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Dwyer are market-leading suppliers of instruments for the measurement of flow, pressure, level, temperature, humidity, air velocity, and air quality. We also offer a broad range of valves, data loggers, process control equipment, and various other testing devices. The UK arm of Dwyer was formed back in 1990 to ensure local availability of high quality testing and measurement equipment. We have a large stock of products available for immediate despatch, and in order that our customers receive relevant advice and guidance, we employ a highly trained technical workforce with experience and understanding of the UK market.

Dwyer Instruments Ltd has a long history of delivering exceptional products that offer nothing less than outstanding reliability and excellent performance. The company was established way back in 1931, and over the last 80 years we have built a reputation for quality, reliability, and readily available low-cost products. As a market-leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, Dwyer continues to grow its product range to serve the ever-changing needs of major industries such as HVAC, Oil and Gas, Food, Chemical, and Pollution Control. But our technologies continue to find applications in all sorts of other sectors, largely thanks to a close cooperative effort between Dwyer and its customers that allows us to find innovative solutions to new problems. 

As well as developing new products for new applications, Dwyer has added to its portfolio through the acquisition of several respected brand names. This means that customers from a range of different industries can find what they need all under one roof. 

Dwyer takes great pride in its dedication to manufacturing high quality products. Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and to achieve this, we have put in place a stringent Quality Management System which helps to earn their trust and confidence. 

So for the widest range of controls, test & measurement devices, and associated accessories, look no further than Dwyer. Below are just some of the products that we have to offer. To find our full range of instruments, head directly to the Dwyer website.

Building Automation Systems

At Dwyer Instruments we supply an extensive range of products suitable and specifically designed as building automation systems. Our building automation systems include products for temperature, pressure, process control, flow, level, air velocity and humidity. We are constantly introducing new models into our product range including the latest AC power transformers, refrigerant leak detectors, wall mounted temperature sensors, laser distance meters and water leak detectors. We also supply carbon dioxide detectors, wireless Wi-Fi data loggers, weatherproof digital pressure gages and digital tire pressure gages, to name just a few. Visit the Dwyer Instruments website to view full specifications on our complete range of building automation systems.

Powder & Bulk Solids

Dwyer Instruments Ltd supplies an extensive range of equipment for the powder and bulk solids market including the Series DBOB Continuous Level Measuring System. The Series DBOB has been specifically designed for the continuous measurement of volumes and levels in tanks, silos and hoppers. The Series DBOB offers low maintenance and an electromechanical device with an tangle-free tape-based system. The integrated tape-cleaner means that the internal process is protected from difficult and damaging materials allowing for the extended lifespan of the equipment. More specification on the easy to install DBOB Continuous Level Measuring System can be found at the Dwyer Instruments website.

Water & Wastewater

Dwyer Instruments Ltd offers a range of high quality, durable products for the water and wastewater market. Our product categories for this market include pressure, flow, level, process control and test equipment as well as valves, hazardous rated and a wide range of miscellaneous products. Our latest products and models include the popular Series DFMT Digital Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter, the Series SN NAMUR Mount Solenoid Valve, the Model RVM Portable Radar Wave Velocity Meter and our range of stainless steel ball valves. Our experienced advisors will be happy to discuss your requirements in order to find the right waste and wastewater products to meet your needs.

Valve Automation

Dwyer Instruments are experts in the field of valve automation and we have one of widest product ranges available on the market. We offer a configuration for every application when it comes to valve automation and our valves include butterfly, angle seat, shuttle, needle, manifold, zone valves and diaphragms. We also supply an extensive range of valves rated for use in hazardous environments. At Dwyer Instruments we are constantly updated and releasing new products and this includes our range of stainless steel ball valves, solenoid valves, brass ball valves and manifolds. Visit our website to view full specifications of our complete range of valves, positioners, controllers and position indicators.


