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NSF Controls is one of Europe's leading suppliers of first-class electro-mechanical components and assemblies. We specialise in all kinds of solenoid, switch and encoder product which are designed and manufactured both in the UK and in the Far East. NSF has built an excellent reputation for innovative, high-performance components and sub-assemblies, as well as remarkable levels of customer service and post-sales technical support. We have an in-house team of expert product designers and application engineers who use the very latest in design, development and assembly techniques to deliver practical solutions to actuation challenges of every variety and volume. Our service includes rapid prototyping from a vertically integrated production facility. Whether it's a single component or a tailor-made assembly, we always come up with the goods! When you combine our state-of-the-art production facilities with a fully integrated business control system, you get an unbeatable fast response service.

We have provided product solutions to a global market, serving a wide range of industries such as aerospace, process control, factory automation, machine tool, medical, automotive, vending and utilities. To accommodate for the growing demands of current and prospective customers, NSF is utilising the huge production scales which are made possible thanks to our first-class Far Eastern partners. This means our customers have access to the widest selection of electro-mechanical components in Europe. But we don't just offer a standard range of 'off the shelf' components - NSF takes on all aspects of product development, from design feasibility and costing, to 3D and SLA modelling, prototyping and testing.

Low Profile Solenoids

We supply a wide range of Low Profile Solenoids in push and pull designs for short stroke high force applications. These solenoids are widely used in applications such as valve operations, door interlocks, card punching, and similar. Our low profile solenoids feature holding forces up to 1300 Newtons, up to 270 Newtons Force at 1mm stroke, less than 5 milliseconds response time for 1mm stroke under no load conditions, and a conical pole face to allow increased stroke with minimal reduction in performance. Full technical data is available on our website.

Enclosed Rotary Switches

Our range of enclosed rotary switches is manufactured by our German partners, EBE. EBE manufactures high quality equipment that is robust and reliable. We are pleased to offer this range to our customers. Our enclosed rotary switches feature a compact design, stainless steel shaft with high-grade plastic housing, enclosed contact assemblies, sealed and washable variants, 15°, 30° and 36° indexing, and shorting or non-shorting contacts. BCD, hexadecimal and Gray code options are available. Please contact the team at NSF with your requirements.

Miniature Lever Switches

We supply a large range of miniature lever switches to our customers. This range of miniature and sub-miniature switches is available with lever, rocker, paddle and slide actuators in an industry standard package. They are rated up to 5 amps, 125vac or 28 vdc and can be supplied with solder lug, straight, right angled or vertical PC or surface-mount terminations. Different models in the range feature various bushing options and actuator options. Some feature top or side slider options, or feature washable assembly. To view the range in full, please see our website and/or contact us with your requirements or enquiries.

Custom Solutions

We are pleased to provide our customers with a bespoke manufacturing service whereby we are able to create unique solutions to meet specific application requirements. We understand that there are applications that present their own problems and requirements. Therefore, our talented team is on hand and highly equipped to create first class solutions. We work closely with clients to gain a firm understanding of what is required in order to design and manufacture customised equipment. Where your requirements go beyond our standard range, please give us a call at NSF where one of the team will discuss options with you.

Open Frame Solenoids

We supply over 34 different models, including:
'U' Frame, Magnetic Latching, Flappers and Miniature models which require as little as 1.5 cubic cm space volume. Our Open Frame solenoids are a cost-effective solution to applications where lifecycle and performance are not of major importance. Open Frame solenoids offer pull forces of up to 44 Newtons at 22mm stroke. Magnetic latching versions provide a high holding force at zero currents. Open Frame solenoids typically have a long life. Push types and customised versions are also available.

Magnetic Latching Solenoids

NSF supplies Magnetic Latching Solenoids which use permanent magnets together with the magnetic circuit board of standard DC solenoids. The solenoids pull and attract using only momentary pulse current and therefore offer a strong holding force without constant electrical power. A Momentary pulse operation as opposed to constant electrical power also eradicates any problems that arise from increasing temperature. They also retain memory during power loss. Magnetic Latching solenoids are released by supplying a reverse pulse of current. The operating load should always be greater than the Magnet Force.

Stepping Solenoids

NSF Controls makes available a wide range of unidirectional and bidirectional Stepping Solenoids. We offer the size 50 in either 12, 18, 24 or 36 positions. These stepping solenoids are ergonomically packaged and use a unique tooth clutch drive mechanism which provides a positive self locking drive. Highly cost-effective, our solenoids have a minimum life expectancy of 10 million steps in each direction in the bidirectional format. They facilitate over 25 steps per second in intermittent applications, have a simple pulsed drive circuitry, and offer non-accumulative accuracy of 1 degree over the lifecycle.

