Is it possible to Improve your productivity and save money at the same time?

All businesses, no matter how large or small aim to increase productivity. Improving overall efficiency can offer a wealth of benefits, including speeding up production, less down time and less waste. However, many companies worry about the cost of implementing these new procedures, whether it be through training, software or actual physical modification. Fortunately, there is a way to improve productivity as well as saving time and money.

Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a system which aims to streamline the overall approach to customer information. Companies can utilise specialised software which collects all relevant consumer data, such as orders, feedback, marketing and contacts. Businesses are then able to access all relevant information at a single location, with additional tools such as analytics which allows users to process this data. Therefore, companies can use this information to spot trends, patterns and potential problems.

The use of a CRM system can lead to changes within the company and its approach to customer service, potentially boosting productivity. Also, by combining each section into a single outlet, you can connect employees within a single system and this also offers a potential for savings in time, money and effort.

Employee Performance

The overall effectiveness of a company’s employees is gauged through a number of processes, usually involving paperwork and manpower. Businesses can opt for a more efficient approach to appraisal through the use of a tailored online system. Employee information such as attendance, punctuality, goals and feedback can all be located within a single platform, saving time and effort.

Collecting all of this information into a single location increases visibility and makes it easier for business owners to judge productivity in real-time. Therefore, issues can be identified and remedied well before they become a larger problem.

This can also be beneficial to employees themselves as it offers a clear and simple outlook of their performance and information on objectives. Furthermore, companies can utilise this system as a way to motivate workers, as those who meet their targets can be rewarded or promoted.

Business Intelligence Platform

Business Intelligence Platforms collect large amounts of company data and then analyses this information in order to gain insight. This is actually a form of big data, a popular technique which is completely transforming the business landscape. The concept behind big data is that users can utilise tools to find meaningful patterns within large sets of data- that would otherwise seem random or insignificant to the human eye.

There seems to be a misconception that big data is best suited to larger companies but this isn’t the case. Any business, whatever the size will collect data, whether it be on costs, sales, promotions, employee performance and customer information. Therefore, any business can utilise tools such as a business intelligence platform as a way to make sense of this data.

What is particularly useful and efficient about employing a business intelligence platform is that it can do the work for you. As well as collecting and analysing company data in real-time, it can notify users with any pertinent issues which may arise from this information, e.g. an employee with poor performance, a product which is selling well or a decline in profits. It may require an initial investment but the benefits that it can provide in terms of productivity will create substantial savings in the long term.

Business Intelligence software can also help to automate many processes, such as data entry which means employees have more time for other tasks. There is also an added benefit of removing human error, reducing mistakes and ensuring a higher quality of data.

Even more impressive, these platforms can provide vital insight into how business owners can cut costs. By analysing large amounts of data on manufacturing and supply, companies can be alerted to ways in which they streamline their finances. Again proving that the initial investment will pay for itself, many times over.

So where do you start?  The choice is yours but one company we have worked with may be worth a call