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Southern Sales & Services Ltd is the UK’s leading independent supplier of new and re-manufactured refrigeration and cooling equipment. We offer a huge range of products from some of the world’s leading brands, and we serve virtually all industries where refrigeration is used - from food processing to oil and gas production. 


On our website you’ll find a large selection of refrigeration compressors, evaporating and condensing equipment and many replacement parts. We pride ourselves on supplying only the very best equipment at the lowest possible price, and we take great pleasure in helping customers find exactly what they need for their cooling application. 


As specialists in commercial and industrial refrigeration, Southern Sales & Services Ltd can also provide bespoke solutions to address the specific cooling requirements of our customers. We regularly undertake custom design work and we often carry out the installation and commissioning of the finished system. 


If you would like to find out more about our products and services, please head over to our website or get in touch directly using the number provided at the top of this page. 


GEA Bock

Southern Sales & Services Ltd is a UK agent for GEA Bock GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of compressors and condensing units for stationary and mobile refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. Their products are known globally for their exceptional quality and reliability and are used in all kinds of commercial and industrial environments. As an approved UK distributor, Southern Sales & Services Ltd can offer substantial discounts on a full range of Bock compressors and provide expert advice and guidance in their selection. 


We can supply:

  • Open Type Compressors
  • Open Type Motor Compressors
  • Open Type Compressor Units
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressors
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressor Units

You can find out more about each of the above by visiting Southern Sales & Services online. Simply follow the link above or click on the image to the right to be redirected. 


GEA Grasso

Southern Sales & Services Ltd also distributes cooling equipment on behalf of GEA Grasso N.V, a company with more than 100 years of experience manufacturing compressors for industrial refrigeration applications. Their innovative cooling solutions are used worldwide and across many different market sectors. 


We’re able to offer an extensive range of Grasso products - including their ground-breaking piston compressors, screw compressors, chillers, heat pumps and freezers – and we can provide all the advice and guidance you need in their selection and integration. To see exactly what we have available, please head over to the Southern Sales & Services website. 

GEA Bock Cooling & Heating

Southern Sales & Services Ltd offers a range of heating and cooling solutions from GEA Bock of Germany. They include air cooled condensing units, heat pumps and the ‘plug and play’ GEA Plusbox. 

  • Air Cooled Condensing Units – Southern Sales & Services Ltd offers the entire Bock range, with receivers from 1.5 to 26 kW nominal drive power and 11 to 57m³/h displacement. 
  • Heat Pumps – These are made with Bock compressors. Heat pumps effectively recycle ambient heat which is found in air, water or soil to generate temperatures which are capable of warming inbound water or air supplies.  
  • GEA Plusbox – A modular condenser set based on semi-hermetic GEA Bock compressors and condensers. Preconfigured to your requirements to make installation quick and easy. 

More information is available on the Southern Sales & Services website. 


GEA Grasso Coolers & Heaters

We also offer a range of heating and cooling solutions from GEA Grasso. They include chillers, heat pumps, ice machines and freezers.

  • Chillers – Grasso’s range of environmentally-friendly chillers use the natural refrigerant ammonia. They offer high EER values (Energy Efficiency Ratio) and excellent TEWI values (Total Equivalent Warming Impact).
  • Compression Heat Pumps – We offer the complete range of GEA Grasso heat pumps. 
  • Ice Machines – Southern Sales & Services Ltd supplies the GEA Geneglace range of ice machines and ice systems. Output capacity varies with the model chosen, but the largest machine is capable of producing up to 50 tons of ice per day. 
  • Freezers – An extensive range of GEA freezers for industrial freezing and chilling throughout the food processing industry. 


