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Established for 16 years and fully ISO 9001:2008 certified, Peak Sensors Ltd are temperature sensor specialists who design and manufacture thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometers for literally thousands of companies and individuals across the globe; serving a huge variety of industries. Making everything bespoke, we aim to provide only the best value temperature sensors available and can manufacture any type or design of resistance thermometer or thermocouple. Additionally we can also supply temperature sensor components, various production equipment and a range of other temperature sensing equipment.

Due to the success of Peak Sensors Ltd over the years we’ve been continuing to grow, regularly moving into bigger premises and consistently setting new records for our best financial year! Our most recent move in 2008 sees us positioned to meet the ever growing needs of our customers which can only reinforce our success further in this industry. On our website you can find out more about the products and services we offer including being able to view various case studies and to find out more about the industries we supply. If you prefer to discuss information directly with us then please call or email; Peak Sensors looks forward to hearing from you!

Rare Metal Thermocouples

The most common types of rare metal thermocouple assemblies are types B, R and S. We manufacture these types for a whole range of industries across the globe. We can manufacture and supply all types and designs and can make them bespoke to your exact requirements - please visit our website where you can view examples of our typical designs. Additionally we can also repair any existing thermocouple, or, if you prefer, design a brand new one based on your exact specifications. If you have any questions about these services or our designs then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Thermocouple Designs

We take pride in being able to manufacture any type and design of thermocouple to your exact requirements. The designs located on our website can give you some indication of what we can replicate for you or give you potential ideas for your own creation. We have 32 designs on the website at the moment. If you’d like to know more about our designs we have a design guide at the bottom of the website page that the link connected to this information box directs to. There you will also be able to view information about thermocouple colour codes and technical information.

Platinum Resistance Thermometers

Whilst we have a multitude of platinum resistance thermometer designs on our website for you to browse, we can customise each of those designs to fit any requirements you may have. We take great pride in being able to offer a bespoke service to all of our customers, so if there’s a design you’re interested in but it needs various tweaks then just contact us with your requirements and we’ll be more than happy to help you in any way that we can. Let Peak Sensors Ltd be your next choice for you platinum resistance thermometers; you won’t be disappointed!

Replacement Sensors

Do you have a broken or damaged thermocouple assembly?  Not happy with your current supplier? Restricted to what’s available from a catalogue? Call us! We can replace your thermocouple if yours has failed, we may even be able to manufacture an improved one for you. We can take over from your current supplier if they’ve started hiking their prices up, dropped on quality or supply. We only build sensors that will go into your exact system, our focus is on temperature and we can help you to reduce your costs, and, potentially improve the life of sensors. Don’t waste time, call us today.

OEM Temperature Sensor Subassemblies

We’ve made a variety of temperature sensor subassemblies for a range of companies and individuals including anaesthesia machine manufacturers, world leading inkjet print head manufacturers, fleets of refrigerated vehicles, food retailers and chains of supermarkets.  We can be involved whenever you need us from providing input on a design, assessing any consequences of design changes, help you with unit costs and we can handle assembly of sensors whether it be one-offs or millions of units. If you have no experience in this field don’t worry, we can help. If you have a custom requirement just get in touch. We’re here to help you achieve your objectives.

Temperature Sensor Protection Sheaths

We can supply a range of ceramic and metal protection sheaths in a variety of designs according to length, bore, diameter and materials. All of these factors differ between customers. Our website shows some examples of what we supply; please take a look. We supply protection sheaths for our temperature sensors based on their particular application. We’ve come up with a protection sheath material datasheet for our customer to browse which lists all of the materials that we supply and use. We go through everything from mild steel, cast iron, platinum through to brass, alloy 600, silicon carbide and quartz.

Sensor Components

We provide a huge range of sensor components from ceramic insulators, terminal blocks, temperature sensor cable, terminal heads, thermocouple and RTD connectors (plugs and sockets) and compression fittings and glands. More specific information can be found on each of these components by visiting our website. If you have any questions about any of these components or are looking for a bespoke solution for your application please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to go through everything with you in fine detail; we take great pride in providing our customers with exactly what they need so they can be successful in whatever they do.


We supply all sorts of instrumentation from temperature transmitters, hand held equipment such as probes, dataloggers and infrared thermometers and sensor instrumentation such as controllers, readouts, test caps, dry wells and water baths. More specific information can be found on our instrumentation by visiting our website. If you have any questions about any of this equipment or are looking for a bespoke solution for your application please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to go through everything with you in fine detail; we take great pride in providing our customers with exactly what they need so they can be successful in whatever they do.

Thermocouple Repair

Most probes can be repaired to a virtually new condition, so why not offset the cost of any new sensors by using any relevant and still-working parts from your old ones? It makes sense to use old parts when they’re in perfect working order, yet so many companies and individuals don’t perhaps realise they can basically recycle their old sensors. We do also take into account any potential contamination risks. Please call us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to your call.

UKAS Temperature Calibration

We supply a certificate with our sensors confirming their calibration. We can calibrate temperature sensors up to 1600°C and to full UKAS standards. A full range or any number of points can be quoted. Contact us for more details today!

Furnace Surveys

Our surveys will demonstrate furnace uniformity. Any work can be done to a recognised standard or your own specifications can be met if required. We also issue a certificate after we’ve completed our work. Contact us today to learn more about our furnace surveys.

Platinum and Rhodium Alloy Recycling

Certain rare metal thermocouples, or, noble metal thermocouples as they’re sometimes known, contain platinum and rhodium; particularly thermocouple types B, R and S. Offering excellent recovery prices, does it not make sense to reduce the cost of these sensors by off-setting with scrap sensor components? Call us today to learn more about platinum and rhodium alloy recycling.

On-site Temperature Sensor Calibration

We offer full system calibration, loop calibration and if required we can also calibrate any instruments. After we’ve completed our work we will issue you with a certificate to show that it’s working to the specification required. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

Aerospace Heat Treatment

Visit our Aerospace Heat Treatment case study on our website to learn about how we helped this customer ensure their furnace was meeting certain requirements demanded for heat treatment of engine components. If you’re in a similar situation we can most likely do the same for you. Call us today with your requirements.

Temperature Sensor Production Equipment

We offer a wide range of temperature sensor production equipment including cable crimpers, cable straighteners and welders for temperature sensor manufacture. On our website you’ll find some of this equipment; each item listing has a downloadable PDF which will provide you with detailed technical specifications. We have a HDC-1 heavy duty crimper, SR-50 portable capacitance discharge welder, SR-80 thermocouple welder, micro-flame waterwelder and a mineral insulated cable straightener. If you’re looking for something you can’t find in this list please contact us directly as we can get hold of many other models on request. We look forward to taking your call!

Case Studies

We like to provide a portfolio of our work on our website. Here you will find our case studies on compost temperature sensors, catalyst tank multipoint thermocouples, high temperature and pressure partial oxidisation plant (POX) probes, Aerospace heat treatment and two further studies illustrating how Peak Sensors’ visit to a customer solved dive support problems and how we worked with a customer to provide fault free temperature sensors for medical equipment. If you’d like to know more about any of these case studies or how they might be adapted to any requirements you have then please contact us to talk about it.

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