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Magnet Schultz Ltd forms the UK branch of the Magnet-Schultz Group and provides solenoid-based engineering design and assembly solutions to the industry. The Magnet-Schultz Group operates from five different countries to provide high quality solutions quickly and efficiently to customers based all around the world. Operating for more than 90 years, the Magnet Schultz Group has earned a fantastic reputation for providing high performance, reliable products and assemblies. Our products and services have been widely used during the years in industries such as aerospace, building, industrial, medical and pharmaceutical, pneumatic and hydraulic, security, automotive, defence, marine, offshore, power generation, transport, and more. Our products and assemblies are designed and manufactured to various manufacturing and industry standards including VDE0580 (solenoids), ISO 9001:2000 (quality), EN14001 (environment), and EN9100: 2003 (aerospace). Alongside our design and build service we also house prototype testing technology to ensure the most effective solutions are reached. Please visit our website to discover further information regarding our design and assembly solutions or contact us at Magnet Schultz Ltd for advice and information. Our highly qualified technical team is on hand to provide you with all the information you may need to assist you with your applications.

Solenoid Solutions for Aerospace

Here at Magnet Schultz Ltd we are widely regarded as a leading supplier of solenoid based solutions to the aerospace industry. We are certified to EN9100 which means we are equipped to provide high level solutions to most areas of the aerospace industry. We operate a specialist design and manufacturing cell that is dedicated solely to the aerospace industry. Here we provide extensive development, sampling and testing of equipment. Our highly qualified team has a wealth of experience in the industry and has provided solutions for various high profile applications such as for A300 Airbus series aircraft, fixed wing and helicopter military aircraft, space exploration applications and European manufacturers of satellites. 

Solenoid Solutions for the Automotive Industry

We are QS9001 accredited in order to provide tier one and tier two suppliers in the automotive industry with specialist solenoid solutions. Our highly experienced team provides customised solutions for a wide range of automotive applications such as anti-lock braking systems, reverse gear lock-out solenoids, pressure control in automatic transmission systems, ignition interlock solenoids, actuators for power steering control and semi-active suspension systems. We also carry out various prototyping and field testing procedures as well as a wide range of environmental testing including salt spray and thermal cycling. 

Solenoid solutions for the Building Industry

Our range of product-based solenoids solutions meets all kinds of standard and diverse requirements for building construction and building interiors such as access gates to door-holding magnets and smoke vent release mechanisms. Our high quality solutions can be created to meet specific requirements or to meet requirements of the Equality Act. The Equality Act often requires access lifts, particular interlock devices, manual override features or other specifications. At Magnet Schultz Ltd we have the knowledge and facilities to incorporate these requirements into the design and manufacturing process. 

Solenoid Solutions for the Defence Industry

Our highly experienced team has been providing high performance solutions to the defence industry for many years. Solutions for this industry are almost always custom designed and manufactured to meet the demanding industry requirements. Examples of previous applications have included development for filtration systems for tanks, valve control for NBC self-contained air systems, one-way door locks and stinger system activation mechanisms to protect military base entrances. All of our solutions for the defence industry are tested and optimised to provide the most effective performance in this demanding industry. 

Solenoid Solutions for Industry

We provide various solenoid solutions to meet all kinds of industry requirements. Our experienced consultants will provide all the assistance you will need in order to create custom-made solutions that will meet your objectives effectively. Previous solutions have included those for interlocking machine guards with shotbolts to safeguard operators and processes, solenoid-driven springs brakes for winches and cranes, coin sorting mechanisms for buses, solenoid product solutions for London’s Oyster card facility, governing cash and ticket release functionality, and more. For all your demands, whether straight forward or challenging, we will create reliable results. 

Solenoid Solutions for the Marine Industry

Our highly experienced team provides solutions suitable for the harsh conditions of applications used in the marine industry. We develop a wide range of custom-designed solenoid solutions to IP68 classifications. Examples of previous designs have included ruggedised IP68 box magnets for hull walking equipment and weatherproof shot belts that deliver IP66 rated performance. Our high-performance custom-designed and made products are designed to withstand the marine environment.

Solenoid Solutions for the Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

We also provide reliable solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. In this safety-critical industry our high performance, durable solenoid solutions provide excellent results. Our team works closely with clients in order to produce custom made solenoid solutions that meet your objectives effectively. Examples of previous product solutions have included a shutter assembly for an assay system designed to extend the mechanism’s life from one million to more than 10 million operations, solenoids to control spring-applied brakes for mobility winches, and proportional rotary solenoid to enable reliable continual cycling in an advanced ventilator system.