At Dwyer Instruments we supply the latest equipment and products for use in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) applications. Our HVAC product categories include pressure, air velocity, temperature, air quality, hazardous rated equipment and test equipment. We strive to supply the most up to date products in order to provide our customers with the widest choice available. Our latest HVAC models include handheld solar power meters, digital light meters, calibration software and interface units, laser distance meters and differential pressure transmitters. Full specifications on our complete range of HVAC products can be found at our website.

Hazardous Rated Products

Dwyer Instruments understands the importance of products that have been rated for use in hazardous environments. We offer an extensive range of hazardous rated units including our differential pressure sensors such as our pressure switches, differential pressure transmitters and our differential pressure gages. We also supply digital handheld monometers that have been approved for use in hazardous locations. Full specifications of our complete range of hazardous rated units can be found at the Dwyer Instruments website.

Mobile Meter Test Instrument App

Our Mobile Meter Test Instrument App allows android based phones and tablets to become a fully functional and multi-functional test instrument. This app is suitable for building commissioning and is available via download from the Google app market or simply by scanning the QR at the catalogue page. Wireless probes can connect to the phone/tablet via our mobile gateway. Features include simultaneous display of parameters from multiple probes or a single probe parameter displayed either as a meter or as an analog gauge. Single probe measurements can be saved to log files for use in the future.

Data Loggers and Recorders

Dwyer Instruments Ltd offers possibly the largest selection of data loggers and recorders, anywhere on the market. What's more, you’re unlikely to find such a great range at such competitive prices! This category includes the DL001 temperature data logger, the DL6 Series of ressure/temperature/RH data loggers, the DL7 differential pressure data logger, the DL8 process data logger, the DL-8T 8 channel temperature logger, as well as a number of compact USB data loggers and LCD screen data loggers. Portable, miniature and submersible data loggers are also available. Our range of recorders includes the Series 1200 minigraph recorder, the Series LCR10 circular chart recorder, and the Series LCR20 dual pen circular chart recorder.

Humidity Switches

With an integrated microprocessor, our Series HS humidity switch provides control for humidifying or dehumidifying. A bright green LED displays relative humidity, output status, and error messages. This humidity switch features nine user defined parameters, including hysteresis, setpoint, control type, cycle time, and probe adjustment. Access to these programming parameters can be locked and unlocked using a password. These switches come complete with a fitting clip for panel mounting, rear terminal cover, gasket, and instruction manual.

Air Quality Monitors

Dwyer supplies a number of high performance air quality monitors which measure carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels in the atmosphere. The Model CDD is a duct mount transmitter for carbon dioxide monitoring, while the Series CDW is a wall mounted carbon dioxide and temperature transmitter. Our Series CMT and Series GSTA are both carbon monoxide transmitters. If you would like to find out more about any of these devices, please follow this link to the Dwyer Instruments website.

Differential Pressure Gauges and Monitors

We supply a wide range of differential pressure gauges, as well as process filter gauges and pressure monitors. Please visit our website to find out about each of our models. The RSM Room Status Monitor has been designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent monitoring and alarming. These units can be configured to monitor positive or negative pressure, and feature a backlit RGB LCD with graphic user interface that displays pressure readings. This touch screen also guides the user through set up and security applications. Red and green LEDs and a local audible alarm alert personnel to system status.

Air Velocity Monitors

Dwyer offers four different air velocity monitoring kits. Our Model 475-1-FM-AV Kit is a convenient, all in one package featuring a digital manometer, pitot tube, and associated accessories. It's the all-round solution for plant engineers, industrial hygienists and HVAC technicians. The digital manometer reads from 0-20.00" w.c. with ±0.5% F.S. accuracy and minor divisions to 0.01, and the large LCD readout is easily seen in areas which are poorly lit. The 6" stainless steel Pitot tube has integral compression fitting to hold it securely whilst readings are being taken. The Kit is completed with rubber tubing, step drill, 9V battery, AV calculator slide rule, and a custom fitted carrying case.

