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Basingstoke based, Testbourne Ltd, specialises in the supply of high purity metals, alloys and compounds for research, development and industry purposes and has been in the industry for more than thirty years. Within the Supervac® division, these materials are supplied to industries such as semiconductors, thin-films, electronics, electro-optics and research. We supply a range of materials available in fabricated forms including sputtering targets, evaporation materials, powders, wire, rods, and sheets. We are also pleased to be able to provide our customers with a bespoke service whereby we can tailor make products o meet specific requirements. We also represent many of the world's leading scientific instrument manufacturers through our Instrument Division. Equipment includes QCM technology, sample preparation equipment, microwave and radio frequency systems, UHV components, and thin film technology. Alongside our materials we also provide a target bonding service and chemical analysis service. Our dedicated team at Testbourne Ltd works to the highest of standards to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and reach our customers in perfect condition.

For further details of our products and services, please visit our website, or contact us at Testbourne Ltd and speak to a member of the team who will answer any questions you may have.

Metal - Visit our website

We supply a wide selection of pure metals in many forms such as wires, foils, sheets, powders, rods, pellets, granules, discs and sputtering targets as well as crucibles, cones, ribbons, and mesh. When ordering please provide us with information including the materials, purity of the material, dimensions required, special tolerances needed, and quantity.

Compounds - Visit our website

Our large range of inorganic compounds is available for R&D and production environments. These are supplied in a range of purities and sizes and in various forms such as powders, pieces, tablets, and liquids. We work closely with our customers from research through to development and final production stages. All of our compounds are provided with Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificate of Analysis corresponding to the correct lot number. The Certificate of Analysis usually lists metallic impurities only. For further information, please visit our website.

Alloys - Visit our website

Here at Testbourne Ltd, we are pleased to provide our customers with a large and ever-increasing range of alloys. Our alloys are supplied in various forms and purities to suit the demands and requirements of various industries and applications.

Depending on the nature of the alloy, they can be provided in various forms such as powder, lump, pellet, rod, sheet, and sputtering target. Due to the large number of alloys available, we have only listed our most common alloys on our website. Please contact us for information regarding the alloy/s you require.

Precious Metals - Visit our website

Our range of precious metals includes gold, silver, platinum, palladium, osmium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium. These can be supplied in various forms such as sputtering targets, wires, pellets and granules. The standard purity of our precious metals is usually 99.99%, however, gold is now available as 99.999%.

We also provide our customers with a small bench top coater targets service and a precious metal reclaim service. We provide a range of precious metal sputtering targets for many bench top sputter coater systems such as those manufactured by Agar, Bal-Tec, Bio-Rad, Emitech, Gatan, JEOL, and Polaron. Precious metal targets that are either bonded or un-bonded, or partially used can be reclaimed. Please contact us with your requirements.

Sputtering Targets - Visit our website

The process of sputtering deposits thin films from a variety of materials on to the substrate and we use the sputtering process to provide a range of metal targets in various shapes and sizes. It can be a repeatable process providing the scope to create small research and development projects through to large production batches on medium to large substrate areas. Our targets include SuperVac® Sputtering Targets, Pure Metal Targets, Alloy Targets, Compound Targets, Small Bench Top Coater Targets, and Rotatable Targets. For detailed specifications regarding sputtering targets, materials and applications, please visit our website or contact us at Testbourne Ltd.

Instruments - Visit our website

During the years we have formed close relationships with various leading brands to provide our customers with a range of reliable, quality instruments and equipment. Brands we represent include CeramTec (ceramic-to-metal sealing technology), INFICON (for thin film deposition controllers, monitors and QCM measurement instruments), SBT - Sample Preperation Equipment (global company providing sample preparation equipment), R.D. Mathis Company (high vacuum evaporation sources, and Sairem (manufacturers of microwave and radio frequency systems for laboratory and industry use.

Target Bonding - Visit our website

Sputtering targets can be clamped to the sputter source cathode inside the sputter depositing system, or the sputter target can be bonded to a strong, compatible backing plate. The first process can lead to cracking, warping, or other types of damage whereas target bonding is a much more reliable and cost-effective process. The process of target bonding varies depending on the choice of sputtering target material, however a properly bonded sputtering target will normally give a longer working life than a non-bonded target.

Chemical Analysis - Visit our website

We provide all of our customers with a Certificate of Analysis for all materials that are ordered. This is part of our standard practice to ensure that our customers have all the information they may need.

We also provide X-ray diffraction and spectrographic analysis for each element and compound provided. We don't usually provide analyses for non-metallic impurities such as oxygen, however data can be provided upon request. Our analyses include Inductively Couple Plasma Spectroscopy (ICP) - this is most suited for the process of determining rations of the bulk materials in an alloy. We also provide the Glow-Discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS) analysis for a range of sample forms. This analysis is designed for determining bulk element compositions as well as for collecting depth profiling information with very high sensitivity.

