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Magnapower specialises in magnetic processing technology. We are dedicated to the provision of high quality magnetic separation equipment, eddy current separators and a range of ancillary equipment, all of which is designed, developed and built to the highest possible standard in order to achieve the very best results. Our mission is to provide customers with materials separation solutions that are more efficient, more effective and more reliable than any other. 
Magnapower equipment differs from other separation equipment in that it is designed to withstand even the most arduous of applications. We know that customers appreciate a quality product that lasts the test of time – a product that gives them the best return on investment. That’s why we put all of our energy into developing highly robust, exceptionally reliable magnetic separation solutions. Before any machine leaves our manufacturing facility it is fully tested to ensure it meets our quality standard. And with quality products comes a quality service. Our staff are always on hand to discuss your magnetic separation requirements, whether it’s advice on a new purchase or support for an existing product. We can also help with installation, supervision and commissioning.
Find out more about Magnapower separators by visiting our website. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how our magnetic separation equipment is made, give us a call on 01527 557 092.

Eddy Current Separators

Magnapower’s eddy current separators are amongst the world’s very best non-ferrous metal separators. Each one is designed, developed and manufactured to provide the highest possible recovery rates, and will excel in any application where the recovery or separation of non-ferrous metals is required. That’s why our equipment is the preferred choice for the majority of recycling and metal processing companies in the UK. They look to Magnapower machines for the high levels of performance and reliability needed in such a demanding industry. 

Magnapower Eddy Current Separators (ECS) benefit from; 

  • Very high performance high frequency rotor 
  • Eccentric design to maximise continuous performance 
  • Very low maintenance requirements 
  • High speed belt for higher throughputs 
  • Belts widths from 300mm to 2000mm (2 metres) available

Overband Magnets

Magnapower’s Overband Magnet Separators are designed to provide exceptional recovery rates of ferrous metals. Built to withstand the rigours of constant and intense use, they have become known throughout the industry for their high levels of performance and reliability. We offer three main varieties of overband magnet system to cover a range of applications: 
  • Standard permanent magnets –a high intensity permanent magnet system with a full tri-polar iron circuit design.
  • High intensity permanent magnets – a lightweight system with a high extraction force, ideally suited to mobile plant.
  • Electro Magnet – features an aluminium wound magnet coil to maximise performance at high working gaps. Ideal for deep field applications. 

Drum Magnets

Magnapower is able to supply a range of drum magnets that are designed for the continuous removal of ferrous metals from non-magnetic materials fed to the surface of the drum. These can be made to specification to suit your individual separation requirements (feed width, product size and throughout). There are two main kinds of drum magnet which Magnapower can build: 


  • Permanent magnet drums – with ferrite and rare earth magnet systems. Suitable for most applications.
  • Electro magnetic drums (The Frag Drum) – ideal for large-scale applications such as car shredding and ELV plants.

Please visit the Magnapower website to find out more. 

Magnetic Head Pulley

Our magnetic head pulleys are commonly used across the recycling and materials handling industries for the continuous removal of ferrous metals. Like all Magnapower equipment, these are built to provide maximum magnetic separation efficiency whilst remaining highly durable and incredibly reliable. In most cases our magnetic head pulleys are designed to suit customer size requirements for either new conveyors or to replace a standard head pulley in an existing conveyor. If required, Magnapower can also design and build the conveyor.

Can Sorters

Magnapower has designed and developed a range of can sorting machines which provide the most compact and efficient method of sorting both aluminium and steel cans. This includes a series of standard can sorting machines, as well as bespoke products that are designed and manufactured in accordance with the separation requirements of each individual customer. If you would like to find out more about how Magnapower can sorters could help you recycle mixed cans and maximise your return, please visit our website or enquire directly on 01527 557 092.

Separation Plant and mini MRF

Magnapower are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of high performance magnetic separation plant and bespoke separation plant designed for the recycling industry. Our considerable experience in recommending, designing and installing material separators into recycling plant enables us to produce complete separation systems that provide outstanding levels of material recovery. From individual can recycling machines to large-scale dual stream material recycling facilities, Magnapower can provide just about any separation solution you need.  Our equipment can be used with glass, plastics, steel and a variety of non-ferrous metals.

Food Industry Magnets

Metal contamination in food products will always result in product recalls, loss of customer confidence and, in the end, a massive dent in the manufacturer’s reputation. That’s why producers need the most reliable metal removal equipment they can get. Knowing of the pressures that manufacturers are under, Magnapower has set out to develop a range of magnets that are specifically designed for metal removal within the food industry. We’re now able to offer an comprehensive selection of food industry magnets which cover all manner of applications. Please visit our website if you would like to find out more about this range.

Eddy Current Separator Repair Specalists

To ensure your operations run as smoothly as possible and to keep downtime to a minimum, Magnapower offers comprehensive ECS repair services carried by an expert team of engineers. Repairs on all rotors, whether a Magnapower design or one from another manufacturer, are completed quickly, professionally and to the highest possible standard. If you have an eddy current separator that needs repairing, give us a call on 01527 557 092. 



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