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Penny & Giles Controls Ltd was established in 1956 when Professor William A Penny and Mr James A Giles identified the need for instrumentation in the aviation industry. The pair began creating high precision, high reliability wire-wound potentiometric devices for the testing of aircraft and so the business began. Since their successful entry into the industry, Penny & Giles developed their business to provide more and more innovative and successful equipment and solutions to various industries. They are known for supplying products for professional broadcasting and recording industries, motor controllers for powered wheelchairs, paperless chart recorders and many more. Penny & Giles is a successful company supplying innovative products to businesses across the world and its product range includes linear and rotary position sensors, LVDT and RVDT transducers, joystick controller, studio faders, digital panel meters, solenoids, cockpit voice and flight data recorders, air data test sets, pitot-static leak testers, ice and snow detection systems, and more. Penny & Giles Controls Ltd is dedicated to providing customers with first-class products combined with excellent customer services. It is important that our customers are able to receive technical support at any stage in order to get the best results from their equipment and so we are on hand to offer support and advice whenever it is needed.

Audio and Amp; Video Controllers

Here at Penny & Giles Controls Ltd we supply the industry with a wide selection of high quality audio and video controllers. These innovative products are used across the world by many leading sound and vision console manufacturers. Our products are designed and manufactured to be reliable and long-lasting in their application. Examples of our range include linear manual faders, linear motorised faders, professional crossfaders, rotary faders, digital T-bar video controllers, analogue T-bar video controllers, and more. Please visit our website to view the range in full and for detailed information.

Joystick Controls

We also supply a range of finger and hand-operated joystick controllers for use in various industry applications. Our joystick controllers are designed for precise control of various, critical applications where a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is required. Our models are available in one, two, or three axis configurations with a range of options to suit all kinds of applications. Examples of our range include single axis fingertip rockers, rugged single-axis contact-less joystick controllers, multi-axis contactless joystick controllers, rugged multi-axis joystick controllers, and more.

Rotary Position Sensors

Our range of rotary position sensors offers angle measurements from 10° to 360° and we use Hall effect, inductive and potentiometric technologies with environmental protection to IP68 and IP69K. Examples of our range include Dual Output No Contact Rotary Position Sensors, Conductive Plastic Rotary Potentiometers, RVDTs for Industrial and Motor Sport applications, Contactless Rotary Sensor-Dual Redundant Outputs, Sealed Rotary Sensors Midpot Rotary Potentiometers, Contactless Rotary Senor-Dual Output, and more. To view our complete range and to find out more information, please visit our website.

Digital Panel Indicators

We supply two main ranges of digital panel indicators. These fully programmable digital panel indicators are high performance models that are designed to be reliable and long-lasting in all applications. Our ranges include Single Channel LVDT Panel Indicator - DML300 Series designed specifically for use with LVDT transducers, and the Single Channel Digital Panel Indicator DMP200 Series which features four universal input indicators, isolated analogue output, dual alarm relays, front panel function buttons, and more. Both of these ranges are supplied at competitive prices.

Linear Position Sensors

We offer a wide selection of linear position sensors to suit various applications. Examples of our range include LVDT Displacement Transducers, Draw Wire Linear Sensors, In-Cylinder Linear Displacement Sensors, Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducers, Linear Displacement Sensor, Hall Effect Contactless Linear Sensor, Spring Loaded Linear Potentiometers, Valve Position Transducers, Wire-wound Rectilinear Potentiometers, and more. To find out more about our complete range, please visit our website or call us at Penny & Giles with any queries.

Signal Conditioning

Our signal conditioning equipment is designed and manufactured to complement our range of position sensor products and provide signal options that include extended voltage outputs, current outputs and digital (PWM) outputs. Examples of our range include Signal Conditioning Modules for ICT and SLT190 Range, DC/ DC Driver for LVDTs, Sensor Signal Conditioning Modules and Universal LVDT Signal Conditioning Modules. Please visit our website to view detailed information regarding our signal conditioning products and to download various useful related documents.

Solenoid Valves

Our selection of solenoid valves is designed to meet the requirements of various industry applications. These include pneumatically controlled ABS systems for heavy goods vehicle trailers. Please visit our website to view our ranges of solenoid valves. We supply solenoids for 2 or 3 way air control applications, solenoids designed specifically for air or fluid control, specialist solenoids valves designed for pneumatic control applications in the automotive sector, solenoid valves designed for pneumatic control applications in the business machine sector, and more. Please also click on our related documents for useful information regarding our solenoids.