Large Mobile Applications

One of the areas in which we specialise is the supply of air-conditioning equipment for mobile applications (for use on buses, trains, etc.). We offer a range of compressors suitable for onboard A/C systems and we can provide expert advice on all matters relating to mobile cooling. Products offered include:

  • GEA Bock Open Type Compressors
  • GEA Bock Semi-Hermetic Compressors
  • Compressors for Eberspacher Sutrak A/C Systems
  • Compressors for Konvekta A/C Systems
  • Replacement Parts for Mobile A/C Systems
  • Hispacold 4 and 6 Cylinder Piston Compressors
  • Thermoking Screw and Piston Compressors

More information can be found on the Southern Sales & Services website. 


Transport Refrigeration

As well as supplying compressors for onboard air-conditioning systems, Southern Sales & Services Ltd can offer solutions for mobile refrigeration. The products we sell are relied upon to keep food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other materials cool during distribution. We offer high quality compressors and a full range of replacement parts from the likes of Thermoking, Carrier, GAH, Hubbard, Zanotti and Eurofrigo. Find out more by visiting Southern Sales & Services online.

Industries Served

The heating and cooling equipment we supply is used across many different industries for all kinds of commercial and industrial applications. It can be found cooling foodstuffs in supermarket fridges and freezers, electrical equipment in data centres, passengers on buses and coaches, fresh fish on trawler boats, ski slopes in leisure centres and even liquefied gases on offshore oil and gas platforms. These are just some of the applications in which our products are used. You can find out more by visiting Southern Sales & Services online.

Bespoke Solutions

Southern Sales & Services Ltd has the skills, experience and facilities to take on custom design work on behalf of its customers. The service we provide can also include installation and commissioning of the finished equipment. Over the years we have designed a number of bespoke cooling systems incorporating the latest compressor technologies from the likes of Bock. Recent design projects have included an industrial candle cooler, a marine cargo hold chiller, a refrigerant drying plant and a split zone tour bus A/C system.


If you need a bespoke solution for your cooling application, please give us a call or send your enquiry via email. 


Data and Temperature Loggers

At Southern Sales and Services, we are very proud of our position as distributors for Transcan data and temperature loggers.  For more than 20 years Transcan has been recognised as the market leader, used by major clients in the cold storage market and refrigerated transport industry.  All products in the Transcan range of data and temperature loggers deliver highly reliable precision data, providing the protection that is needed to protect your equipment.   Products are approved to EU standard EN12830, regulations 37/2005 (Frozen Food) and 850/2004 (HACCP) DEFRA EC No1/2005.  With Transcan’s reputation for quality and reliability you can be certain you have the best and most reliable product available.

Vehicle Tracking

We are pleased to supply the SevenEye® vehicle tracking system.  With SevenEye®, you are able to monitor the temperature of your goods in transit from any browser or smartphone.  You can also receive instant email and SMS alerts if temperatures go out of range or there is a power loss.  SevenEye® is simply the most comprehensive vehicle tracking and remote temperature monitor system available.  The list of features is massive, and you can see them all in detail on our website, so please do have a look.  There’s a lot of information there, but do get in touch with us if you need to know more or have any queries.

Fans and Blowers

As the UK’s largest distributor of SPAL Automotive products for the south of England, we are pleased to supply the complete range of SPAL axial fans, single and double blowers, high performance brushless fans and blowers, as well as a range of accessories.  You can look through the comprehensive selection available to find the diameters that best suit your application.  You can be assured that, whichever you choose, you can be sure of exemplary levels of performance and efficiency.  Have a look on our website for detailed information about all the products in the SPAL range.  If you need assistance or advice, get in touch and our knowledgeable sales team will be very pleased to help.

Large Clutch Applications

We supply Kendrion LINNIG electromagnetic large clutch applications for bus and coach climate control compressors.  LINNIG compressor driven clutches are recognised within the industry for strength, durability and reliability.  You can learn more about these products on our website or get in touch and we can assist you in choosing the type of compressor driven clutch that best suits your needs.  The LINNIG range is extensive, but we can find the right product for your use.   Note that we also offer a number of additional accessories for use when doing servicing or repair work.  If you would like your worn-out clutch repaired, we also offer a service exchange clutch rebuild programme.



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