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Thermaco is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of gas and electric components and thermal management devices. For over three decades, we have been provisioning UK manufacturers with top quality components designed, developed and produced by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Over the years, we’ve built and continuously expanded upon a diverse product range to cover all manner of applications across a broad range of industries. Components supplied by Thermaco have been used in commercial catering and vending, telecoms and IT, medicine and science, sound and light, power control and many other domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

But Thermaco is more than just a supplier. We’re experts in our field, and are always happy to offer technical advice where it is required. We can draw upon over 30 years of industry experience to find a solution that meets your requirements. It’s this kind of customer care that has seen Thermaco grow to become one of the UK’s foremost suppliers. Hundreds of OEMs and CEMs throughout the country now look to us for innovative, reliable components and an exceptional level of customer service.

Whether you are developing a new product or simply want to replace an existing component, Thermaco can provide a complete solution. For new product developments, we offer a high level of technical and commercial support, from concept right through to production.

Thermaco acts as a UK distributor for a variety of top-class manufacturers, including Sunon, Emmevi, Yuehua, Everel, EDEP, Lefoo, Bestfun, Kelvin, MP Gas Controls, Anstoss, Cosma, Cast-Futura, Faucigny, Coupatan and more.

If you would like to find out more about Thermaco and the components we supply, please visit us online or get in touch on 01684 566163. 

AC & DC Axial Fans

Sunon has focussed its efforts on core motor technology ever since its inception, and over the years has developed a variety of inventions and innovations. It is now able to offer 8mm~172mm DC and 60~254mm AC Fans & Blowers, as well as a wide range of bespoke thermal solutions, many of which can be supplied by Thermaco. 

  • AC Axial Fans & Blowers 
  • M Series DC ‘Maglev’ Axial Fans 
  • E Series DC Axial Fans 
  • GB & PMB Series DC Blowers 
  • HA Series DC ‘Super Silent’ Axial Fans 
  • P Series DC ‘Power Motor’ Axial Fans 
  • ‘Mighty Mini’ DC Axial Fans & Blowers 
  • MA Series AC/DC Axial Fans 

 We can also supply SUNON fans for automotive applications, as well as a range of cooling accessories.

AC & DC Tangential Fans

Thermaco are able to supply the following models of DC Tangential Fans: 

  • TAN030 – available in lengths of 200, 250, 300 and 350mm with 30mm dia. cross-flow wheels and blower housings in galvanised steel.
  • TAN045 – a 45mm dia. blower available in wheel lengths of 180-250mm, with 15mm and 20mm stack 230V AC shaded pole motor options.
  • TAN060 – a 60mm dia. blower, supplied with 15, 20 or 30mm stack, 230V AC shaded pole motor. Produced in a range of wheel lengths from 60mm to 605mm.

Both the TAN045 and TAN060 series fans can be supplied with stitched wire heating elements designed for electric fireplace applications. The TAN060 can also be supplied as a double unit with a twin shaft, 230V AC shaded pole motor.

AC & DC Forward Curved Blowers

Thermaco’s range of forward curved blowers includes single inlet and double inlet AC and DC models, including: 

  • AB & ACB Series Single Inlet AC Blowers with 2 or 4 pole motors and an airflow capacity ranging from 55 to 565cfm.
  • ACB Series Double Inlet AC Blowers with 4 pole motors and an airflow capacity ranging from 306 to 806cfm.
  • DB & DCB Series Single Inlet DC Blowers with 2 or 4 pole motors and an airflow capacity ranging from 54 to 530cfm.
  • DCB Series Double Wheel DC Blowers with 4 pole motors and an airflow capacity ranging from 54 to 530cfm.

AC & DC Backward Curved Blowers

We also supply AC and DC backward curved blowers. 

  • ACF Series AC Backward Curved Blowers – in a range of sizes with 2 and 4 pole motor options and an airflow capacity ranging from 241 to 918cfm.
  • DCF Series DC Backward Curved Blowers – in a range of sizes with an airflow capacity ranging from 212 to 990cfm. Optional PWM speed controls are available for all models in this series. 

EC Backward Curved Blowers

Thermaco supplies a range of EC Backward Curved Blowers which are driven by energy-saving motors with electronic commutation controls. They consume significantly less energy than AC motors and can be controlled to match airflow demand, improving efficiency in operation. EC motors consume just a fraction of the energy required by an AC blower. A range of sizes are available with airflow capacities to meet the needs of almost any application.

Filter Fans

Filter fans are commonly used in electrical cabinets and enclosures where excessive heat can develop as a consequence of having a large amount of equipment in a confined space. Filter fans force cooled air from the outside into the cabinet whilst simultaneously removing warm air from the inside. This reduces the interior temperature and protects electronic components from overheating. Filter fans supplied by Thermaco are designed for retro-fit installation and offer standard Ingress Protection IP54 according to EN 60529 (IP55 rated units are available on request).