Solenoid Solutions for Offshore

We have completed many challenging projects for clients in the offshore industry. The environmental conditions of structures such as oil rigs means that our experienced team must design and create high performance solutions that will withstand the elements in this sector in order to be successful in their specific applications. We have created various solenoid solutions for offshore applications such as oil rig platforms (ATEX devices for access control equipment, special actuators and facilities), applications on the sea-bed (where high pressure and corrosive condition present challenges for pipeline valves), and applications at the depths of the earth’s crust (where logging equipment must function in confined spaced at ambient temperatures).

Solenoid Solutions for Pneumatic & Hydraulic Industries

Our solenoid solutions provide the fluid power industry with world class solutions. Solenoids are critical to the performance of valve technology used to control the movement of various types of equipment. Our world-class solenoid solutions have provided customers with high-performance results for many years. They deliver proportional control of pressure or flow rate with exceptionally low solenoid hysterises, two-position control with high work/ volume ratio and long operating life, one-piece coil/ connector mouldings for effective protection in wet environments or vibrating conditions, and ATEX certified solenoids for applications in explosive areas. 

Solenoid Solutions for Power Generation Industries

We provide various solenoid solutions for power transmission and process security in wind turbines, control of pressure and flow-rates in geothermal systems, pitch control of blades in sub-sea tidal stream turbines, analysis of fumes in combustion chamber stacks, and more. We have years of experience and an incredibly talented design and production team who are committed to producing solenoid solutions that support the development of technologies that will create a positive impact on the environment. Please contact us for further information regarding our solenoid solutions for power generation industries.

Solenoid Solutions for Security Industries

Our services for the security industry incorporate the design, development and manufacture of special-purpose electric locking and holding mechanisms for a wide range of demanding applications within the sector. The success of our solutions is critical for the safety of operators and equipment in all kinds of environments. Examples of previous projects have included high security locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent access to operators in nuclear power plants and biological research establishments, fail-safe devices for central locking of deck doors on ships and super yachts essential for travel in hostile waters, special locks for automatically operated gates, and multi-function locking mechanisms for large ticketing machines. We provided highly sophisticated solutions for all kinds of requests. 

Solenoid Solutions for Public Transportation Industries

We provide the public transportation industry with solenoid-based product solutions designed to provide cost-effective travel, provide passenger safety, comfort and equipment reliability. We have worked on a range of transportation products throughout the year. Examples include high reliability locks for cab doors and cabin doors, robust security assemblies for use in emergency detrainment on underground trains, special high strength electro-permanent magnets forming part of the deployment system for wheelchair access platforms on buses, high shear strength bolt assemblies for automatic locking of emergency exits on coaches, and more. 

Design & Assemblies

Our team works closely with clients from all industries in order to create high performance, reliable solenoid-based product solutions.  Our experienced and highly qualified engineers use their knowledge and experience to gain a firm understanding of your aims and priorities in order to create the most effective end results. We are committed to providing innovative solutions at competitive prices. We maintain communications with our clients throughout the design, prototype and production processes to ensure all objectives are reached. Parallel testing, prototype testing and field trials enable us to improve performance throughout the design and production process. 

Linear Open Frame Solenoids

We supply various linear open frame solenoids to suit various application requirements. Our range includes high performance solenoids – type GFC, encapsulated version – type GFCX 030..E13, return springs and attachments for type GFC, box-frame miniature solenoid – type 312, U-frame solenoid – type 5U7, box frame solenoid – type 828, and box frame solenoid – type 609. Please visit our website to view images of all of our linear open frame solenoids and to download datasheets for in-depth technical information. 

Enclosed Tubular Linear Solenoids

Our range of enclosed tubular linear solenoids includes high performance solenoids – type GTA (stroke up to 5mm, force up to 72N, three sizes, long-life bearings, and more), high performance solenoid – type GTCA (stroke up to 30mm, force up to 1060N, seven sizes, IP54 protection, high performance solenoid – type GMC (stroke up to 12mm, force up to 230N, three sizes), high performance solenoids – type GTUW (stroke up to 25mm, force up to 1080N, size sizes), Ø19 tubular solenoid - type RT12x12 (stroke up to 12mm, force up to 24N, pull or push versions), Ø25 tubular solenoid – type R16x16 (stroke up to 25mm, force up to 46N, pull or push versions. Please visit our website to view images and download datasheets. 

