As Rebecca Lieb says in her book Content Marketing

Directories are the basic building blocks of content marketing. They get you "out there," listed and visible in places where people seek information about you... directory listings are a great and fundamental way to boost search engine visibility.

Rebecca Lieb Content Marketing

And First directory have been committed to that principle for nearly 20 years, but we're now getting bigger, a lot bigger. Our users are your customers and they want quality information, not gimmicks, they want it to be mobile, friendly and fast.

We have over 4,000,000 UK B2B companies listed. Every listing is being validated. Every listing allows multiple Q&A conversation. Allowing you to both inform prospective customers but to also build a library of answers that will help future customers find the answer quicker. This unbiased delivery means that users can make a judgement based on real world opinion, not website hype.

We back this up with a unique description of the company, unlimited Brand & Trade Names, Turnover, Employee range, Vat No, Quality Approvals etc so users can work from an informed base.

All of this information is available to every company within the directory and no company can influence any Q&A sequence.

By putting our emphasis on the user, we attract a wide audience, both UK and Overseas (basically 66% UK; 22% Europe and 12% ROW). And quite deliberately we target a far wider user group than the hackneyed term 'decision makers'. In the B2B marketplace any serious purchase involves a wide range of influencers and we want to talk to them all.

We're sure you want to talk to as many of them as possible and our promotional packages cost as little as £21 a month making it a very sensible addition to any companies marketing programme.

  • 2018

    Contract Finder is launched, providing free access to all government contracts as they are put out to tender.

  • 2018

    The directory reaches 4,000,000 companies

  • 2017

    Site improvements include:

    • Launch of the Multi Quotes feature
    • Real time updates of Company House information
    • Company pages now include product brochures

  • 2017

    The directory reaches 3,000,000 companies

  • 2016

    Companies House data for all limited UK companies is now displayed on the site.

  • 2016

    The directory reaches 1,000,000 companies

  • 2015

    Version 6 launched which represents a sea-change in the navigation and delivery of information.

    Website Screen Shot from 2015

  • 2015

    A comprehensive list of UK Trade Shows are added.

  • 2014

    The directory reaches 300,000 companies

    A new Trade & Industry Organisations section is added to the site.

    New Postcode & Telephone indexes added.

  • 2014

    The company moves to idyllic new offices on the out skirts of Milton Keynes.

    New offices

  • 2013

    We launch our popular blog providing advice to small UK businesses.

  • 2013

    The company turns 16

    16th Birthday Cakes

  • 2012

    We move our servers to a state of the art tier 4 data centre giving significant speed and security improvements.

    New Data Centre

  • 2011

    The entire company relocates to Milton Keynes and moves to bigger offices.

    Linford Wood Offices

  • 2011

    We are the first UK directory publisher to employ our own team of copywriters to write original text for all our advertisers.

  • 2010

    Customer self management introduced giving us a 90% customer retention rate.

  • 2010

    Version 5 of the website launched improving page load times by 240%.

    Website Screen Shot from 2010

  • 2009

    Established a small sales & IT office in Milton Keynes. Brought all website development in-house.

  • 2009

    The directory reaches 200,000 companies

  • 2008

    First directory to introduce true relevancy based searching.

  • 2007

    Version 4 of the site is launched allowing changes to company information to updated in real time.

    Website Screen Shot from 2007

  • 2006

    First UK directory to display screen shots of clients websites

  • 2005

    The company moves to larger offices and a team of 14 was established with 10 telesales reps and 4 administrators.

  • 2004

    Version 3 of the site is launched allowing company information to be updated online.

    Website Screen Shot from 2004

  • 2003

    The company changes the business structure to a telesales team as most companies were now getting Broadband and can view the directory 'Live'.

  • 2002

    First UK business to business directory to display individual company statistics.

  • 2001

    Version 2 of the site is launched covering more market areas.

    Website Screen Shot from 2001

  • 2000

    19th May

    First Directory became a Limited Company

  • 1999

    The directory reaches 100,000 companies

  • September 1998

    Google was launched

  • 1997

    July 4th

    First Directory was founded in Malvern, Worcestershire with a team of three field sales executives focusing on three market areas.

    Website Screen Shot from 1997