Daily sales leads to your inbox

Last year the EU published over half a million Public sector procurement documents, sounds great but talk about a needle in a haystack, you want opportunity, not overload. At First Directory we work a bit smarter.

We start by searching your website to identify the key terms that identify your business.

We then focus on the 60,000 UK based opportunities and pre-search these for you, sending you daily ‘Contract Finder’ updates of the best matches for you.

You can also choose your own filters from the list of Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) codes that accompany every tender.

So, you spend less time looking and more time selling.

But it doesn't stop there.

First Directory have been providing companies with sales leads for over 20 years, matching millions of UK buyers to information we hold on millions of UK companies.

Getting your share of these enquiries is easy, we have a simple 4-step approach that will push you in front of more prospects.

  • Unlimited 'BigBox' appearances in the first set of search results.
  • Unique 'Top Search Phrases' guaranteeing exposure to the most competitive search terms.
  • Copywriter written Product boxes to describe the main areas of your business.
  • Full cross-referencing of your website.

Which is the best package for you?

As the package grows so does the number of copywriter product boxes and unique Top search phrases increasing overall visibility and User search matches


BigBox Starter

BigBox Plus

BigBox Premium

BigBox Max

5 Product Boxes and Top Search Phrases 10 Product Boxes and Top Search Phrases 20 Product Boxes and Top Search Phrases 50 Product Boxes and Top Search Phrases

Every package includes:

  • Daily Tender Alerts
  • Social Media Links
  • Press Releases
  • Product Image Gallery
  • Your Company Video
  • Your Company Product Manuals & Brochures

£21/month +vat
£252/year +vat
£30/month +vat
£360/year +vat
£38/month +vat
£456/year +vat
£65/month +vat
£780/year +vat

All prices are based on an annual contract and subject to VAT