppliers of Size 8 & 11 Synchros,Resolvers,Encoders,DC Tacho's and Size 21 Brushless Resolvers
  • Hyper-Sense Technology Ltd Manufacturers of a range of NTC,PTC thermistor beads and probes and temperature sensing elements including KTY Sensors.
  • Kearfott synchros and resolvers to MIL and commercial specifications
  • LCR capacitors for applications in Motor run, Power, Power Factor Correction, Interference suppression, Coupling Decoupling and Timing
  • Lika Encoders
  • Litton Clifton Resolvers and Synchros
  • Mabuchi Motor Design and production of small DC motors. Mabuchi provide basic research and product design and development.
  • NIC Components Passive components for both surface mount and through hole applications. Aluminium, Tantalum,Film and Chip Capacitors,Resistors, Inductors and Diodes all form part of the range
  • Novacap multilayer surface mounted and leaded chip capacitors. Product is available for high temp. and MIL spec.qualified.
  • Proscan antennae and aerial systems covering frequency ranges of GPS,GSM,WLAN,TETRA Combined antennae units can be provided for general and covert applications. Marine units also available
  • SGSTCL SGSTCL manufacture and supply from China. Their range covers all the popular DC Motor sizes and performances and we can obtain reasonable batch sizes and prototype samples.
  • Syfer global source for application specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters.
  • Tamagawa Resolvers,Synchros,Absolute & Incremental, Encoders,Stepper Motors & Servomotors
  • TDK Passive components, Inductors, Capacitors, Resistors
  • The Fredericks Company Tilt Sensors for Level or Tilt Angle Indication. The glass and metal electrolytic sensors have high accuracy and repeatability and have applications in tilt sensing ,inclinometers and on/off switches
  • Vishay

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements