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Howard Butler Limited has been successfully operating for more than 85 years and is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of panel meters, shunts and other related products. From our UK and Singapore factories, our highly skilled engineers and technicians use the latest technologies to create high quality, top of the range equipment. We have an incredible design team that is constantly evaluating and developing existing and new products to ensure that Howard Butler Ltd remains at the forefront of the market.

We are the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of products of our kind. Our team is dedicated to meeting all of our customers' demands and to do this we also provide a bespoke service to design and create custom made products. We source raw materials and sub-assemblies from the very best companies around the world in order to provide competitively-priced products and services to our customers.

Digital Panel Meters

Our 96 x 48mm digital panel meters feature 3.5 digit, 14.2mm high, 7 segment LED's. They offer a range of AC and DC input parameters and form the following main product groups: AC volts/ amps/ milliamps, DC volts/ amps/ milliamps, and millivolts/ frequency. The combination of mA input M300-AD1 and M100 series power transducers, parameters such as kW, kV, Ar can be measured and displayed. The operator is able to adjust the 'Zero' and 'span' via potentiometers at the back of the meter. Our panel meters are designed to be installed easily. They feature corner brackets for panel mounting.

Kilowatt Hour Meters

The DIN96 kilowatt hour meter is used to measure kWh of individual machines or complete systems. Our kilowatt hour meters are manufactured to BS5685, IEC521 standards and have a class accuracy of 1% to IEC1036. The DIN96 is supplied in a 96 x 96mm DIN case and has a 7 digit non resettable mechanical counter. It also features pulsed output to send to PLCs, data loggers and computers. Our kilowatt hour meters feature four side brackets and screws for mounting.

For further technical specifications, please visit our website or contact us at Howard Butler Limited.

Multi Function Meters

Our M850 model multi-function meters are a great addition to our range. This Hobut multifunction panel meter has a blue LED screen to make sure it is easily visible in all types of lighting including direct sunlight. The model is 96 x 96mm in size and features user-programmable CT and VT ratios. It can be used on single machines or complete systems. The M850 is a versatile model that is suitable for low, medium and high voltage control panels, gensets, building management systems, power management, and more.


We supply two high quality synchoscopes: the LED Synchroscope and the LED Synchroscope with check sync relay. These pieces of equipment are used for manual synchronisation applications where they optically indicate the electrical phase difference between two ac voltages. The LED  Synchroscope with check sync relay features a relay output that is controlled in Live Bus situations by differential voltage and phase angle as well as in dead bus where no system voltages are detected. The input voltages are detected by the input resistor and power supply transformer and the microcontroller is programmed to operate the relay according to the preset options.

Company Quality Policy

Here at Howard Butler Ltd, we have a Company Quality Policy in place to ensure that our customers receive the very best service. We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supplying products of the highest quality and to do this our team follows strict quality procedures at all levels of production. The ultimate aim of our Quality Assurance Policy is to provide products that meet the standards of Howard Butler Ltd as well as the standards expected by our customers. Our Quality Assurance Policy enables us to continue improving customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations. We do this through the continuous implementation, maintenance and application of the prescribed Quality Assurance Systems.

Analogue Panel Meters

We offer four different types of analogue panel meters:

90 Degree Panel Meters: featuring Moving Iron Panel Meters, Moving Coil Panel Meters, Power Factor Meters, Wattmeters, Maximum Demand Indicators, Combined Maximum Demand Indicator, Frequency Meters, and more.

240 Degree Panel Meters: 96mm x 96mm and 72mm x 72mm DIN panel meters employing moving coil movements with 240 degree scales. Used widely in the panel building industry.

Prodin Range Panel Meters: 72mm x 72mm DIN sized prodin range, features a horizontal scale and a rounded barrel. Manufactured to IEC51.

R68 Range Panel Meters: rectangular fronted, round R68 range featuring barrelled, moving iron and moving coil meters for AC or DC use.

Current Transformers

We also offer a wide range of current transformers to suit different requirements. The range includes Toroidal Ring Type Current Transformers, Moulded Case Current Transformers, Resin Case Current Transformers, Moulded Case Rectangular Transformers, Split-Core Current Transformers, Three Phase Current Transformers and Core Balance Current Transformers. If you are unsure which current transformer you need please download our CT Easy Selection Guide or call us at HOBUT and we will be happy to help.

Selector Switches

Our high quality selector switches feature two rotary arm switches for switching of ammeters (4 position) and voltmeters (7 position). They are widely used for panel builders who require a panel mounted switch for switching meters between phase currents of line and phase voltages. These switches are suitable for a temperature range of -20 degrees C to +40 degrees C and feature an IP rating of IP40 (front) and IP 2X (back) – these can be increased to IP54 (front) and IP42 (back).

Earth Leakage Relays

Our variable earth leakage relays are supplied in compact 35mm din rail mounting cases for use on three phase electrical systems. They are designed to monitor earth leakage current and to operate an associated relay at a preset current. They can also be used to shut down a system or to operate an alarm under fault conditions. There are three models available in the range with 115/230V AC, 400V AC, and 10 – 60V DC. They are fitted with test and reset buttons. The test button allows faults to be simulated and the reset button restores the unit back to normal operation mode.


Our range of shunts features:

Standard Brass Ended Shunts – highly accurate DC shunts designed for measuring current in DC applications by connecting them to moving coil panel meters, digital meters or other measuring devices.

Compact Brass Ended Shunts – this special compact brass-ended shunt is often required for special applications due to its small size. Plate Type Shunts – an economical range of shunts manufactured to class 1.5.

Wire Type Shunts – a range of shunts designed for low cost applications and manufactured to class 1.5.

Special Shunts – please contact us at HOBUT for quantity or special orders. We are pleased to work with customers to meet their specifications.

Automotive Testing

We supply various products for automotive testing applications. The range features WIL10 Battery Testers (for testing 6V and 12V batteries), WIL16/2 Battery Testers (lightweight, portable load tester for 12V batteries), WIL 18/450 Battery Testers (heavy duty battery load tester with variable load capability), WIL 25 MK1 Volt Ammeter Test Sets (used for testing and fault finding work on 6, 12 and 24V vehicle systems) and WIL 1420/ WIL 1430 Clip on Ammeters (simply clip over any conductor for a check of current flow).

Protection Relays

We also offer a wide selection of high quality protection relay products. Examples of the range include AC Current Protection Relays, Reverse Power Protection Relays, Phase Balance Protection Relays, Earth Leakage Relays, Thermister Trip Protection Relays, AC Voltage Protection Relays, Synchronising Check Protection Relays, Phase Sequence Protection Relays, DC Transducer Trips, DC Voltage Trips and many more. Please follow the link to our website to view the range in full.



Registration Number: 00255259
VAT Number: GB100 1746 32
Registered at Companies House:28 March, 1931 (92 years and 11 months ago)
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