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Established in 1991, Pyrometer Systems Ltd have over 22 years of experience in the manufacture of temperature sensors for all types of industries. We are proud to be distributors for Honeywell and Fluke as well as agents for a number of control and instrumentation companies. We supply equipment to a wide range of industries including petro-chem, plastics, oil and gas, textile, food processing and many others. Just some of the equipment we supply includes thermocouples, thermowells, temperature controls, paper recorders, pressure transmitters, thermal imaging equipment and field calibration equipment as well as many more. 

Our customers are incredibly important to us and we are only happy to help with any queries or problems they may have. If you would like to discuss any of our products further, you can contact us by phone or email. 


We have a wide range of thermocouples for numerous different applications. Just some of the products we have available include mineral insulated thermocouple assemblies, hand held thermocouples, industry specific thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers, high temperature thermocouples and accessories. We also sell a range of hand held indicators & probes as well as room temperature probes. To view our thermocouple products in full, including detailed specifications, please visit the website.


We have a comprehensive selection of sensors from Raytek. Products include miniature sensors, 2 wire sensors, thermal imagers and portable pyrometers. Our miniature sensors are incredibly compact and easy to transport. The Raytek CI and MI sensors both simulate 'J' or 'K' thermocouple output but there are slight differences, for example the MI has a faster response time and a higher spectral response. One of our newest products is the Marathon range of sensors which feature video sighting, a broad temperature range and high optical resolution.


We stock a wide variety of controllers from our partner, Honeywell. The Honeywell UDC range of universal controllers include models such as the UDV2500, UDC3200 and UDC3500. These devices are packed full of features including an enhanced 7-character display, Accutune III as well as two universal inputs and one high level output. They also benefit from a fast scan rate of 166ms, up to five analogue or digital outputs and infra-red PC and pocket PC configuration. These are just some of the features, to find out more information on our controllers, please visit the website.

Data Recorders

We also have two data recording models from Honeywell which include the Minitrend QX and Multitrend SX. The Minitrend QX represents the latest in data acquisition and recording with standard features such as Ethernet communications, multiple USB ports and a touch screen interface. The Multitrend SX includes many of the same features as the QX but has double the amount of inputs and outputs at 48. For further information on our data recorders, please visit the website.

Chart Recorders

We have three different models of chart recorder from Honeywell, including the DR4500, DR4300 and DPR180. The DR4500 features 0.1% accuracy, a digital display and universal inputs. The DR4300 differs in that it features 0.10% accuracy but possesses many of the same features. The DPR180 multipoint recorder has an accuracy of 0.05% and 180mm strip chart as well as logic inputs, axillary outputs and colour printing. To find out more information about our chart recorder from Honeywell, please visit the website.


We are suppliers of Honeywell's HercuLine 2000 series of actuators. The actuators are low torque and incorporate all of the high quality and reliable features of traditional HercuLine products. The 2000 series ensures processes operate at maximum efficiency with minimal down time and low lifetime cost. It is also worth noting that the actuators are industrially rated and engineered for very precise positioning of dampers and valves. They are known for performing particularity well in demanding environments.


Honeywell's ST 3000 transmitters includes a complete line of differential pressure, absolute pressure, gauge pressure, draft range, remote seals and level transmitters. A new range of products from Honeywell are their Lifetime Transmitters which provide an unsurpassed accuracy, stability, reliability and rangeability and of course, the industry's best warranty. For further information on Honeywell's transmitters, including detailed specifications and images, please visit the website.

Hybrid Controller

We also stock Honeywell's hybrid controller which possesses many top of the range features. The hybrid controller is an advanced process and logic controller with data acquisition offering a modular, scalable design that is sized to meet the automation needs of a wide range of process equipment. Other features include up to 64 analogue O/ps, up to 960 digital I/O and SP programming. For any more information on the hybrid controller, you can visit the website.



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