Solenoids – AC Laminated

We supply a range of AC laminated solenoids that are designed for extremely short closing times (8 - 16 milliseconds) and very high initial stroke forces. Our AC laminated solenoids are robust and designed to last. Please visit our website to view our complete range and to view key features of all of our AC laminated solenoids. If you cannot find all the information you need, please call one of our technical advisors at Penny & Giles Control Ltd who will provide all the advice and information you need. Our skilled team will also suggest solenoids that will be most suited to your application so that you can be sure to order the best item for the job.

Solenoids - Holding Magnets

Our MM and GM ranges of holding magnets are widely used in manufacturing and printing industries where they are perfect for holding components in place. They are also used in many other applications where a magnetic force is applied while a current is supplied to the unit. Our range has been designed and created to cover a wide range of power and size options. Our smallest version available is a 20mm diameter version with a holding force of 140N and the largest is 95mm in diameter and has a holding force of 1200N. Please visit our website to view our range in full.

Solenoids - Locks and Shot Bolts

We supply three main types of special solenoids:

Special Solenoid - Shot Bolt: This high security door lock features optional voltage ratings, various bolt ends, 15mm stroke, high side load capacity, and more. It is widely used for industrial security applications.

Special Solenoid 90° Lock: This lock has optional voltage ratings, high side load capacity, 16mm stroke, and bolt position sensing and is largely used for industrial applications such as machine tool guards and security doors and gates.

Special Solenoid - D5 Interlock: This solenoid activated interlock features optional voltage ratings, captive plunger, custom plunger ends, integral return spring, and more.

Solenoids - Open Frame

We provide a comprehensive selection of open frame solenoids. These cost effective solenoids are excellent solutions for a wide range of industry applications. They are available in C Frame styles where the coil is enclosed on one side or in D Frame styles where the coil is enclosed on two sides. Please visit our website to view our selection of C Frame and D Frame Solenoids. We are sure you will be able to find what you need. However if you have any queries please contact us at Penny & Giles Controls Ltd and we will advise you on the best solutions for your application.

Tilt Sensors

We provide two types of high quality, reliable tilt sensors suitable for a range of industry applications. They are commonly used for applications such as road construction equipment, cranes and booms, scissor lifts, agricultural vehicles, container handling and hydraulic systems. Both of our models use state of the art technology to measure the sensor’s inclination relative to earth’s gravity. Our tilt sensors are designed to be reliable and durable when used for all kinds of applications. They also have a low power requirement of less than 6.5mA in order to be used in hard-wired or battery powered wireless systems.

Solenoids - Flapper

Flapper solenoids are special electro-mechanical assemblies that incorporate a hinged flapper plate which is attracted to the solenoid coil when energised. Release springs return the plate to its original position when the coil is de-energised. Flapper solenoids offer high performance levels over a short stroke and can be made in a number of custom configurations to meet OEM requirements. Find out more by visiting Penny & Giles online.

Solenoids - Latching

Latching solenoids are able to perform push, pull, hold and release operations with only a momentary pulse of current, making them a power-saving, long-lasting solution for various applications. A permanent magnet within the assembly enables the solenoid plunger to maintain its position with no current applied, thus reducing the amount of power required for operation. It is this feature that makes latching solenoids an ideal solution for continuous duty applications, including automatic door closers, locks, medical equipment, security devices and battery powered equipment.

Solenoids - Tubular

Tubular solenoids, also known as cylindrical solenoids, have a compact, low profile design but can provide the same levels of performance as the larger, open-frame solenoids. They are commonly used in applications where space is at a premium but where performance cannot be compromised. Tubular solenoids are more magnetically efficient thanks to a permeable steel coil case that minimises magnetic flux leakage and maximises performance. Penny & Giles can manufacture tubular solenoids up to 100mm in diameter with up to 100N force at 50mm stroke. Visit our website or get in touch to find out more.

Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer

Here at Penny & Giles Controls Ltd we are pleased to supply the ICT800 Contactless In-Cylinder Linear Transducer featuring integrated signal conditioning in the transducer flange.

The ICT800 features a measurement range of 25-1000mm, 12 bit resolution, temperature range of -40 degrees C to +125 degrees C and working pressure of up to 670 Bar.

The transducer body has a diameter of 8mm and is widely used with a range of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications where space is at a premium. The ICT800 is also commonly used on small-bore actuators and internal or threaded, external flange mounting configurations.

