Top Search Phrases

You know the phrases your best prospects use to search for your type of product, well every time one of your phrases is used, you will jump to the top of the page.

Question & Answer Listings

If your customers have similar questions, save them time and display an answer bank, so they know you can help before they pick up the phone.

Advert within Search Results

The fastest way to get hot prospects is to attract their attention just as they are looking for your product. An advert in your relevancy based search results does just that.

Company Logo

You're known by your logo, it will be prominently displayed with a direct click through to your website. It is also displayed in your high profile box to maximize your brand visibility in the search results.

Company Description

Your company description will be uniquely written by our own copywriters, giving the search engines fresh data from which they can create more links.

Product Box Descriptions

Every product that is described in its own product box will have a uniquely written description, giving the search engines fresh data from which they can create more links.

Gallery Images

Don't just tell your prospects what you can do, show them with high resolution images for your products and processes.

Embedded Video & Power Point

A video or Power Point slide show can keep a prospect on your page up to 4 times longer, so show them what you excel at.

Advanced Statistics

We want you to know as much as possible about the audience your advert is reaching.

Press Releases & Product Announcements

If you've got something to tell the world let us help you spread the word and reach even more people.

Events & Exhibitions

Events & Exhibitions are a big investment, you can promote your activities to maximise attendance and awareness.

Key Contacts

You can have an unlimited list of the best contacts in the company, making sure the right person answers the question.

Links to Social Media

First Directory is a positive resource to help with your SEO work, you can both promote your Social network sites and have your page 'liked' by friends to add value to your SEO score.

Animated Image

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words think of the impact of 4 or more of your top images flashing before the prospects eyes.

Trade Association Membership

Association Membership is an important part of showing your company's commitment to its industry. Let your customers know you take what you do seriously.

Opening Times

Your website is open 24/7 but customers can get the wrong impression if the phone isn’t answered, this helps you tell them when you are available.

Detailed Information

11 different areas of the business that give an overview of your status within your industry. Information that is often not available on a company website but important to your customers.

Mobile Friendly

50% of the Internet traffic is from mobile phones. Users don't need a special app to use First Directory it works on all mobile devices out the box.