The New World of Mobile Internet

Did you know 9% of internet users don’ have a PC?  A recent study by Danyl Bosomworth of Smart Insights  shows that fixed computing is on the decline but mobile devices are being used more heavily to search the internet.  80% of internet users now own a Smartphone and 47% have a Tablet and amazingly 16% already have either a Smart watch or Smart wristband.

And according to Modern Marketing Matters, mobile search is predicted to surpass desktop in 2015. Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever.  Many companies will look back at 21st April 2015 as a black day in their calendar because that was the day Google started “expanding” their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for mobile searches. In other words, if you didn’t have a mobile or responsive website, you may have found it more difficult to rank in mobile search results.

Google also explained that the mobile algorithm is on a page-by-page basis and runs in real-time, which is good news for some webmasters. In other words, if 10 pages on your website are mobile-friendly and 10 are not, the 10 that are mobile-friendly will benefit in mobile searches, while the others will not.

So gone are the days when you needed to download an App to see the data or suffered continual frustration at having to look at a webpage that displayed poorly and was often unreadable.

First Directory had brought together a team of international developers to launch the fifth version of their popular website in a truly mobile form.  A host of additional features have been included to make the user experience more unique.  These include a Question and Answer board that allows them to ask any company, any question and to also review the previous answers, often saving time if the question is a common one.

Users can now rate their experience of a company, giving praise where it is due and alerting a company to unhappy customers giving them the opportunity to resolve the problem in a positive manner.

Press releases, Exhibitions, Opening times, Key contacts and a host of detailed information is provided to give the user a broader picture of the company along with a gallery feature which will highlight the company’s product range in a powerful visual manner.  All of these features are available to every company in the directory entirely without charge.