Willow Technologies Ltd

Unit 3 Borers Yard
Borers Arms Road
West Sussex
RH10 3LH
United Kingdom

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We are a specialist supplier of sensors, relays & precision resistors. Use our high level of technical expertise to determine the best solution for your application



Registration Number: 02413000
VAT Number: n/a
Registered at Companies House:11 August, 1989 (34 years and 3 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: N/A
Parent Company: N/A
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Service Providers

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Monday 09:00 AM - 05:15 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:15 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 05:15 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:15 PM
Friday 09:00 AM - 05:15 PM
Saturday Closed
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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • AEC AEC own the Durakool and HermaSeal Brands. They offer Relays, Hermetic Seals, G-Force Switches, Motion Switches, Electronic Tilt Switches, Mechanical Tilt Switches, Push Button Switches, Piezo Switches, Float Control Switches, Liquid Level Switches and Current Transformers
  • Aleph Europe Limited
  • Alfred Tronser
  • America Electronics Components
  • Amphenol Advanced Sensors CO2 Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Thermistors, PT Sensors, Dust Sensors, Automotive Temperature Assemblies, Gas Sensors, HVAC Temperature Controllers
  • BetaSensorik
  • Durakool High quality relays, relay sockets, contactors, coaxial switches, electronic tilt sensors, mechanical tilt sensors, motion switches, push button switches & piezo switches. Our relays are suitable for Automotive, Avionics, Electric Vehicles, Forcibly Guided Safety, Industrial, Interface, Military, PCB Power, Photovoltaic, Reed, RF, Signal, Telecoms, Solid State and Special Function.
  • Elesta Elektrotechnic
  • Elesta Relays Range of top quality, highly reliable, Forcibly Guided Safety Relays
  • ESR
  • Figaro
  • Fujikura Accurate and reliable Pressure Sensors
  • GE Thermometrics
  • Hermaseal Reliable Hermetic Seals, Glass to Metal Seals, Ceramic Seals, Compression Seals, Custom Seals & Packages, High Pressure Seals, High Temperature Seals, Igniter Seals, Matched Seals, Multiple Pin Feedthrough Seals, Sight Glasses, Single Pin Feed through Seals, Thermocouple Feedthrough seals, Vacuum Brazing.
  • Italiana Rele Excellent performance Relays and Solenoids
  • Kionix MEMS Accelerometers, Combi Sensors, Gyros, Gyroscopes, Sensor Fusion, 6-Axis Accelerometers and 9 Axis Accelerometers
  • Massuse Electric
  • Measurement Specialities
  • Meder Electronic
  • Memsic Inc MEMS Accelerometers, Navigation Units, Attitude Heading Reference Systems, Vertical Gyroscopes, AHRS, Navs, IMUs, Heading Sensors, Navigation Systems, Magnetometors
  • Murata Electronics
  • PNI Sensor
  • Powertron
  • PRP
  • Riedon
  • Sensotherm
  • Silicon Sensing Single Axis MEMS Gyroscopes, Gyros, IMUs, Inertial Systems, IMUs, Development Tools, Gyroscopes, Combi Sensors
  • SRT Resistor Technologies
  • SSI Technologies
  • Teledyne Avionics Relays, Industrial Relays, PCB Power Relays, RF Relays, Military Spec Relays, Signal Relays, Solid State Relays, SSR Relays, Telecoms Relays, Teledyne Relays In Stock and Coaxial Switches
  • Thiim
  • Willow Technologies

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