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Surrey based Aalco Metals Ltd specialises in the supply of metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel alloys, and more. These can be supplied in various shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of the customer and are supplied in all semi-finished forms. As one of the UK’s largest independent metal stockholders, Aalco Metals Ltd is able to meet both small and large quantity orders from single items to major JIT contracts. The team at Aalco is also dedicated to meeting all types of request and have the capabilities to tailor services in order to meet the needs of all types of business. Metals in all grades/ alloys and shapes and sizes are supplied to industry standards or bespoke items can be provided for particular requests. Aalco Metals Ltd has 18 service centres across the UK which enables it to provide a fast and efficient service to its customers wherever they are based. Aalco is committed to providing customers with the very best customer service and its team of trained staff is on hand to respond to all types of enquiries, and process orders and requests smoothly.

Stainless Steel

We stock stainless steel products in all the most commonly requested forms such as sheet, coil, plate, bar, and sections. Alongside this, we also supply stainless steel tubes, pipes, fittings, and flanges. Of course, our range doesn’t stop there. We also supply various specific stainless steel items for many industries for efficient, cost-effective solutions.  Our processing services are also used for bar, tube and pipe cuttings, plate processing, coil processing, and surface finishing. We are market leaders in the supply of tubular products and stock over 4,500 items. A recent extension of our range includes the addition of various sizes of handrail tube, including slotted tube as well as a range of handrail fittings.


Our aluminium range has been created to provide customers with products that are suitable for use in all types of industries such as building, road transport, road signs, marine, hollowware, process plant, and more. Sheet, coil, plate, shate, treadplate, patterned sheet, tube, bar, sections and free-machining are commonly required forms of aluminium, however, we also supply aluminium in a range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and alloys to suit the demands of different industries. Our processing facilities include plate cutting, plate processing and pre-fabrication and welding. As one of the UK’s largest buyers of aluminium extrusion we are able to share the benefits with our customers.

Copper, Brass & Bronze

Our experience and position within the industry enables us to provide customers with all of the commonly requested forms of copper, brass and bronze such as sheet, plate, machining bar, hollow bar, hexagon bar and tube. We have the capabilities and facilities to provide specific items alongside our extensive standard range of products. Please contact us with your requirements. We also provide complete processing services such as bar, tube and pipe cutting and plate processing.

Road Transport Products

We supply a large range of products to the road transport industry and as such are the fastest growing supplier to this sector. Our products include rolled products (sheet and patterned sheet, shate, plate and treadplate flooring), standard extrusions (angle, channel, tee, tube and box section, flat/ square/round bar), special sections (bearers/runners, floor planks, side raves and guards, corner pillars, cant rails, top hats, zeds, mouldings, kick strips, tipper sections), dropsied sections and systems, slip-resistant flooring and treadplate, cappings, roofing coil and components, and carlier PANOLIT GRP panels.


We have a dedicated team located at our Southampton Service Centre to provide export customers with a quality service and meet specialist requirements. Our team in Southampton stock the full standard Aalco range of aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, and nickel alloys as well as specialist ranges and products for the road transport and bodybuilding sector. Our highly trained team provide extensive on-site processing and cutting facilities and can source other materials such as titanium, alloy steels, duplex and super duplex stainless steels and more. Our team has a wealth of experience in this area to provide customers around the world with a first-class service.

Energy & Offshore

Our Contract Services Division, based in Hull, is in place to meet the specialist project requirements of the energy, offshore and process industries. Our team here has extensive knowledge and experience of this sector and with the backing of Aalco’s stock, alongside the Amari Group’s full pan-European stock and sourcing network, this division is able to provide outstanding services to process industries and meet all types of project requirements. Aalco has ongoing exclusive supply contracts of duplex stainless steel with clients in onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries and has served customers in nuclear fuel industries.


Aalco are pleased to provide the marine industry with everything needed when it comes to boat and ship building in aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze semi finished products. Whether requirements are for marine grade aluminium sheet, plate and sections or stainless steel handrail tubing, naval brass rods  or aluminium or steel transition joints, we are sure to meet your needs. All of our materials are fully certified and we can also provide customers with materials sourced from Lloyd Register Approved sources as well as DNV, ABS, and GL.

Architecture & Building

We also supply a complete range of products in aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze for internal, external, structural, cladding and decorative purposes. Our range of materials is supplied in a selection of finishes, colours and textures to meet the requirements of designers, architects and builders. They are also designed to be tough, corrosion resistant and easy to maintain for long term use. Aluminium products are extensively used in buildings for their light weight and corrosion resistant properties. Our decorative and functional finishes include anodised, colour anodised, polished, brightened, painted, patterned, textured sheet and treadplate. Please visit our website for further information of all of our services or contact us at Aalco Metals Ltd.

Handrail Products

We have recently extended our range of stainless steel architectural products to include handrail tubes, a variety of handrail fittings and our new and unique slotted tube system. You can find more information on these products in our recently revised catalogue, available for download from the Aalco website. Remember, if you cannot find the product your are looking for, it’s highly likely we can design a bespoke solution for you. Please contact us for more information.

Innosoft Cleaner

Aalco’s Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit offers an extremely effective way of cleaning and protecting stainless steel in all environments, but especially outdoors and in marine applications. The kit includes two liquid solutions and an application sponge/scourer. The liquids are:

  • Innosoft B570 – a special deep cleaner that removes contamination such as oxide and rust.
  • Innosoft B580 – a cleaning and protective formula that passivates the surface to minimise further corrosion

You can find out more about Innosoft on the Aalco website. 



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