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Who uses First Directory?

A question we regularly get asked by customers is “Who uses First Directory?” and this post is here to answer that question.

Although you may never meet any of the users of First Directory, they mirror UK industry very closely.

In industry the decision to ‘buy’ is often made by several people within the company. For example a Designer will specify the type of product required. An Engineer will approve the technical performance. A Director may approve the expenditure and the Buyer will place the order.

As well as involving a number of people, it can often take a long time from the initial enquiry to placing the final order, so making sure that a company maintains product exposure over the longer term is vital.

We carry out regular online surveys of our users and you can see from the results shown below, we are used by the full cross-section of industry ensuring that advertisers can reach all their potential customers and opinion formers within a company.

Site Traffic

  • Page Views: 8 million (30,800 per day)
  • Users per day: 7,692

59% of the page views are by people who spend more than 5 minutes on the site. The next 14% is by users who spend between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

Almost 20% of users return to the site within 30 days of their first visit.

Although only 40% are directors or managers, 83% are involved in the purchasing decision showing that our users represent the very people our customers are trying to reach.


User Profile

What description most closely resembles your job title?

How are you involved in the purchasing procedure?


User loyalty


Users by Country


Users by Geographic Area

Gender & Age




Figures based on the previous 12 months site traffic.
Figures last updated September 2015