An excellent investment with regular enquiries being received for our products.

As a small business, we are forever chasing our tails putting the customer first! It also means that you are often tempted to just 'keep putting off' updating the 1st Directory entries. The emails come through, but always something seemingly more important. Having been with the Directory for nearly two years, all seemed to be ticking on, but I hadn't spoken to anyone. That was soon rectified and a call with my personal Account handler, Dawn, has proved to be fruitful, having made me aware of what needed updating and also dealing with the new key listings, I have interestingly had enquiries this morning that may well be linked. Either way - the update is worth doing - and I need to put a bit of time to one side to help the team help us! Thanks - and I'll be in touch more regularly now! the personal touch with a human person really helps - and very helpful indeed. Thank You.

Without a doubt your profile of my company blows every other advert provider that I use out of the water!!!

The team at First Directory have worked very efficiently to successfully maximise our online appeal and search engine visibility through their Directory.

May I reiterate the comments that I made during our phone conversation to say that I am very impressed with the design and function of the directory page that you have prepared and that it is probably the best directory layout that I have seen.

Friendly, helpful customer service, I think 1st Directory is one of the best, very clear and concise.

Thank you for the feedback you gave today and we are pleased with the number of searches achieved. We are pleased with the site and are quite impressed how professional it looks and look forward to another year of high volume interest. Thank you also for your professionalism in producing this site.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to First Directory for the fantastic advertisement that was recently created for us. From the moment we first spoke with our own personal contact, Jas, we felt that our strategic business requirements from an online directory perspective were clearly understood.

Talking to us, Jas had an immediate grasp of our specific product range and business ethos, and was thus able to guide us through a process whereby the end result was a well-considered and structured advertisement, aimed to maximise our company's full online sales potential. Once again, thank you to all at First directory, and Jas in particular, for all the time and effort spent working with ourselves.

I would not hesitate to recommend 1st directory as a 'must have' directory partner.