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Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd
- Evesham, Worcestershire - remix Thermostatic taps range. Ausimix Compact thermostatic mixing valve. SharkBite Metal push-fit valves and fittings. Heatguard Thermostatic mixing ...s and thermostatic shower valves.

Spelpro Ltd
- - ating Thermostats Floor Heating Thermostat Single Programming (STCNP) Floor Heating Thermostat Multiple Programming (STCP) Thermostats Electronics for...ating Thermostats Floor Heating Thermostat Single Programming (STCNP) Floor Heating Thermostat Multiple Programming (STCP) Thermostats Electronics for

MKW Heating Controls Ltd
- Wigan, Lancashire - FROST THERMOSTATS ROOM THERMOSTATS 1 STAGE ROOM THERMOSTATS 2-3-4 STAGES SPACE THERMOSTATS STRAP-ON THERMOSTATS THERMOSTAT GUARDS THYRISTOR CONTROLS S...ature Thermostats Capillary Frost Thermostats Capillary Thermostat GP Capillary Thermostats Immersion Thermostats Space Thermostats Strap-on Thermosta

Jmadd Ltd
- Bexley, Kent - Room Thermostat TH-208 Room Thermostat TH-202 Room Thermostat TH-203 Room Thermostat TH-402 TH-402 Series Floor heating Thermostat TH-203 Series Floo...ating Thermostat TH-202 Series Floor heating Thermostat TH-208 Series Floor heating Thermostat THF4 motorized valve Product Case Solution About us Cop

Bright Ideas Direct
- Oldham, Lancashire - ealed thermostatic shower Valves Exposed thermostatic shower Valves Bathroom Accessories Ellison IT Services Ltd ...iers, Thermostatic shower Heads to Flat Plate Decorative Light Switches. Our range includes:- Wall Lights Garden Lighting Ceiling Lights Pendant Light

Clarkson Controls Ltd
- Stourbridge, West Midlands - imple thermostat for a zone valve to a fully networked building management/energy management system, controlling heating, ventilation, natural ventila

Virtual Bathrooms 
- Altrincham, Cheshire - Reef Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixers Roper Rhodes Roper Rhodes Taps and Bathroom Furniture Saneux Saneux Bathrooms Tissino Tissino Bathroom Towel Rai

Banico Ltd
- Manchester, Lancashire - tches thermostats Gas solenoid valves flow switches diverter valves for combi boilers water solenoid valves digital timers motorized zone valves gas d

Walton Engineering Co. Ltd
- St. Albans, Hertfordshire - eel & thermostat. Also manufacturers of temperature controllers. Manufacturor of temp control valves wax opporated, electrcally opporated and gas oppo

Enerjet Ltd
- London - oat & Thermostatic Steam Traps Thermostatic Steam Traps with Bimetallic Column Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Traps Balanced Pressure Thermostat... Vent Thermostatic Steam Trap for Clean Steam Applications Float Type Air Eliminator Liquid Drain Traps Accessories Replacement Kits for F & T Steam t

Valquest Ltd
- - scald thermostatic cartridge. Thermostatic cartridge history... The last quarter of a century has seen our manufacturing of thermostatic product devel...s the thermostatic shower cartridge that provides the ultimate anti-scald protection. The Valquest thermostatic shower cartridge is manufactured and t

Cr Technical Services Ltd
- Liverpool, Merseyside - llary Thermostats Single Pole Limit Thermostats Triple Pole Capillary Thermostats Triple Pole Limit Thermostats Tubular Heating Element Induction Unit...above thermostat is an older thermostat series E.G.O Capillary thermostat, - Type: 55.190series. The above thermostat is a typical E.G.O Capillary the

Celsia Systems - A M Bromley Limited
- Buxton, Derbyshire - eless thermostat is fully featured and is battery powered and 7 day programmable. The thermostat is also incredibly versatile and can be used with eit...n the thermostat. Using the wireless technology, you can connect the thermostat to any number of heaters within range which is usually 30m (indoors).

