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AMETEK Land offers over 60 years of specialist experience in the field of monitors and analyzers for infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions. We have grown to become the world leader in this field and our products and solutions are utilised across the globe. We work with a diversity of industries including electronics, power generation, mineral processing and aircraft gas turbine manufacture, to name just a few.

Over our six decades in business AMETEK Land has developed long-term business relationships with many of our customers thanks to our emphasis on quality within our processes and our throughout our product range. We offer peace of mind and the highest levels of customer satisfaction via our ISO 9001 quality management system as well as our ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration requirements. AMETEK Land is recognised as the home of one of the world’s top calibration laboratories.

AMETEK Land offers one of most extensive product ranges in this field. Our infrared temperature measurement product range includes portable infrared thermometers, process thermal imagers, calibration furnaces, process thermal imagers and fixed, on-line thermometers and systems. Our high quality combustion and environmental monitoring range includes dust and particulate monitors, stack gas emission analyzers, coal fire detection systems, combustion efficiency monitors.

AMETEK Land offers a full customer support service in the UK as well as a comprehensive bespoke service and full calibration services. Visit the AMETEK Land website for full details of our production range and our solutions.

AMETEK Land is part of the Process & Analytical Instruments Division of AMETEK, Inc., a global supplier of high-end analytical instrumentation, with headquarters in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, USA.


SPOT Range of Non-contact Thermometers

Our selection of non-contact thermometers includes many different models to suit a variety of temperature measuring ranges. Our collection of thermometers also include both single and multi-mode devices, with features developed for specific applications. Just some of the different applications in which our infra-red thermometers can be utilised for include, metal forging, heat treatment, hot rolling mill, cold rolling and induction heating, as well as many more. If you would more information including technical details, don’t hesitate to visit the website.

System 4 High Precision Thermometers

Our System 4 High Precision Thermometers come in a range of models including single wavelength and ratio as well as fibroptic and fibroptic ratio options. System 4 High Precision Thermometers offer non-contact, high precision temperature measurement. System 4 provides users with maximum flexibility thanks to fully interchangeable thermometers and processors eliminating the need for recalibration. Key features include focusable, through the lens sighting as well as the option of flexible fibroptics with laser targeting as a further option. This system boasts a rugged and hard wearing modular construction and offers industry standard outputs for process monitoring as well as recording and control system capabilities.

System 4 Signal Processors

We offer a complete range of Landmark System 4 signal processors specifically designed to provide the necessary process control variables, which will increase quality and efficiency when using any System 4 thermometer. We offer four different signal processors within our Landmark range including Landmark Graphic, Landmark Profibus, Landmark Technic and Landmark Basis. Our range allows you to choose the processor with the specific features and performance required to suit your application needs. Our thermometers and processors are individually calibrated, which guarantees easy interchangeability and minimal maintenance over long-term use.

UNO - Stand Alone Thermometers

Our latest range of UNO stand-alone thermometers is the result of 50 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of temperature measurement solutions. UNO stand-alone thermometers is our new range of industrial radiation thermometers designed to meet the demanding requirements of OEMs, plant designers and process operators. We listened to the demand for a robust, low cost temperature sensor and we produced the UNO stand-alone thermometer to integrate directly into a 4 to 20mA measuring, monitoring or control loop. Our latest system offers through the lens sighting thermometers as standard as well as a range of thermometers featuring laser targeting as an option.

SOLOnet Digital Thermometers

Our SOLOnet series has been designed as the world’s first high precision digital infrared thermometer featuring a web browser interface. The SOLOnet series provides reliable and efficient measurement when used across a diversity of process control applications. Our cost effective, web enabled digital infrared thermometers come in four different thermometer types with a choice of operating wavelength, laser alignment, optical variants and measurement ranges to suit specific applications. Key benefits of the SOLOnet series include improved product quality, the ability to maximise production and throughput as well as a reduction in energy costs and significantly improved efficiency.

Arc - Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Our ARC range of radiometric thermal imagining cameras are of a heavy duty construction designed for use within industrial applications. Although ARC cameras are rugged they are still compact enough to be used in automation as well as during research and development applications. Key benefits of our ARC thermal imaging cameras include four lens options designed to view any target with superior clarity regardless of distance. ARC cameras also offer precisely detailed thermal images with unmatched temperature accuracy and a wide ambient temperature operating range. We provide view software as standard and the ARC continuous thermal imaging camera features a range of configurable options.

NIR - Borescope - Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces

AMETEK Land offers our latest thermal imaging cameras specifically designed to provide precise temperature measurements inside hot processes such as furnaces. The NIR Borescope is installed through the outer wall and then sealed to process, which allows for a continuous view of the internal temperature. This allows for quick access to data that would previously have been impossible or time consuming to collect. Data collected using the NIR Borescope allows the user to enhance the efficiency of the furnace or melt tank leading to reduced costs and improved quality. Visit the website to view full specifications of our NIR Borescope.

LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner

Our LANDSCAN infrared Linescanner product range includes the LSP-HD infrared Linescanner for thermal process imaging, which offers a scanning performance of 1000 data points up to 150Hz. This is a superior product in terms of process imaging definition and the need for a separate processor is eliminated thanks to the Ethernet data connection from the sensor head. The LAND LSP-HD has been specifically designed to operate in the harshest of operating conditions while the superior process imaging definition capabilities mean that even the smallest temperature differences can be captured. We offer an extensive range of software and accessories to ensure the LSP-HD can be applied to any moving thermal process.

Process Imaging Software

LANDSCAN Windows Control and Analyse (WCA) software builds upon the LANDSCAN Windows NT product to offer a number of key features and benefits. LANDSCAN WCA offers multi-scanner operation and flexible display capabilities such as simultaneous display and processing of multiple live data streams. Our software also offers powerful post processing such as an auto size product and post product comparison. Other features include tagging and linking of multiple live data streams to enable a production process product database as well as a combined data source facility for extended product coverage via multiple LANDSCAN heads. Visit the website to view more details of our LANDSCAN WCA software.

NIR Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera

The NIR fixed thermal imaging camera is part of our process imaging products range. NIR stands for near infrared and this thermal imaging camera offers detailed temperature information via a high speed digital connection (direct Ethernet cable) to a PC running LIPS NIR for display, alarms, recording, analysis and thermal image manipulation. The NIR camera comes in a rugged housing specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions to ensure measurement reliability. We offer a choice of four different models from 600 to 3000°C as well as four different field of view options. Visit the website to view full specification and warranty details.

FTI-Eb Furnace Monitoring

The FTI-EB furnace monitoring BoreScope enables temperature profiling with only a small opening in the wall, which eliminates the need to cut large openings in the refractory. Our FTI-EB BoreScope is used in conjunction with the LAND FTI-E 391 thermal imager and provides wide angle imaging inside the vessel to improve product coverage. Other benefits of the FTI-EB BoreScope includes an integrated air purge that ensures a debris free optical system as well as an optional auto-retraction system to ensure protection of the thermal imager in case of failure of the water cooling or air purge supply.

FTI-E Fixed Thermal Imaging System

Our fixed thermal imaging solutions offer operators the equipment and capabilities needed to solve their problems using more than just pictures. AMETEK Land offers a range of solutions including our FTI-E Thermal Imagers, our FTI-E Control Processors and our LIPS FTI software. Our thermal imaging solutions provide the most accurate temperature measurements available allowing optimum process control from over 76,000 individual temperature measurements. Our intelligent imaging systems are simple and easy to use with easy installation designed to reduce costs, complexity and maintenance. For more information on our range of thermal imaging solutions please visit the website.

Cyclops 055L Meltmaster

The Cyclops 055L allow users to gain an accurate temperature reading of liquid metal, from as far 5 metres away. It is worth noting that the 055L benefits from on-board data storage as well as both Bluetooth and USB connection options. With excellent reliability and accuracy, the 055L can help to save both time and money when measuring the temperature of liquid metal. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service team by phone or email. You can also visit the website for more information on all of our products.

Cyclops 100L – High Temperature

The Cyclops 100L is a high performance, non-contact thermometer with exceptional accuracy - with a resolution to 0.1°. The 100L can be used for a wide range of applications, including steel work, glass work, ceramic work and petrochemical applications. It’s also worth noting that this device benefits from on-board data storage and both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. If you would like further information on the Cyclops 100L, including technical specs and details on features, please visit the website. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team directly.

Cyclops 160L – Medium Temperature

The Cyclops 160L is a reliable and effective thermometer which has been designed for medium temperature applications. It should be pointed out that the 160L displays the temperature reading in four modes, including mean, valley, continuous and peak. The device is also fitted with a new protective cover and lens protector, guaranteeing a long lifespan. You can contact us by phone or email if you have any queries whatsoever. For full technical specifications on all of our products you can visit the website.

Cyclops 390L – Furnaces

The Cyclops 390L features a unique design which makes it ideal for use within hydrocarbon-fuelled furnaces. As with all of our devices, the 390L offers excellent reliability and accuracy, thanks to drift-free measurement and noise reduction. It should also be noted that the 390L comes with data logging software which can be utilised with both PC’s and mobile devices and allows users to record and analyse temperature data. To find out more about this or any of our devices, feel free to visit our website.

Landcal P1200B - Mid-range Temperature Bench-Mounted

As part of our calibration sources division we offer a range of calibration sources including our Landcal P1200B, which is a bench mounted, primary standard, variable temperature source. The Landcal P1200B has been specifically designed for the testing and precise calibration of industrial radiation thermometers as well as thermographic equipment and thermocouples. Key features include an isothermal enclosure, which provides a highly stable uniform temperature along the cavity length. This product tests and calibrates infrared radiation thermometers up to temperatures of 1150°C/2100°F. A metal thermocouple for cavity measurement is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate; the option of a second thermocouple to determine thermal gradients is also available.

Landcal P1600B2 - High Temperature Bench-mounted

At AMETEK Land we offer six different LANDCAL blackbody calibration sources including out bench-mounted Landcal P1600B2, which is a primary standard, variable temperature source. The Landcal P1600B2 offers a new high in stability and has been specifically designed for the precise calibration and testing of high temperature industrial radiation thermometers as well as thermographic equipment and thermocouples. This source is suitable for industrial radiation thermometers at temperatures of up to 1600°C/2900°F. Cavity temperature is measured using the optional metal thermocouple, which is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate. Full details of the Landcal P1600B2 for high temperatures is available on the Land Instruments International website.

Landcal P550P - Low Temperature Portable

The Landcal P550P is our portable variable temperature blackbody radiation source, which has been designed for high precision calibration of low temperature radiation thermometers within the range of 50°C to 550°C/120°F to 999.9°F. The Landcal P550P offers traceability to national standards via output from the thermometer under test compared with the source temperature measured by a platinum resistance thermometer; a traceable calibration certificate is supplied. If traceability is not required then calibration can also be used without the platinum resistance thermometer. The wide angle target capabilities of the Landcal P550P provides the ideal solution for calibration of both fixed installation and portable hand held infrared thermometers.

Landcal P80P - Low Temperature Portable

As part of our range of Landcal blackbody calibration sources we offer the portable variable temperature Landcal P80P radiation source. This source is specifically designed for high precision calibration of low temperature radiation thermometers with a sub-zero measurement feature over the range of -10°C to 80°C/15°F to 175°F. The Landcal P80P offers national standards traceability via output from the thermometer under test compared with source temperature measured using a platinum resistance thermometer; a traceable calibration certificate is supplied. The wide angle target means this product is the ideal solution for fixed installation and portable hand held infrared thermometer calibration.

Landcal R1200P - High Temperature Portable

Our Landcal R1200P is a completely portable and self-contained, high stability blackbody reference source used for calibration of infrared radiation thermometers. Calibration can be undertaken at temperatures of up to 1200°C/2200°F. The Landcal R1200P features a built-in three term controller as well as an individual digital temperature indicator, which provides a resolution of +1°C/2°F. The R1200P reference source is suitable for on-site and in-laboratory calibration of LAND fixed system and fibroptic short wavelength radiation thermometers. When traceability is required a calibration certificate can be supplied as an option extra and a heavy duty carrying case is also available as an option extra.

Landcal R1500T - High Temperature Transport

Our Landcal R1500T is a fully transportable blackbody radiation source utilised for the calibration of thermometers including System 4 and fibroptic thermometers. The Landcal R1500T reference source has been specifically designed for the calibration of infrared radiation thermometers on-site and in-laboratory. This source can be used for calibration on temperatures of up to 1500°C/2750°F. Within 30 minutes, the six silicon carbide elements will heat the conical ended blackbody cavity to 1450°C/2650°F and a three term controller is used to hold the temperature to within ±1K/2°F. This instrument can be used as a transfer standard offering a calibration comparison method via optional standard radiation thermometers.

Combustion Efficiency Monitors

At AMETEK Land we offer an extensive range of gas analysers that are suitable for the monitoring and control of boiler combustion. Our combustion efficiency monitors are used to monitor and control carbon monoxide, oxygen and sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature. Our range of oxygen analyser systems utilise zirconium oxide sensor technology and benefit from a durable and reliable construction. The Lancom 200 sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature monitor can be used for applications such as efficiency checks, evaluating corrective measures and corrosion protection within plants. Close monitoring and control results in increased combustion efficiency, a reduction in excess air as well as a reduction in energy losses. Monitoring can also help to prevent plant corrosion, which can occur due to sulphuric acid formation. Visit the website to view our complete range of combustion efficiency monitors.

Portable Gas Analysers

Our range of portable gas analysers has been specifically designed for the testing, checking and monitoring of combustion processes for optimum operating efficiency. The gases it can measure include CO, O2, NO, NO2, CO2, SO2, H2S, CxHy, NOx, & SO2.  Our portable gas analysers are also used for analysing pollutant gas emissions to ensure environmental compliance. Our extensive range includes lightweight and easy to use portable analysers for a wide range of applications and a single analyser can perform up to nine gas measurements. We offer a complete range of options including an advanced data acquisition system as well as the ability to self-configure the analyser to meet specific plant and process requirements.

Stack Gas Emissions

AMETEK Land offer an extensive range of stack gas emission analysers specifically designed to measure a wide range of pollutant gases. Our gas analysers are used for monitoring a wide range of emissions including CO, O2, NO, NO2, and NOx in flue gas. Our gas analysers have the capability to act as a stand-alone system or can be used to form an automated measurement system or a continuous emissions monitoring system. Our range includes the FGA 900 Series of stack gas emissions analysers and our continuous emissions monitoring back up system. Visit the website for complete details of our stack gas emission analysers.

Dust Emissions Monitors

AMETEK Land has produced a range of dust emission monitors, which utilise advanced patented measurement technology to give the highest level of accuracy in monitoring dust, smoke and particulates. Our dust emission analysers, comprising of a transmitter and reflector, are stack mounted with an optical measurement method that uses no moving parts. Our analysers, such as the Model 4500 III Opacity and Dust Emissions Compliance Monitor, the Model 4200+ Non-Compliance Opacity & Dust Monitor & the new Model 4650-PM, offer the highest reliability available with very little maintenance required. For full specifications of our dust emission monitors please visit the website.

Coal Fire Detection

AMETEK Land understands the importance of the early detection of a coal fire to ensure safe and efficient plant operation. We have developed a coal fire detection system for all coal handling, processing and storage applications with the capabilities to monitor the entire coal handling process. This monitoring process includes coal storage, transportation and grinding via the best and most effective coal fire detection system available. The measurement locations for coal fire detection includes railcar fire detection, conveyor fire detection, coal pile hotspot detection, mill fire detection and silo fire detection. For more information on our advanced coal fire detection system please visit the website.

Our Clients

Over the years we have created long-term business relationships with many of our customers thanks to our high quality products and services. Our temperature measurement products and solutions are used for applications within a diversity of industries on a world-wide scale. We work with industries including glass, iron and steel manufacturing, and metal and mineral processing as well as paper manufacturing, the petrochemical industry and plastics manufacturing. We have a client list of repeat customers who rely on our solutions and return to us repeatedly. For more information on our range of products and solutions please visit the website.

Contacting AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land is a well-established UK company based in Dronfield in Derbyshire. Our website contains full contact details including telephone and fax numbers as well as the email addresses for our UK and international offices. We have offices and representatives on a world-wide scale via our Land and Ametek offices. Our website includes an information request form and we will make contact once we have assessed your details and requests. Our representatives will be more than happy to answer any queries on our range of products and solutions as well as provide quotes on request.

Product Support

AMETEK Land offers full product support and assistance across our entire range of products and systems. Our product support service includes warranty, repairs, calibration, maintenance and spare parts. Simply contact your nearest Land office should you require product support. Full contact details can be found at the website.



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  • Cyclops portable infrared thermometers
  • Insight data acquisition capture and analysis software for LANCOM portable gas analysers
  • Lancom portable gas analysers
  • LANDSCAN Range of continuous, high speed temperature scanners for thermal profiling applications
  • SDS Slag Detection System - for monitoring slag carry-over in metal production
  • SOLOnet Web-enabled, remote temperature monitoring
  • SPOT A new range of non-contact thermometers with fully integrated processing capability, and uniquely LED sighting.
  • SYSTEM 4 Range of Continuous measurement infrared temperature monitoring systems

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