Rotary Solenoids

We supply four standard rotary solenoids. These include the Long-Life Rotary Solenoid – Type GDA (rotation angle up to 95°, torque up to 137Ncm, six sizes), High Torque Rotary Solenoid – Type GDC (rotation angle up to 95°, torque up to 114Ncm, four sizes), GDR Proportional Rotary Solenoid – Type GDR (rotation angle up to 110°, torque up to 85Ncm, three sizes), and Fast-Acting Rotary Solenoid – Type GDH (rotation angle up to 25°, torque up to 153Ncm, axial shift 1.5mm). 


Our range of high performance electromagnets includes Holding Magnet – Type GMH (energise to hold, holding force up to 3700N, eight sizes, high quality permeable iron for low remanence), electro-permanent magnet – Type GMP (energise to release, holding force up to 500N, five sizes, high energy permanent magnet for long life), Heavy Duty Electromagnet – type GMHX 050..D09 (energise to hold, holding force up to 760N, fully sealed metal pole faces, IP68 protection), GMPX050_D02 Heavy Duty Electro-permanent magnet – type GMPX 050..D02 (energise to release, holding force up to 560N, IP68 protection), and Boxed Electromagnets (energise to hold or energise to release function, holding force to 640N, Monobloc IP68 pole faces).  

Shotbolts & Locks

We supply various shotbolts and locks to suit your requirements. Examples of the range include Miniature shotbolt solenoid – type GHUZ008 (stroke 1.5mm, force 0.05M), Miniature shotbolt solenoid – type GHUZ 017 (stroke 2.5mm, force 1N), Weatherproof shotbolt lock – type GSCX037, Small shotbolt lock – Type GHUZ 032/040, Small shotbolt lock – type GHUZ 040..D03, Heavy Duty Shotbolt – type GHUZ 050, Right-angle lock unit – type 60,61, In-line solenoid shotbolt – type 62,62, Electric gate Lock, and Patented Blade Lock System. Please visit our website to view our complete range of standard items. 

Miniature Solenoids

Our range of miniature solenoids includes four main models: Miniature Shotbolt Solenoid – type GHUZ008 (stroke 1.5mm, force 0.05N, spring return, fast-acting), Miniature Solenoid – type MGBP010 (stroke 2.5mm, force 0.4N, polarised latching function, spring return, low power consumption), Miniature U-Frame Solenoid – type 2U1 (stroke 3mm, force up to 5N, pull and push operation, spring return, pin terminals or flying leads), and Box-Frame Miniature Solenoid – type 312 (stroke up to 10mm, force up to 13N, pull and push operation, spring return option available). Please see our website for detailed specifications.

Latching Solenoids

Our latching solenoid range features: Miniature Solenoid – type MGBP010 (stroke 2.5mm, force 0.4N, polarised latching function, spring return), GDR Proportional Rotary Solenoid – type GDR (rotation angle up to 110°, torque up to 85Ncm, proportional characteristic, three sizes, spring return option), Electro-permanent Magnet – type GMP (energise to release, holding force up to 500N, five sizes, armature plates to suit), Miniature Latching Solenoid – type GBKP 017 (stroke 3mm, force 2.1N, spring return, fast-acting), Miniature Latching Solenoid – type MGPUO19 (stroke 5mm, force 5.6N, double-acting latching by permanent magnet). Please visit our website to view images and further information. 

AC Laminated

AC solenoids feature an in-rush current for high initial stroke force and can utilise longer strokes than DC solenoids. AC solenoids can be characterised by their low hum during operation (sound varies depending on the application). We supply two standard AC laminated solenoids: AC Laminated – Type WHD with stroke up to 8mm, force of 25N, pull operation, T armature for high holding force, and foot mounted; AC Laminated – Type WBA with stroke force up to 45mm, force up to 147N, pull or push operation, universal mounting, and available in five sizes. Please contact our team for technical information and advice. 

Double Acting Solenoids

We supply a range of three standard double acting solenoids. Our GDR Proportional Rotary Solenoid – Type GDR features a rotation angle up to 110°, torque up to 85Ncm, proportional characteristic, three sizes, spring return option, clock or counter-clockwise operation. The Miniature Latching Solenoid – Type MGPU019 features stroke of 5mm, force of 5.6N, double-acting latching by permanent magnet, and impulse operation. Our High Performance Solenoid – Type GTUW features stroke up to 25mm, force up to 1080N, pull/push double-acting operation, six sizes, IP54 protection and enclosed construction.

