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Master Magnets Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial magnetic separation equipment. Over 30 years ago, the company set out to provide innovative magnetic solutions to specialist problems which were deemed too complex to deal with by other magnet companies at the time. Since then, Master Magnets Ltd (also known as Master Mag) has grown its product portfolio to include magnetic separators which are suitable for a multitude of industries and applications, including recycling, mining, ceramics and food. We also produce size reduction, feeding, and metal detection equipment! Each unit has been specially designed, developed and manufactured to the highest quality and specification. But we don’t just build magnetic separation equipment – we also offer several services to ensure you get the most from your purchase. They include a site evaluation service, a sample testing service, a custom design service, and after the product has been manufactured, we’ll also install it and make sure it is kept in optimum condition with a repair and refurbishment service. In fact, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your investment.

With agents positioned all around the world, we are able to offer industrial magnetic solutions wherever you are. So for excellent products and a first class service tailored to your needs, give Master Magnets a call today!

Bullet Separators

Bullet Separators are highly efficient, cost-effective devices used for the extraction of iron particles from within pipelines or gravity feed chutes. They consist of a circular/conical core which contains a powerful strontium ferrite magnet in the shape of a bullet. As material flows over the magnetic bullet, ferrous particles are left behind on the surface. Guide strips within the magnet direct the material onto the bullet face. These devices are quick and easily cleaned, keeping production downtime at a minimum. Bullet separators are installed into pipelines and chutes that process dry, free-flowing granular or powder materials.

Can Flatteners & Bottle Piercers

Our can flatteners have been designed for the densification of ferrous and aluminium food and drink containers. They have the ability to flatten containers of up to 25 litre capacity, increasing the bulk density by a factor of at least 4:1. Cans are crushed between a roller and a formed contact plate that has been produced from an abrasion resistant material. Bottle piercers are of a similar construction to the can flattener, with the difference of tungsten carbide tipped teeth attached to the rotor. Our exceptionally designed bottle piercers can process up to 500kg of bottles per hour.

Can Sorter Eddy Current Separators

Designed especially for beverage can separation, our Can Sorter is a low-cost compact Eddy Current Separator. These units are easily installed into the recycling process, and with the increasing value of aluminium and steel, they offer a return on investment extremely quickly. Our Can Sorters are an excellent alternative to larger ECS units and are ideal for applications that do not require higher specification equipment. They have been specifically designed for the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous cans (though dry non-metallic materials such as plastic bottles may also be processed). Supporting structures and base frames are also supplied as optional extras.


Here at Master Magnets, we have the skills and manufacturing facilities to produce a comprehensive range of custom-built conveyors for transportation of a product stream between the different stages of sortation, separation, size reduction and protection. We’ll build a tailor-made conveyor that fits perfectly in your process. Our range of devices includes rubber belt conveyors, screw conveyors and scrapper chain conveyors. Conveyors are used in a wide range of applications and industries where there is a need to transport material between different stages of the process.

Magnetic Sweepers

We have designed and developed a broad selection of permanent and electro-magnetic sweepers which collect iron particles from areas that may be contaminated with metal fragments. Our MasterSweep range of sweepers are cost-effective, easy-to-use devices that can be hand held or forklift mounted. Sizes range from 300mm to 2100mm wide. They are perfect for removing ferrous materials such as nails, swarf, nuts, and bolts that might cause damage to passing vehicles. Our sweepers are in use all over the world for cleaning paths, workshop floors, factory floors, car parks, runways, motorway hard shoulders, loading bays and more.

Metal Detectors

In 2005, Master Magnets Ltd acquired Metal Detection Ltd, enabling us to offer a broad selection of detectors that can be used in a number of applications. The different types of detector we offer can be installed into conveyors or pipelines and vary in sensitivity, depending on the size of the contamination or the industry that they are needed for. To view our great range of metal detectors, please follow this link to the Master Magnets website, where you’ll find details on the performing capabilities of each one of our devices.

Self Cleaning Overband Magnet

Our Overband Separators have a worldwide reputation as the best units for the continuous removal of tramp metal/ferrous material from a production line. Overband magnetic separators are ideal for the protection, cleaning, and separation of materials in the recycling and quarrying industries, and because they are self-cleaning, production downtime is kept at a minimum. Type K Overband Separators are the most economical devices and are perfect for use on mobile crushers and screens. Heavy Duty Electro Overband Separators are the most powerful of our units and can be used for extracting finer pieces of ferrous buried deeper in the load. Our SCB Series offer an extended service life thanks to their heavy-duty construction. To find out more about any of these three devices, please don’t hesitate to give Master Magnets a call!

Permanent Lifting Magnet

Master Mag offers a wide range of powerful, safe, compact and easy to use lifting magnets that can handle anything from 250kg to 2000kg. These units require no mains power supply, and are perfect for use in almost any manufacturing and engineering workshop that handles ferrous loads.