Please visit our website to view full product specifications

Linear Manual Faders

Included in our range is a selection of linear manual faders.  The PGF3000 Series has been designed specially for professional applications, where only the best performance will do.  Conductive plastic tracks, precious metal contacts and environmental shielding are incorporated and you have a choice of five stroke lengths, ranging from 45mm to 104mm.  The PGF3000 models are of a compact size and feature track switch and microswitch options, as well as single or dual channels and linear, audio log or VCA outputs.  The PGF8000 Series fader has been carefully designed to provide reliability and smooth operation.  Key features include 100mm stroke and internal track facilities.  Flexibility is provided with external microswitch options, single or dual channels and linear, audio log or VCA outlets.  With both ranges, you can be sure of the high quality for which Penny and Giles is known.

Linear Motorised Faders

We feature two linear motorised fader models.  The PGFM3200 provides superior performance, delivering a servo output and integral touch sense pathway.  You can choose a cored or coreless motor.  Additional key features include 100mm stroke length and M3 mounting threads.  Our PGFM9000 series fader boasts an elegant low profile, making it ideal for use where there is limited under-panel space.  Our unique design delivers improved environmental protection.  The unit is available with the option of 60mm and 100mm stroke lengths.  Both models afford superior performance, in keeping with Penny and Giles’ high standards.

Professional Crossfader

The X3000 Series cross faders are the professionals’ first choice and are recognised throughout the world as the standard of performance and reliability to aim for.  Features include 45mm stroke, environmental shielding, smooth conductive plastic tracks and precious metal multi-finger contacts.  The X3000 series offers unbeatable mechanical and electrical performance, having been designed to surpass exacting professional use.  Please note that this product is available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) only.  Other end-users are advised to consult with the manufacturer of their mixer for information on after-sales and service.

Analog T-Bar Video Controller

Our Analog T-Bar video controllers are designed for use with video switchers, mixers and effects generators.  Extreme quality and performance and unbeaten reliability are combined with a convenient and comfortable size and proven durability to produce a controller that delivers infinite resolution, smooth control and noise-free operation.  A conductive plastic track is incorporated, enhancing performance levels even further.  You can learn more about the Penny and Giles Analog T-Bar video controllers on our website.

Digital T-Bar Video Controller

The Penny and Giles Digital T-Bar video controller is known to be effective and rugged, with excellent durability.  The unit incorporates a superior quality optical encoder and two channels of quadrature output are generated at 256 cycles per channel.  The data produced can be decoded to give directional indication and incremental position.  The T-Bar video controller features smooth, precise and accurate control and is maintenance free.  You can learn more about this product on our website, where there is a downloadable brochure.

Rotary Fader

We designed the RF15 Series rotary faders with professionals in mind.  Professional users have unique, specific and, above all, demanding requirements and the RF15 Series meets and exceeds them all.  We know that superior performance, the highest standards of quality, along with reliability that can be depended on, are key factors.  Conductive plastic tracks and precision bearings ensure smooth operation to satisfy the most exacting professional.  The RF15 rotary faders offer flexibility as well – available in up to eight channels, with a 320˚ angle of rotation, choice of resistance values and log or linear electrical output.

Archived Products

We provide a product archive service in support of our customers who are still using older equipment, or who have purchased machinery fitted with older Penny and Giles parts.  With the durability of Penny and Giles’ equipment, there are many such customers!  For most products, we provide product brochures or technical data sheets in Adobe PDF format.  This information about archived products is yet another example of our dedication to customer service and support.


At Penny and Giles we have always been sticklers for quality and precision.  As a result we carry supplier approvals from major aerospace equipment manufacturers throughout the world, as well as from the British Civil Aviation Authority.  We draw on more than 50 years of experience and expertise, where quality has always been the key.  We have had ISO9001 status at our UK manufacturing sites since the early 1990s.  Quality is a key factor in all the various stages of production, starting with innovative and thoughtful design and going right through to timely and efficient delivery of a superior quality finished product.  In fact, it doesn’t stop there, as we also deliver exceptional after-sales support.

RoHS Compliance

We are fully compliant with the RoHS (Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive 2002/95/EC.  This European Union directive aims to reduce and restrict the use in electrical and electronic equipment of six materials that are deemed hazardous.  The restricted materials are lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.  Manufacturers in the European are tasked to ensure that new electrical and electronic equipment does not contain these materials or, in some cases, are only of the permitted concentrations set out in the directive.

Brochures, Manuals and Technical Data Sheets

We maintain an extensive library of brochures, manuals and technical data sheets to provide further technical support to our customers.  Whether you are looking for an operating manual, set up instructions, product brochure or data sheet, we have a great number available.  Many are in various languages and all are downloadable from our website.  Have a look at the site to see what can be found.  We think you will be pleased with the attention to detail and customer support.



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