Ceramaseal® Products - Visit our website

Ideally suited to support optical, gas, liquid, power, instrumentation and sensing applications, Ceramaseal® products include feed-throughs, coaxial connectors, multi-pin connectors, thermocouples, isolators, viewports and vacuum hardware. Whether it be an ultra high vacuum (UHV) environment, temperatures ranging from cryogenic (4k) to 450°C, pressures in excess of 25000psig, corrosive or caustic environments - all of these products are built to last whilst maintaining an unrivalled level or reliability and performance. Before they are stocked or shipped, Ceramaseal® products are leak tested on dry helium mass spectrometers. Leak certificates are available upon request. If any items are not in stock, we will endeavour to offer a fast turnaround with the factory.

Thin Film Measurement & Vacuum Control - Visit our website

More accurate measurement and sophisticated control is required as displays transition from LCD to LED to OLED. For this reason, INFICON continues to invest in the latest technologies and features that will bring thin film controllers and QCMs to the next level. INFICON is the market leader for thin film controllers used in display manufacturing, with hundreds of quartz crystals and sensor heads for various applications. Additionally, INFICON also supplies the display industry with a complete range of vacuum components, vacuum gauges and helium leak detectors for any display tool application. For more information on thin film measurement and vacuum control give us a call.

Quartz Sensor Crystals - Visit our website

Our precision quartz crystals have a range of typical applications such as research and production, thermal evaporation, ion plating, magnetic media and optoelectronics. Each package of crystals can be covered by a certificate of conformity due to strict quality control and traceable batch number records. To ensure that each crystal is optimised for maximum process yields and minimum downtime, 100% inspection is employed with every crystal being inspected from the quartz blank stage right through to the last coating process and final frequency selection. Take a look at our website for more detailed information on quartz sensor crystals. Call if you have any questions.

SBT Sample Preparation Equipment - Visit our website

Whether you require a disc punch for punching out 3mm discs from thin metal sheets for TEM without mechanical distortion or a single vertical jet electropolisher for disclocation-free thinning of metals, semiconductors, superconductors, glass and ceramics for TEM analysis using either electrolytic or chemical action - South Bay technology offers a complete solution for TEM specimen preparation. From bulk material processing to low energy ion milling and plasma cleaning, SBT offers systems for each stage of the preparation process. We have a huge range of systems and equipment on our website from ultrasonic cutters to plasma cleaners; call us with your requirements.

Evaporation Sources - Visit our website

We have a huge range of available sources on our website from folded boats, alumina coated sources, chrome plated tungsten rods, filaments, baskets and heaters, special tantalum boxes, micro-electronic sources through to thermo-evaporation crucibles and folded baffled box sources. With the process easy to master, vacuum evaporation by electrical resistance heated sources is often a preferred entrance level technique for the deposition of thin films. See online for descriptions for our evaporation sources, including R.D. Mathis evaporation sources. If you have any question about the products we offer then please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Microwave and Radio Frequency - Visit our website

Recognised as a leading source for research laboratories and manufacturers all over the world, Sairem has been producing radio frequency and microwave generators for around 30 years. The principle of dielectric heat loss is that microwave and radio frequencies allow conversion of electric energy into heat and these techniques excel where the traditional methods of heating are inefficient. In many industrial processes, where they can replace the “thermal flame”, microwave and radio frequency technologies can be used in a wide range of fields. Take a look at our website for more information on our products including our range of three different frequencies.

Fluids, Greases and Sealants - Visit our website

Whether you require mechanical pump fluids, diffusion pump fluids, polyphenyl ether and silicone fluids, greases, lubricants and sealants through to Apiezon greases, waxes and sealing compounds, we’re sure you’ll find what you need on our website. Each of our products is available in different sizes and quantities and more detailed specifications can also be found alongside our items such as specific gravities, boiling points and flash points etc. If you have any questions about any of the products or items we stock please get in touch, quoting the part number and we’ll do our utmost to help you in any way that we can.

Architectural, Automotive Glass & WEB Coating - Visit our website

Here at Testbourne Ltd, we are pleased to supply top quality sputtering targets to customers in the glass coating industry. We supply architectural, automotive, glass and WEB coatings to a global customer base and work closely with customers to develop and produce first class materials. We work with pure metals, alloys and ceramics and produce sputtering targets in a range of shapes and sizes.

Our sputtering targets include:

  • Pure Metal Targets
  • Alloy Targets
  • Compound Targets
  • Small Bench Top Coater Targets
  • Rotatable Targets

Please visit our website for more information.

Semiconductor Materials - Visit our website

We are also pleased to deliver an extensive range of semi-conductor materials including compound semi-conductor materials and multi-compound semiconductor materials. Our compound semi-conductor materials feature purities from 99.99% up to 99.99999% and are available in a range of forms such as powder, granules, pellets and sputtering targets. They are used in a wide range of industry applications such as thermos-electronics, infrared, solar energy and high-performance alloy production. Please head over to our website to find out more about our semi-conductor materials. Alternatively, please contact us directly at Testbourne Ltd to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Nanometre Powders - Visit our website

Alongside our semiconductor materials, we also supply an excellent range of nanometre powders. These are categorised into two categories: Nanometre Powders and Compound Nanometre Powders. All of our products, including our Nanometre Powders, are produced to incredibly high standards and delivered to our customers around the world in tip top condition. We take great pride in our products and work hard to provide our customers with the very best service. If you’d like to find out more about our Nanometre Powders or any of our products, please get in touch. 



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