Flowmeters and other Flow Products

Dwyer Instruments Ltd stocks a full range of flowmeters, including dial-type flowmeters, in-line flowmeters, orifice plate flowmeters, thermal dispersion flowmeters, electronic totalizing meters, ultrasonic flowmeter detectors and converters, variable area flowmeters, and flowmeters with switch or transmitter output. We also have a number of flow sensors (in-line, paddlewheel and turbine), as well as flow switches (paddle, shuttle/piston, thermal), mass flowmeters and controllers, and sight flow indicators. To view our great range of flowmeters and other associated flow measuring instruments, follow this link directly to the Dwyer website.

Level Indicators

Dwyer supply metal, plastic and PVC dip tape indicators, as well as level mount gauges and tank level indicators. We also stock a broad range of level switches (including explosion proof switches) as well as a number of level transmitters. Please head straight to the Dwyer Instruments website to view our full range of Level measurement instruments. Full information and specifications on each product are provided.

Temperature Sensors

If you're looking for high quality, low-cost pressure sensors, there's no better place to start than at Dwyer. In this category we have general purpose and bayonet type thermocouples and RTDs, special application thermocouples and RTDs, material insulation thermocouples and RTDs, hand-held thermocouples, magnetic surface thermocouples, temperature sensors for extruders and plastic machines, air/duct temperature sensors, sanitary application sensors, In-Line IR sensors, resistance temperature detectors, surface mount temperature sensors, and many more. Remember, you can view our full range of products on the Dwyer Instruments website.

Vaneometer™ Swing Vane Anemometer

The 480 Vaneometer™ Swing Vane Anemometer is a highly durable and cost-effective instrument designed specifically to make the measurement of low air velocities more straightforward. With this single device, OSHA, EPA and other ventilation requirements for spray booths and fume, dust and smoke exhaust hoods can be checked quickly and efficiently – even by untrained personnel.

Small in size and low in weight, the 480 Vaneometer is ideal for carrying from one work station to another. But, should continuous monitoring be required, the device can be positioned with a versatile steel mounting bracket that comes supplied. The Vaneometer also features a tough ABS housing which is easy to clean and which incorporates a spirit level to help the user attain the most accurate readings.


Dwyer has available several types of wind meters. They include:

  • Mark II WSI Wind Speed Indicator – An accurate, low-cost instrument that indicates wind speed directly on a liquid filled scale reading, in both mph (0-80) and on the Beaufort Scale (1-12). Product includes ABS plastic vane, 50’ tubing, mounting hardware and gauge fluid.
  • Portable Handheld Wind Meter – A simple but highly effective device that is ideal for yachtsmen, farmers and others who work outdoors.
  • Model MW Pocket Wind Meter – This device can measure both wind speed and temperature, displaying the readings on a four digit, 2” high LCD display.
  • Model 89088 Pocket Wind Meter – Measures wind speed, temperature and wind chill, with highly accurate results provided by a rotating vane and thermo-anemometer sensor.


Dwyer’s range of Process Control Timers includes:

  • Series LCT216 Digital Timer/Tachometer/Counter – Combining versatile timer, counter and tachometer in a single, user-friendly device, the LCT216 provides a truly versatile process control solution. Features a bright, easy to read display that shows both the desired set point and the current process value.
  • Series LCT316 Low Cost Digital Timer – This cost-effective digital timer offers highly accurate countdown timing for any number of applications. The LCT316 can be triggered remotely via digital input terminals or locally using a set button.
  • Series SVT Solenoid Valve Enclosure with Timer – A compact, reliable and economic device designed for small to medium sized filtration systems, combining timer board and solenoid valve into a single package and thus eliminating the need for separate enclosures and wiring.

