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Since 1985, Motor Technology Ltd has been providing quality products and solutions to businesses worldwide. Its success is largely driven by the excellent relationship that staff have with their customers. At Motor Technology Ltd, we understand what our customers ask of us and meet and exceed their needs by producing quality products and solutions. Our focus on the servo and motion control market means that we are able to provide a first class service whereby we provide the right components or systems to specific areas such as robotics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, energy, transport and more.

Motion Control

We supply a range of motion control equipment. Examples of the range include: Standalone Controllers (for 1 to 64 axis), Motion Control Cards (for PCI, RS232, RS485, Modbus and Ethernet), Drive-in Modules, Electronic Counters, and various accessories. Motion controllers are particularly suited to industry applications such as in packaging, printing, textile, and assembly industries where the ‘motion’ is critical. They control position, velocity and/or torque of the machine axis via electric motors, hydraulic/ linear or similar. Our range of motion control equipment has been created to provide motion control platforms suitable for a wide range of applications. Please contact us at Motor Technology to find out more.

Drive Electronics

As part of our range of services we specialise in drive electronics - also known as amplifiers or controllers. The drive electronics are the power unit in a drive system or application. We supply digital, direct-on-line servo drives for brushless rotary and linear servo motors, servo drives for brushed DC permanent magnet servo motors, analogue servo drives for brushless servo motors and stepper motors drives. Depending on each project and its requirements, our highly qualified team will advise and supply the technology that is most suitable to your requirements. For further information or advice, please call us at Motor Technology Ltd where we will be happy to help.

Electric Motors

We also specialise in electric motors. Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. Electric motors are used in countless applications such as industrial fans, machine tools, household appliances and disc drives to name a few. Such devices may be powered by direct current (DC) or by alternating current (AC). We supply brushless AC servo motors, permanent magnet DC servo motors, stepper motors and linear and rotary direct drive motors. For further information on our range of electric motors, contact us at Motor Technology Ltd.

Feedback Devices

Motor Technology Ltd offers a range of robust and reliable feedback devices suitable for a variety of rotary and linear position sensing applications. They include:

  • Rotary encoders – an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position of a shaft or axle into an analogue or digital code, making it an angle transducer. Used in many applications requiring precise position feedback, including industrial controls, automation systems, robotics, machine tools, etc. 
  • Linear encoders – a sensor, transducer or read-head paired with a scale that encodes position. The sensors reads the scale to convert the encoded position into an analogue or digital signal, which is then decoded into position using a digital readout, PLC, motion control, PC, drive unit, etc. Commonly used in metrology instruments and high precision machining tools. 
  • Kit encoders – a range of speed and/or position sensors where the sensing head is separate to the initiator or measuring scale. 


Power Transmission

We offer a range of power transmission components including rack and pinion systems, belts and pulleys, gearboxes, couplings, torque limiters and many more. Usually providing a connection between the motor and the load our choice of power transmission components at Motor Technology Ltd is extensive. Our selection of couplings includes Metal bellows couplings, Elastomer couplings, Safety couplings and Line-shafts and linear couplings. We also carry general purpose and servo in-line planetary gearboxes. In addition, we stock precision servo worm gearboxes and worm wheel sets.

Mechanical Actuators

At Motor Technology Ltd, we provide actuators with a choice of mechanical accessories if required. These include gearboxes and mounting brackets, in addition to sensors for homing and end-of-travel. We are also able to provide our actuators fully configured, including the stepper of servo motors and suitable drive units. Our linear axes are ideal for dynamic response and speed as well as being suitable for precisions and powerful movement. We can also offer special cantilever axes and slides or handling unit, as well as a host of other alternatives for cantilever axis functions

Legacy Products

We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made over the past thirty years but we realise this was only possible due to our loyal and dedicated customers. It is for this reason that we can provide repairs, spares and sourcing for older equipment which may have been discontinued. Our legacy products are vital to us and to many of our customers and we understand the importance of providing continuous support. If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to contact us by phone or email.  

Super Metering Pumps

Our super metering pumps are exceptionally accurate instruments which can be used for feeding specific volumes of liquids into other systems. Thanks to an innovative design, our super metered pumps don't suffer from wear and tear and therefore accuracy will not be lost over time. These products can be used in a wide range of applications, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, explosives, film, water treatment and cosmetics, as well as many more. For further information feel free to visit our website. 



Registration Number: 01895277
VAT Number: GB431 5084 78
Registered at Companies House:14 March, 1985 (37 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 1-10
Annual Turnover: n/a
Company Type:
  • Distributor
  • Service Providers
  • Manufacturers Representative
UK Branches: Worcestershire

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • 60WKS Analogue brushless servodrive
  • 65WKS Analogue brushless servodrive
  • ARS2000 Servo drive
  • Axor Servo drives and motors
  • B17 BOX Axor brushless servo drives
  • blueSERVO Servo drives
  • BMP Brushless servomotors
  • cLine Servo and inverter drives
  • DBL Brushless servomotors
  • DIGIFAS Digital brushless servodrive
  • DIS-2 Low voltage servo drive
  • Dynabox Servo worm gearbox
  • EcoFlex Miniature metal-bellows coupling
  • Eisele Precision planetary gearboxes
  • Emilplanet Precision planetary gearboxes
  • FESTO Manufacturers of stepper and servo driven linear actuators
  • Girard Servo worm gearboxes
  • Lam Technology Stepper drive and motors
  • Lenord + Bauer Motion control, encoders and sensors
  • LTi Servo drive and motors
  • Lust Servo drives and motors
  • MACK Servo drive
  • MasterSpeed Axor DC servo drives
  • Metronix Servo drives
  • MicroSpeed Axor DC servo drives
  • MiniSpeed Axor DC servo drives
  • Moog Controls High performance servo motors, torque motors and actuators.
  • MotionOne Motion Controller
  • Motor Power Company Direct drive servomotors
  • ServoCommander Commissioning Software
  • ServoMax Elastomer couplings
  • ServoOne Servo drives
  • Servostar Digital brushless servodrive
  • SMB Brushless servomotors
  • Trio Motion UK manufacturer of Motion Controllers
  • Trio Motion Control Motion control components
  • UniPLAY Touch screen operator panel

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems – Requirements

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