Disc Separators

Master Mag’s Disc Separators ensure accurate separation of materials that have varying magnetic susceptibilities. The feed material is discharged onto a feeder tray from a hopper, where the magnetic particles found within the material are attracted to rotating discs with high gradient magnetic zones. These captured particles are then carried by the discs to the discharge chutes, where they are released. To ensure complete discharge of magnetic particles, the chutes are fitted with scrapers which remove all of the content. Non-magnetic material is conveyed through a second separation zone where a secondary stage of separation begins. Any remaining material is finally discharged as a clean, non-magnetic product. Typical applications include the concentration of dry, granular materials, removal of materials of low susceptibility, and purification of quartz for glass production.

Drum Magnets

Our Drum Separators are widely used in situations where there is a high throughput of material and where the process of separation is likely to be too abrasive for overband-type or other similar separators. Master Mag manufactures Drum Separators in a range of widths, providing customers with a choice of operating surfaces. Depending on the application, our Magnetic Drum Separators can either have an internal permanent or electo-magnet system. The former are more suited for smaller scale applications, while the latter are typically used in heavy-duty applications. Follow the link to find out more.

Suspension Magnets

Master Magnets design and manufacture two types of Suspension Magnet to accommodate varying conveyor sizes and speeds. These are available as either electro or permanent magnets, depending on application and customer preference. Suspension Magnets are designed specifically for the removal of occasional tramp iron from a product stream that is being conveyed by a belt or vibratory feeder. They can also be used to extricate ferrous in mining operations, separate ferrous contamination in quarries, and remove ferrous particles in wood processing. We’re able to manufacture Suspension Magnets to operate over belts measuring between 450mm and 2000mm (width). A number of optional extras are also available.

Fork Lift Stabilising Magnets

At Master Magnets, we’re able to design and build customised forklift stabilising magnets which help retain steel loads by holding them against the forks during operation. This makes for a safer working environment by eliminating potential dangers caused by falling loads during lifting and transportation. These magnets are electromagnetic, meaning the operator is able to switch them on and off depending on whether ferrous loads are being carried. To find out more about our great new forklift stabilising magnets, head directly to www.mastermagnets.com.

Eddy Current Separators

Eddy Current Separator Systems are designed to separate non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from domestic and industrial waste. They are widely used for can sorting applications where they accurately separate aluminium cans from dry recyclables. There are two types of ECS’s: high strength rotors for delicate or specialised separations and standard rotors for less complex separations such as aluminium cans. The ECS features a short belt conveyor and a high speed magnetic rotor system. The magnetic rotor and outer drum rotate at high speeds to create an electric current. The electric current produces a magnetic field that opposes the field created by the rotor. Conductive metals are repelled which separates them from the remaining materials.

Liquid Pipeline Separators

Liquid Pipeline Separators (or Master Traps as they are known) are used to extract fine iron from wet or viscous products conveyed by a pipeline. They are manufactured from stainless steel and feature a series of ceramic or rare earth high intensity tubes that attract and secure unwanted iron found in the product stream. Liquid Pipeline Separators are quick and easy to clean and maintain via a quick release mechanism. They are complete with flanges or threaded ends and are also available with water jackets to suit confectionary applications. Please visit our website to find out more and to view images.

R-Type ECS

We also supply top quality R-Type Eddy Current Separators (ECS). The R-Type has been expertly designed and manufactured to incorporate features of the Can Sorter and the High Intensity ECS units. The R-Type ECS features high throughput capabilities (has a rotor diameter of 190mm and can be manufactured to fit belt widths of up to 1250mm), variable rotor control (has variable rotor controls to enable customers to set the rotor at the optimum speed) and a 12 pole rotor (capable of achieving a better separation than the six pole that is used on the Can Sorter). Please visit our website to find out more and to view images.

Laboratory Equipment

Here at Master Magnets Ltd we are pleased to boast our own testing laboratory. From here, our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers work with a wide range of state of the art laboratory equipment in order to achieve fantastic results. We are dedicated to providing customers with the most effective equipment to suit their applications. We offer a range of laboratory magnetic separation equipment to customers who wish to test their product stream for magnetic properties on a daily or weekly basis. Please visit our website to register and download our brochure. Alternatively, please give us a call at Master Magnets Ltd and we will be happy to help.

Tube & Grid Magnets

We also design and manufacture a wide selection of magnetic tubes and grids designed to remove fine and general tramp iron from products in order to avoid metal contamination. Our grid magnets are manufactured from top quality materials including ceramic or rare earth magnetic tubes. They are widely used in hoppers, chutes and ducts for applications in the food processing and ceramics industries. Our grids are supplied in a range of housings to suit specific customer requirements. We can also manufacture grids with an automatic pneumatic cleaning device designed to reduce downtime.

Pulley Magnets

Our high quality pulley magnets are widely used for the continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream. They are custom built and are supplied in a range of diameters and face widths to suit different customer requirements. Our experienced team provides customers with all the information and advice they may need to ensure pulley sizes are suitable for specific installations and applications. We manufacture permanent pulley magnets from ferrite materials or rare earth materials if applications require the removal of finer iron particles. Pulley magnets can also be supplied as electro magnetic units for increased extraction.



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