Monthly Archives: August 2016

First Directory passes the Million mark!


We are always looking for ways to improve the quality as much as the quantity of results users can expect to receive from First Directory and we are just completing a major change which means we have just got bigger, a lot bigger.

We have developed some pretty smart software that uses 17 points of reference to validate the information we will be displaying and along with our new search software we are confident that the best prospects will always be appearing first, saving the user time and delivering higher quality contacts to companies

Every listing now supports multiple Q&A conversation. Allowing companies to inform prospective customers and to also build a library of answers that will help future customers find the answer faster. This unbiased delivery means that users can make a judgement based on real world opinion, not website hype.

We back this up with a unique description of the company, unlimited Brand & Trade Names, Turnover, Employee range, Vat No, Quality Approvals etc so users can work from an informed base.

All of this information is available to every company within the directory and no company can influence any review or Q&A sequence.

Local searching has also got a lot better with an expandable ‘pin point’ UK map on the right of the results page showing the location and relevance of each supplier.

By putting our emphasis on the user, we attract a wide audience, both UK and Overseas (basically 66% UK; 22% Europe and 12% ROW). And quite deliberately we target a far wider user group than the hackneyed term ‘decision makers’. In the B2B marketplace any serious purchase involves a wide range of influencers and we want you to talk to them all.