Mecserflex Manufacturing Company Ltd
- Swindon, Wiltshire - 0 EGO Thermostat 50-272 C E-55.13054.050 Thermostat E-55.13055.030 Thermostat 50-275 1730 160/3.1 E-55.13059.050 Thermostat E-55.13059.160 Thermostat ...4.010 Thermostat E-55.13254.020 Thermostat Deg C 50-280 E-55.13262.010 Thermostat E-55.13264.020 Thermostat E-55.13279.020 Thermostat E-55.13624.010 A

Sunvic Controls Ltd
- Hamilton, Lanarkshire - trial Thermostats, and thermostats for Waterheating Appliances. GB624 3794 30 Sunvic Controls Limited n/a

Find Electrical Products - C&S Electrical Wholesale Limited
- Chard, Somerset - ctric thermostats and timeswitches JCC Electric Lighting Kidde Fyrnetics Fire Alarms MK Electric sockets and switches OSRAM Electric lights and bulbs ...RSTAT Thermostats

Jepson Bolton & Co Ltd
- Watford, Hertfordshire - BLOCK THERMOSTATS, CENTRIFUGES, CIRCULATORS, COLONY COUNTERS, COLORIMETERS, COMPARATORS,CONDUCTIVITY, DENSITY METERS, DEWAR FLASKS, DIGESTION UNITS El...Blcok thermostats Paar Density meters Buchi Digestion units, rotary evaporators, fat extraction systems, Bibby Dispensers, distillation units, Jepson

Industrial Electric Elements Ltd
- Stafford, Staffordshire - ters, thermostats and ovens. In addition to supplying standard and non-standard products, IEE have a team that can perform project feasibility studies

Mountheat Ltd
- Swindon, Wiltshire - ters, thermostats and cooling fans, we also offer trace heating cables, kits and accessories to maintain the temperature of pipework or to protect it

Tennco Distribution Ltd
- Bury, Lancashire - Panel Thermostats &Heaters,Crimp Terminals, Enclosures, Klippon Terminals, Buzzers,Fuses, Rail mounted Terminals, Worldwide Sourcing of hard to find p

- Milton Keynes, Bucks - kits, thermostats, oil. New and used cylinder heads, crankshafts conrods.

Hydragon Motor Company Ltd
- Porth, Mid Glamorgan - ts BF Thermostat Water Pump Swagelok Fittings Wiring Ranco Thermostat Wiring Two Ranco Thermostats Carel IR33 Thermostat Two Carel IR33 Thermostats BF...ts BF Thermostat Water Pump Swagelok Fittings Wiring Ranco Thermostat Wiring Two Ranco Thermostats Carel IR33 Thermostat Two Carel IR33 Thermostats BF

ATC Semitec Ltd
- Northwich, Cheshire - icles Thermostats 1/2 Disc Snap-Action Thermostats Adjustable Thermostats PEPI Thermostats Matsuo Precision Thermostats Thermal Protection Disc Therma...icles Thermostats 1/2 Disc Snap-Action Thermostats Adjustable Thermostats PEPI Thermostats Matsuo Precision Thermostats Thermal Cut-Outs Disc Thermal

Midland Combustion Ltd
- Wolverhampton, West Midlands - ntrol thermostat and over temperature cut out thermostat fitted intopockets and located within a weather tight enclosure. SOF Series Midcom Steam Outf...ntrol thermostat and over temperature cut out thermostat. Dependingon how the heating load is arranged multiple heating banks with multiple thermostat

West Three Bathrooms Ltd
- - Home Thermostatic TB!A,FT!GF,SX_ID!0,SX_1_66413_0!Thermostatic,S_1_66413_0!,S_1_66239_0!,S_1_66414_0!,S_1_66207_0!,SO!6_3_4_0,FILTERPAGE!thermostatic...earch Thermostatic Our thermostatic radiator valves are energy saving and environmentally friendly. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) make it possib

Rye House Village Management Company Ltd
- Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire - Nest Thermostat is Worth the Money Conclusion How the Nest Thermostat Builds Value Connectivity One of the hallmark features of the Nest Thermostat i...s my [thermostat name] set to? Alexa can also set the temperature of a Nest Thermostat by saying, Alexa, set the [thermostat name] temperature to ____

Unique Heating Supplies Ltd | 0121 753 5174
- Birmingham - alves Thermostatic Mixing Valves Programmers Chemical & Filters Boiler Filters Heating System Chemicals Limescale Inhibitors Heating System Chemicals ...Alpha Thermostat Potterton Spares Ariston Spares Ariston Air Pressure Switch Ariston Auto Air Vent Ariston Diaphragm Ariston Diverter Valve Ariston El

Heat Electric Ltd
- Halifax, West Yorkshire - nsing thermostat, users have complete heat controllability. IHS is the perfect hassle-free heating solution and provides all the beneits of traditiona

Teddington Appliance Controls
- St. Austell, Cornwall - amper thermostat and the Teddington Fan flue system. Henderson Industries

Underfloor Parts
- Monmouth, Monmouthshire - mable Thermostats Valves Wiring Centres Programmers and Timeswitches Komfort Komfort Underfloor Heating Reliance Energymizer Heatmiser Grundfos Moehl