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Labfacility Ltd - Sales & Head Office
- Bognor Regis, West Sussex - agnet Thermocouples Bolt thermocouples Washer Thermocouples Pipe Surface Thermocouples Leaf Thermocouples Velcro Thermocouples Silicone Patch Thermoco...agnet Thermocouples Bolt thermocouples Washer Thermocouples Pipe Surface Thermocouples Leaf Thermocouples Velcro Thermocouples Silicone Patch Thermoco

Globe Heat Treatment Services Ltd
- Liverpool, Merseyside - mmers thermocouple attachment units ceramic heaters camlocks cables and wires ceramic beads thermocouples GB407 2196 67 Joanne

Pyrometer Systems Ltd
- Stockport, Cheshire - ctors Thermocouples Automatic Thermocouples Base Metal Thermocouples Rare Metal Thermocouples Established in 1991, Pyrometer Systems Ltd have over 22 ...tions Thermocouples Compression Fittings Ceramic Thermocouples Hand Held Temperature measurement Thermocouple & Compensating Cable Honeywell Contact U

Isothermal Technology Ltd
- Southport, Merseyside - tors, thermocouple referencing and more. These pages provide information about our product range and services along with reference material of interes...ating thermocouples and RTDs to high accuracy comparison baths. GB325 1089 79 Isotech Isothermal Technology Ltd Lorraine Clark

H&B Sensors Ltd
- Bognor Regis, West Sussex - RTs), Thermocouples, HBS 6000, Temperature Transmitters, Indicators, Process Controllers, Isolators, I.S Barriers, Bimetallic Thermometers, Temperatur

Watch Hill Ltd
- Cockermouth, Cumbria - ments Thermocouple Probes Thermopockets Thermistor Probes PTC Silicon Sensors We can also provide Custom Build services for Temperature Probes and Cab

Global Measurement & Control Systems Ltd
- Worksop, Nottinghamshire - held, Thermocouples, Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs) & Humidity Sensors. We Manufacture & Stock a wide range of Thermocouple & Copper Connecto

Status Instruments Ltd
- Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire - utton Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter SEM203P Push Button Pt100 Temperature Transmitter SEM206P PC Programmable RTD Temperature Transmitter SEM16...mable thermocouple din rail transmitter SEM1610 USB Programmable Universal Input DIN Rail Transmitter SEM213P Push button Pt100 DIN rail temperature t

Calex Electronics Ltd
- Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire - uding thermocouples, resistance thermometers, fibre-optic temperature sensors, indicators, controllers, SCADA systems, calibrators and DC/DC converter

Fast Heat International (U.K.) Ltd
- Eastbourne, East Sussex - lers, thermocouples, process controller/control instrumentation & hot runner systems.

Variohm EuroSensor Ltd
- Towcester, Northants - ctors Thermocouple Sensors & Detectors Pressure Sensors & Detectors Temperature Sensors & Detectors Position Sensors & Detectors Displacement Sensors

Polux Ltd
- Rochdale, Lancashire - ducts:Thermocouple Cable High Temperature Power Cables RTD Cables Pure Nickel Cables Control Cables PTFE Equipment Wires Single and Multi-Core (Pair)

TMS Europe Ltd
- Hope Valley, Derbyshire - . Our thermocouple welders havemany uses, including being ideal for welding thermocouples to metal surfaces orforming junctions which can be done both...oduce thermocouples, resistance thermometersin addition to being able to make bespoke temperature probes to meet customerrequirements and with optiona

Universal Thermosensors Ltd
- Sittingbourne, Kent - sors, Thermocouples and Resistance Temperature Detectors, and supplier of a vast range of cables, connectors and accessories. Andrew James

International Extrusion Services
- Wolverhampton, West Midlands - ance. Thermocouples, Transducers. Extruder Ancillary Equipment.