Motion/Safety Switches

Dwyer motion/safety switches include:

  • Series NSS Non-Contact Speed Switch – a self-contained rotation monitoring system ideal for detecting unwanted slowdown in process equipment. Commonly used to monitor drive trains, power-driven components, exhaust fans, crushers, screw conveyors, elevators and more.
  • Series DSS Direct-Contact Speed Switch – a compact switch with a rugged housing that incorporates all necessary mechanical and electronic components.
  • Series CBAS Belt Alignment Switch – a highly reliable conveyor belt alignment switch with a compact die-cast aluminium housing that is easily installed.
  • Series CPS Cable Pull Switch – this switching system is designed to isolate the power to the conveyor system or similar process equipment in the event of a shut-down.

For more details on each of the above, please visit the Dwyer website.

Series TIC - Thermal Imaging Camera

Our Series TIC Thermal Imaging Camera can be used for a range of applications, but the most common are the detection of air leaks in buildings and the prevention of plant and equipment failures caused by overheating.  


How does it work?


The device translates infrared radiation into visual light on a bright 2.5” 160 x 120 resolution LCD. This allows the user to easily see heat contrasts and identify the source of a problem so that corrective measures can be taken. For increased differentiation among temperatures, the camera is able to automatically adjust the colour band for a narrower range of temperatures within the standard range of -20°C to +250°C. 


As well as taking spot measurements, the camera can be set for isothermal, area or profile analysis. 


Data is captured on an SD memory card for later evaluation. 


Weather Proof Electronic Temperature Control

Dwyer’s Series TSW Digital Temperature Switches bring the trusted, reliable TS family of temperature controls into weatherproof, installation-friendly enclosures for maximum protection against the elements and minimal set-up fuss. The same programming parameters as the Series TS2 and Series TSS2 means set up can be completed extremely quickly using the front keypad or by using the TS2-K configuration key. Multiple conduit knockouts give the installer flexibility in determining the best location for the conduit entry.


Series TSW switches feature a bright LED display that shows current output status and temperature measurements. Find out more by visiting Dwyer Instruments online. 

DigiMag® Digital Differential Pressure and Flow Gages

DigiMag® is the name given to our Digital Differential Pressure and Flow Gauges designed for accurate monitoring of air and gas pressure or flow.  They feature a 4-digit LCD that displays both metric and imperial units, and have a simple four button operation that reduces set-up time, simplifies calibration and ensures operator ease of use. The ability to operate on a 9-24 VDC line or a 9V battery makes these devices highly versatile. For further details and specifications, please visit Dwyer Instruments online.

Valve Position Indicator

Our Series VPI Rotary Valve Position Indicators have a compact, ruggedised design ideal for confined spaces and harsh operating conditions. These versatile units offer visual position indication and position limit control via two internal limit switches (mechanical or proximity), which may be precisely adjusted without tools. Mechanical models feature two SPDT switches, whilst proximity models have two solid-state inductive limit switches that eliminate the need for the cams to make contact. Series VPI indicators are IP67 rated, ensuring a high level of protection against the ingress of dust, dirt and moisture.

Electro-Pneumatic Controller

Dwyer’s Series EP1000 Electro-Pneumatic Controller brings together the highest quality instrumentation into one compact NEMA 4X enclosure for quick and easy installation. All that’s required is a supply pressure and voltage from a standard thermocouple, RTD, DC voltage or DC current input. Standard features include Self-Tune, Fuzzy Logic, fully adjustable PID and Auto/Manual Control. Series EP1000 controllers can be combined with the Dwyer Hi-Flow™ Valve for excellent process operation in industries like pulp and paper manufacturing, food and beverage processing, chemical and pharmaceutical production.

Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor

Dwyer’s Series MFS Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor offers a compact, economic alternative to the conventional paddle wheel device. Unlike sensors with moving parts, the MFS can be applied in applications dealing with contaminated media as well as pure liquid. It provides reliable measurements, ensures a quick response time and does not interfere with the pipeline process. Also, any changes in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration or electrical conductivity will not affect output signal as they tend to in other devices. This, in addition to its long life cycle, makes the MFS perfect for accurate reversible gauging of conductive liquid flow in closed piping.



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