Lever Switches

We offer a range of robust and reliable standard lever switches which have been proven time and time again to last in even the most demanding of circumstances. That’s why they have been used in military applications as well as commercial ones.
NSF's approved lever switches are guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest standards. They are available as momentary, two, or three position variations. Quick Make Quick Break lever switches have 2 positions and are rated 3, 6, 10 and 20 Amp 250 VAC/DC. Slow Make Slow Break lever switches can have 2 or three positions and are rated 10 Amp 250VAC or 20 Amp 30VDC. Panel and lever seals are available, and terminations include screws, solder lugs and flying leads. Lever switches are available in slider and pushbutton variants.

Pushbutton Switches

We offer a complete range of miniature and sub-miniature pushbutton switches available with either snap acting or alternate action contact systems. Our switches are provided with solder lug or straight, right-angled and vertical pc or surface mount terminations. The following is a list of just some of the push button switches we offer: Series 700 Snap acting miniature push button switches (Rated 1 Amp 125 VAC / 28 VDC), Series 700L Alternate action miniature push button switches (Rated 6 Amp 125 VAC / 28 VDC), Series 800 momentary action sub-miniature push button switches (Rated 1 Amp 125 VAC / 28 VDC), Series 600 Low profile slider switches (Rated 2 Amp 250 VAC and with Top or side slider options), Series 600A PCB Mounted slider switches (Rated 0.5 Amp 12 VDC).

Encoder Switches

NSF supplies a range of top quality encoder switches which are of a compact design to save space. They are manufactured from a temperature resistant material and feature gray code, binary sensory and hexadecimal functions. Encoder switches also offer light positive indexing.

Rotary Solenoids

If you need compact, powerful and versatile rotary solenoids, NSF are your premier choice of supplier. Our 3 ball rotary solenoid offer strokes up to 95 degrees rotation in addition to a high-torque performance for on/off applications. Our product range covers approximately 20,000 variations in 8 basic sizes. This includes endurance engineered options and a number of load take-off options. Our rotary solenoids are maintenance free, making them a cost-effective solution.

Rotary Wafer Switches

For over 60 years, NSF have been manufacturing and supplying high-performance Rotary Wafer Switches. These can switch currents from µA to 6A and can accommodate voltages of up to 3KV. Rugged and reliable, these products have a proven track record for excellence. Our rotary switches may be supplied in many different options, offering the reliability and versatility that is needed to cope with the demands of today’s market. Numerous pole varieties, positions and functions are available, as are a choice of contact materials, terminations, and insulations. For more information on our rotary switches, or any of the other great products that we offer, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Electromechanical Assemblies

Manufacturing around 900,000 electro-mechanical assemblies each year, NSF Controls are a market leader with precision and quality being our paramount mission. Our UK based in-house manufacturing facility comprises of CNC milling, pressing moulding coil winding and assembly. Our enthusiastic, highly skilled workforce is adept in all manner of tool manufacture, maintenance and prototype modelling to suit any of your company’s needs. NSF Controls provide other assemblies including switch and control harnesses for the burgeoning electric vehicle market and security interlock devices with industrial and military applications. Our extensive product range and unrivalled specialist knowledge provide limitless scope in the development of bespoke electro-mechanical assemblies for new and existing customers to the highest specification.

Winch Assist

The ‘Winch Assist’ from NSF was conceived to aid carers in the safe and efficient loading and unloading of wheel-chair bound people into modified vehicles. NSF produces two Winch Assist models; the ‘Rapide’ and the ‘Compact’. These models share many of the same features. The Rapide houses a 4m belt and the Compact 5m. NSF manufactures the Winch Assist in the UK with our customer’s safety and ease of use our priority. Both models are CE marked, possess a safe working load limit of up to 225kg and boast a long life of more than 10,000 cycles ensuring peace of mind to the user.

Free-Way Switches

Free-Way switches from NSF provide the user with the finest quality guitar pickup selection switches on the market today. Crafted to the highest standard from stainless steel metalwork, gold plated terminals and glass filled nylon mouldings, our Free-Way switches have been extensively endurance tested over a million times. NSF’s Free-Way switches boast ‘Positive Index Positional Control’ which allows for the most intuitive feel for fast positional changes allowing the user to concentrate on their composition or performance. Providing a huge range of tonal flexibility, pickup configurations include; coil-split, 3 pickup, piezo, series, phase parallel, HSH, HSS, SSS plus custom schemes there is no limit to your sound.