Electroserv (TC & S) Ltd
- Manchester - nery, Thermocouples with Adjustable Bayonet Fittings,Miniterally Insulated Plug and Socket Termination, Thermocouple Application SpecificTypes, of thermocouples and resistancethermometers. Examples of our range can be viewed on our website and includeMinerally Insulated, Flying Leads, Gener

Tyco Thermal Controls UK Ltd
- Washington, Tyne & Wear - rosil Thermocouple Cable for extreme environments: High Temperature Strength, Low drift & Low Corrosion for temperatures to 1250C, 2300F Isopad Custom

Peak Sensors Ltd
- Chesterfield, Derbyshire - metal thermocouples as theyre sometimes known, containplatinum and rhodium; particularly thermocouple types B, R and S. Offeringexcellent recovery pri...metal thermocouple assemblies are types B, R and S. We manufacture thesetypes for a whole range of industries across the globe. We can manufacture and

Tempcon Instrumentation Ltd
- Arundel, West Sussex - RTD) Thermocouple Cables View All PFA Insulated Thermocouples PVC Insulated Thermocouples Glassfibre Insulated Cables PRT Cables Thermowells & Thermo...nsors Thermocouple Temperature Sensors View All Fabricated Stainless Steel Thermocouples Exposed Junction Thermocouples Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

Helium Projects Ltd
- Worthing, West Sussex - cated thermocouples; and high temperatureresistance instead of standard temperature resistance; we will have the modelfor you. Helium Projects stocks ...cated thermocouple version. We have many diameters to choose fromacross the range as well as high and standard temperature resistance options.We have

MCS Technical Products
- Swindon, Wiltshire - eters Thermocouple Instruments Thermocouple Accessories Timers MagicVac Jumbo Vacuum Packers Accessories - Bags and Rolls Accessories - Containers Adv...ters, Thermocouples, Probes and Wireless Temperature Monitoring Magic Vac: Heavy Duty Catering Vacuum Packing Machines Dolphin: Induction compatible C

A-T Instruments Ltd
- Cardiff - eters Thermocouple PT100 probes Data loggers Digital and infrared thermometers PAT Testsers Process calibrators and simulators Calibration and testing

Southern Temperature Sensors Ltd
- Alton, Hampshire - s for thermocouples, RTD sensors and thermistor sensors, platinum RTD elements, bayonet components, PTFE tubing and sleeving. Alongside this we also h.... Our thermocouple cable stock comprises the most commonly used configurations and we also stock bare wire and retractable cables. If you need somethi

Macher Distribution Ltd
- Lingfield, Surrey - (SER) Thermocouple and Cable Assemblies - Flame Sensors Nuclear Pressure Transmitters & Mud Density Transmitter UPLC Universal Power-Line Carrier (Nar

Willow Technologies Ltd
- Crawley, West Sussex - eals, Thermocouple Feedthrough seals, Vacuum Brazing. Italiana Rele Excellent performance Relays and Solenoids Kionix MEMS Accelerometers, Combi Senso

Marsh Bellofram Europe Ltd
- Nottingham, Nottinghamshire - ators Thermocouples Relays Silicone Timers Manufacturers of rubber diaphragms, pneumatic regulators, thermocouples, timers, counters & gauges. In addi...-Temp thermocouple, the industrys most accurate measurement device for fired heater and industrial boiler tubes. Visit Site × WNS Lowery Brings togeth

Alphatemp Technology Ltd
- Braintree, Essex - sors, thermocouples, digital thermometers, oscilloscopes, sockets and plugs. Were also ableto manufacture resistive sensors, probes and thermocouples ...trial Thermocouple comes intypes J, K and T and has an IP67-rated aluminium terminal head. The Ki-ErgonomicStandard Handheld Probes are supplied with

Anville Instruments Ltd
- Airdrie - ware, thermocouple probes, pressuretransducer, thermocouple entry gland, dry-block temperature bath, temperature referencethermometer and pressure cal...ed by thermocouples and pressuretransducers as well as the selection of compatible sensor types is carried outby a simple point and click process. The

Data Translation
- Basingstoke, Hampshire - -cost thermocouple DAQ module provides USB-powered temperature measurement with the ability to directly connect 4 thermocouples. The DT9828E module is...d the thermocouple inputs have been screwed into the module terminals, via our thermocouple measurement application that is provided alongside the DT9

TM Electronics (UK) Ltd
- - gital thermocouple thermometer. Tom Sensier