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Hydralectric: Providing your water control and conveyance solutions since 1976. Having become the leading problem solver for the control and conveyance of water, Hydralectric designs, develops and distributes water valves and pumps, and manufactures the 'Qualflex' brand of flexible hoses for a variety of different applications which meet OEM market requirements. Supplying customers across the globe from its HQ in Surrey, Hydralectric has become a market leader thanks to its worldwide reputation for superb customer service and excellent product quality. All materials used are guaranteed to be of the highest specification, and we always aim to meet the requirements of our clients.

Solving our customers' problems is paramount to our overall mission, and with this ethos we have earned a reputation for robust products which are fit for the client's application. Our 'Qualflex' brand of flexible hoses marks us out as one of the most forward-thinking European manufacturers, offering an inclusive range of standard and bespoke hose assemblies for use in hot and cold installations and for portable water requirements. These hoses are backed up by our team’s expertise and technical support. Our products address solutions for many types of applications in a variety of diverse markets, including Beverage and Drinks dispensing, Vending, Plumbing and Heating, Bathroom and Shower, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, as well as commercial catering.

Drain and Distribution Pumps

Hydralectric stocks a variety of permanent magnet synchronous pumps which have a wet rotor chamber which means a mechanical water seal is not needed. These pumps are supplied with a range of pump housings with an integral filter which gives an output of 20 to 36 litres per minute at a dynamic pressure of 0.1 bar. Usually applied in drainage and distribution systems such as dishwashers, glass washers, water boilers, humidifiers and ice makers.

High pressure CP3 pumps

  • Pressure Pumps - This solenoid pump delivers an output of 300ml per minute at 6 bar pressure. This range possesses a class II double insulated system that has an integrated diode converter. These pumps are often used in vending machines, espresso machines, coffee machines and steam irons.
  • Low pressure CP6 Pumps - With a dynamic output of 950ml/min at 0.7 bar, this range of solenoid pumps have a class II double insulated system and an integrated diode convertor. Typically used in carpet cleaners, vending machines, steam generators, dosing applications, and dental and medical equipment.

Low Pressure PI Pumps

An output of 1200ml per minute is achieved using a high efficiency piston pump. Available with right-angled and straight through port connections, this pump has a high resilience to dead head pressures and dry running without requiring temperature protection. Though supplied with an integrated diode convertor for operation with AC voltages, we can offer a separate frequency convertor for DC appliances if requested.

These pumps are often used in carpet cleaners, steam generators, vending machines, dosing equipment, as well as dental and medical equipment.

High Flow Induction & Micro Pumps

  • High Flow Induction Pumps - With a powerful 650 watt capacitor start induction motor drive and a mechanical rotary seal, this is a high performance centrifugal pump. The pump housing is manufactured from a strong polypropylene with maximum clearance for the free flow of water and waste products. An incredible 200 litres per minute can be pumped at a dynamic pressure of 0.5 bar. Often used for dishwashers, glass washers, mascerators and other commercial appliances.
  • Micro Pumps - Combining the action of the piston and diaphragm, this small pump generates an output of 50ml at 5 watts. A high flow pump with an output of 100ml at 7 watts is also available. These pumps are typically used in steam cookers, steam irons, steam generators, rinse aids and soap dispensers.


Hydralectric manufactures a range of flexible hoses designed for a variety of applications. These include; Gas Industrial Caterhoses, Industrial water hoses, tap connectors, water hoses for building services, and washing machine hoses.

Vending Hoses - Hydravend hose assemblies, coils and tubing - designed and guaranteed to deliver safe drinking water for use in a wide range of applications.

Cross flow Blowers

With an impeller diameter of 60mm and available in 120mm and 180mm lengths, our fans are guaranteed to be quiet and have a long-life bearing system. Powered using a 25 watt shaded pole motor which may be mounted from left to right and can be rotated 360 degrees, these blowers are manufactured on a cutting edge automated assembly line which gives a consistent product quality and performance. Our cross flow blowers are generally used in electric, gas and hot air ovens, fan heaters and convectors.

A variety of motors and fans are available

  • Hot Air Fan Motor - constructed for even distribution of hot air within domestic and commercial oven systems, these fans are powered using a high temperature C frame shaded pole motor. Options are available for the material and style of these fans.
  • Universal Motors - Designed to each customer's required speed, torque and power, these motors are produced on a fully automated production line with established quality systems. These motors are typically used in high pressure pumps, garden equipment, handyman tools and food mixers.
  • Universal Motor and gear box - Tailored range of series wound universal motors with integrated diecast gearbox system operating on a 6 to 1 ratio. Manufactured using sintered metal for a longer lifespan.

Industrial Solenoid Valves

We also supply a fantastic range of industrial style single inline electrically operated solenoid valves for the control of water supplies above 0.2 bar. These are available with either threaded or push-fit port connections for secure installation to suit your needs. Our industrial solenoid valves are widely used in applications such as hand washers, refridgeration equipment and automatic tap systems. They feature a polyamide body with nitrile or EPDM diaphragm minimum burst pressure 65 bar. Please follow the link to our website to view images and further technical information.



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