Bespoke Solutions

At NSF Controls our goal is to ensure that we design and manufacture components that meet our customer’s precise needs. Our specialist products are leaders in the industry. We understand that despite our vast choice, we may not always have the right component for the job and in such cases we will offer customers realistic solutions and customised options to meet their requirements. We offer technical advice and assistance where needed and we can also supply product samples for testing purposes if required.

Tubular Solenoids

Our tubular solenoids are both economical and long lasting.  They are tested to 25 million actuations.  The enclosed construction of these solenoids makes them ideal for use where space is limited.  Available in push and pull designs, they have a single hole fixing.  As always, we strive continuously to provide you with products of the best quality at good prices.  Please visit our website to learn more about our tubular solenoids.

BTA Solenoids

BTA (Brushless Torque Actuator) solenoids are designed for use in applications where a low hysteresis operation and good torque profile is required.  Our BTA solenoids give a long life, use minimal power and remain maintenance free.  Further benefits include shock-free and quiet operation, with no axial stroke.  You are able to control velocity and position, making the BTA solenoid both effective and versatile.  Get in touch with us to let us know your requirements and our helpful and knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the products that best suit your needs.

New Product Development

NSF Controls make the perfect partner when it comes to new product development.  Our experience and expertise, combined with modern equipment and facilities, means you get everything you need for product development under one roof.  Our Application Engineers are experienced and knowledgeable, using up to the minute design, development and assembly techniques.  We can come on board at the very beginning, offering helpful advice on technical feasibility and cost implications.  We then progress to manufacture and testing.  With a single point of contact, you benefit from controlled management of your product development and a cost-effective solution.

Application Engineering

When it comes to the design and development of specialist solutions, we are acknowledged experts.  Our crack team of Application Engineers have a great deal of experience when it comes to problem solving and have provided solutions across a wide range of industries.  Our modern, up-to-date facilities and equipment, along with the expert skills of our engineers, mean that we can offer you valuable specialist knowledge and support, starting with design and development and going right through to completion of a bespoke solution that best meets your requirements.  You can read more about our specialist solutions on our website.

Extreme Applications

Extreme environments need extremely effective solutions and we are more than up to the challenge.  As the UK’s leading manufacturer of solenoids and switches, we bring years of experience to the most daunting tasks.  We specialise in designing innovative solutions to meet all sorts of extreme applications.  Quality, dependability, durability and longevity are all important factors.  Have a look at our website to read about our experience of providing solutions for extreme and challenging environments.

Critical Applications

We are the acknowledged industry leader in providing solutions for critical applications.  Our expert designers and engineers can find the answers.  For example, we developed the mechanically latched bi-directional tubular solenoid for use in applications where it is not feasible to use a traditional permanently latched solenoid.  Used in applications where a permanently latched solenoid would conflict with other magnetically controlled systems, this solution is both versatile and reliable.   Robust and with a lifespan of 10 million actuations, this product is suited to military, security and medical applications and more.

Unique Applications

We are able to draw on more than half a century of experience to provide innovative and effective solutions for unique applications.  Our skilled designers and engineers can create bespoke products to suit the most diverse and specific of requirements.  On our website, we have outlined a project we undertook for a UK company specialising in manufacturing and distributing training aids for gundogs.  One of their product ranges features launchers that fire dummy objects for dogs to chase and retrieve.  The company found that the firing mechanism they were using was not reliable and asked us to develop a better solution.  We produced a rotary solenoid that perfectly fit the bill.  You can read more information about this unique solution on our website.


At NSF Controls we take commitment to high quality manufacturing standards and excellent customer care very seriously.  We hold the BSI Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 certificate.  Our dedicated Quality Management team work diligently to maintain regulatory requirements, whilst always focusing on continued improvement.  Further, we hold BSI Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 certification, reflecting our commitment to environmental awareness and ongoing improvement of environmental performance, which is a key element in our business strategy.

Environmental Policy

We operate a demanding environmental policy, maintaining a full awareness of the impact of our activities and products on the environment.  We strive always to reduce any environmental impact as far as is practicable.  We work always towards improving our environmental performance and include this commitment as a key element in our business strategy.  Regular audits and reviews are undertaken by senior management to make sure we are working within this policy.  You can find out more about our environmental policy on our website.

Help and Support

As the UK’s industry leader, we know that our customers are one of our most vital assets.  We are always keen to work with our customers to offer knowledgeable assistance and support, where required.  Whether you are looking at product design, development and testing, manufacture or delivery, we are with you all the way.  We have the know-how and skills needed to provide this high level of support throughout our range of products and services.  You can draw on a wealth of experience – in fact our Technical Support team has a combined experience of more than 150 years.  We are always on hand to provide help, advice, support, information – whatever our customers need.



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