Explosionproof/ATEX Solenoids

Our large selection of explosion proof/ ATEX solenoids has been created to provide customers with various options to choose from to suit different applications. Examples of the range include GTCE High Performance Solenoid – Type GTCE, High Performance Solenoid – Type E – G037 GTC, Shotbolt Lock Solenoid – Type GSCE 037, Hydraulic Solenoid – Type GHPE 037/ GRCE 037, Hydraulic Solenoid – Type GREE 035 AMX A01, Hydraulic Solenoid – Type GHPE/ GRCE, Pneumatic Solenoid – Type GBRE 022 AMX, Pneumatic Solenoid – Type GBXE 022 AIA A01, and more. Please contact our technical team for advice on the suitability of solenoids to your particular application.

Hydraulic Fluidpower Solenoids

We supply three main ranges of hydraulic fluid power solenoids: Tube-Form Hydraulics solenoids feature pressure-proof armature space up to 350 bar, threaded nose mounting and are available in three sizes; Square-Form Hydraulic Solenoids also feature pressure-proof armature space up to 350 bar, with four-bolt mounting and are available in four sizes; and our Cartridge Solenoid Valve Type VR 032 model is a pressure-reducing solenoid valve that features proportional characteristics, control pressure up to 32 bar, pump pressure up to 350 bar, and on/off and increasing versions area available. Please visit our website for detailed specifications and images, or contact us at Magnet Schultz Ltd for further information. 

Pneumatic Fluidpower Solenoids

We supply various size solenoids for pneumatic valves: Size 15mm (stroke 0.4mm, force 2.1N, 20 bar static pressure), Size 17mm (stroke 0.4mm, force up to 14N, 30 bar static pressure), Sizes 22 and 32mm (stroke up to 1.0mm, force up to 49N, 50 bar static pressure), Size 22mm (stroke 0.5mm, force up to 22N, 50 bar static pressure), Size 22 and 32mm (stroke up to 0.8mm, force up to 53N, 30 bar static pressure), Size 30mm (stroke 0.8mm, force up to 36N, 50 bar static pressure), and Proportional Type GRF 035_B02 (stroke 2mm, force up to 58N, proportional characteristic). To find out more about all of our pneumatic fluid power solenoids please visit our website to download datasheets, or call us at Magnet Schultz Ltd with your enquiries. 

Stroke Transducers & Position Sensors

We also provide customers with a selection of five stroke transducers and position sensors. Items within the range include the Inductive Position Control – Type ASEW (stroke path up to 30mm, contactless and wear-free, pressure-tight up to 50 bar, with adjustable switching point), Inductive Transducer – Type AWEF (stroke path ±4mm, suitable for wet and dry conditions, pressure-tight up to 350bar, and IP65 protected), AWEX Inductive Transducer – Type AWEX (stroke path ±20mm, high resolution and linearity, pressure-tight up to 350 bar, reinforced cast resin housing), and Inductive Transducer – Type AWXX (stroke path up to ±10mm, high resolution and linearity, pressure-tight and linearity, pressure-tight up to 350 bar, and compact metal housing). 


We provide various Half Wave and Full Wave Vibrator encapsulated coils. Models feature high performance U-frames and special protection. Please visit our website to download our datasheet for full technical specifications for our WZA, YZA, and YZU type vibrator coils. All models are supplied at competitive prices, and our technical team is on hand to provide you with further information and advice at your request. 


Included in our range of high quality mechanisms is the Industrial Load Release mechanism. This cable release mechanism is designed for the instant release of load cells and is used for applications such as roller shutters and doors and shut off valves. This mechanism releases loads up to 500N, features instant and assures release of the load, and two versions are available. We also supply our heavy duty Rugged Load Latch System that supports loads of several tonnes, the Electric Gate Lock suitable for manual and automatic gates and used widely in high security applications, and the Patented Blade Lock System designed for security and access control applications. Please contact our friendly team at Magnet Schultz for further information.

Ancillary Equipment

Our range of ancillary equipment includes Over-Voltage Controllers – type OVDC, Vibrator Controllers – type UV, Firing Unit – type F1, Spring Return Sets, various Plug Connectors, Clevis Ends – type ZGA. Datasheets are available to download online and our technical team is on hand to provide advice and information on the suitability and benefits of all of our equipment. 



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