Oven Fans

Thermaco offers a comprehensive range of oven fans to cover domestic and commercial applications. They include: 

  • OVF6020FY-A (20-40W Input) with 20mm motor stack
  • OVF6015FY-C (15-25W Input) with 15mm motor stack
  • OVF6020FY-B (20-40W Input) with 20mm motor stack
  • OVF6020FY-D (20-40W Input) with 20mm motor stack
  • OVF150 – (17-20W Input) with 20 or 40mm motor stack



Oven fan diameter and shaft length can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us for a competitive quote.



Refrigeration Fan Motors

The SSM Series includes a range of single-phase, 4 pole fan motors which are commonly used in commercial refrigeration equipment for condenser cooling or moving air through the evaporator. Output power ranges from 5W to 34W, which is appropriate for the motor stack size (13 to 45mm). SSM Series Shell Motors are impedance protected for output power below 10W and are also protected with a thermal safety cut-out at 135°C for output power above 10W.

LED Light Cooling Modules

Thermaco is pleased to offer its UK customers Sunon’s innovative range of active and passive cooling modules for commercial LED lighting applications. Originally designed in partnership with Philips Lighting, the range has now been extended to cover all of the major LED engine manufacturers’ products, including those of GE, Xicato, Tridonic, Osram, Bridgelux, Vossloh Schwabe, Vexica, Citizen and PhotonStar LED. All models within the range have been designed to provide a lightweight, compact and long-lasting LED cooling solution.

Bespoke Cooling Modules

Sunon has been providing laptop cooling solutions for over 20 years and has continuously found new, innovative ways of incorporating micro-blowers and fans within the latest computer technologies. Drawing upon this experience, Sunon are able to provide bespoke thermal solutions that can be tailored to any application. Whether it’s an industrial PC, LED street lighting, All-in-One (AIO) PC, digital projector, communications server or set top box, Sunon can provide a complete thermal module solution.


Thermaco makes available four main types of heatsink to cover a variety of applications. They include: 

  • Die Cast Heatsinks – An ideal solution when forming complex shapes. Typically used for Laptops, In Car Entertainment Devices and Portable Instrumentation.
  • Extruded Heatsinks – The most cost-effective of its kind, the Extruded Heatsink is ideal for both small and large quantities. Commonly used in sound amplifiers and other electronic devices where linear airflow is required.
  • Skived Fin Heatsinks – Ideal for applications that require high airflow within a small space.
  • Stacked Heatsinks – Can be designed with very high aspect ratios, providing a high performing thermal solution. Commonly used in the PC industry, where volume outweighs the tooling cost.

Gas Taps & Valves

Thermaco’s range of gas taps and valves includes the following items, all of which are approved to the relevant CEE 90/396 Directive for gas appliances: 

  • 111 Series Safety Valve for Cooking Appliances
  • 112 Series 2-way Safety Valve for Oven & Grill Applications
  • 113 Series Safety Valve for Gas Hobs
  • 213 Series Safety Valve for Gas Fires
  • 215 Series Safety Valve for Gas Fires
  • 695 Series Safety Valve for Gas Appliances

For technical specifications, please visit Thermaco online.


Our range of Oxi-pilots includes:


  • 900 Series ODS Oxypilot – Designed to stop the supply of gas when the level of CO² in the atmosphere reaches a value between 0.8% and 1.5%.Various thermocouple options are available. Comes with a standard European mounting bracket. 
  • 699 Series Pilot Burner – Provides a sentinel pilot flame for the main burner ignition and re-ignition.  Features interchangeable injectors. Typically used in water heating and storage heating applications. A variety of thermocouple options are available. 


Thermo Electric Safety Control (TESC)

Thermaco’s  Thermo Electric Safety Controls (TESC) allow full sequential ignition and require no standing pilot. They are battery operated (3 x AA alkaline) and require very little power, extending the life of the batteries. Ignition can be via the pilot or direct to the burner. Thermo Electric Safety Controls feature a radio frequency controlled transceiver system facilitating remote control using a portable, handheld device. Find out more by visiting Thermaco online or contact us to arrange a visit from one of our application engineers.

Gas Ignition Electrodes

Thermaco offers a variety of gas ignition electrodes used to ignite gaseous fuels in gas combustion equipment such as cookers, fires, boilers, heaters and burners. Products include; 

  • Gas Cooker Hotplate Ignition Electrodes and Ionisation Probes – supplied with a connector or an integral high voltage cable with Teflon or polypropylene insulation.
  • Gas Fire and Oven Ignition Electrodes and Ionisation Probes – available in various dimensions.
  • Gas Boiler and Water Heater Ignition Electrodes and Ionisation Probes – designed for installation in confined spaces.
  • Industrial Gas Burner Ignition Electrodes and Ionisation Probes – intended for older series of burners and for industrial equipment burners.
  • Long Reach Electrodes – designed for applications in which the flashover takes place between the central and side electrodes. 

Mains Powered Ignitors

Thermaco supplies a range of mains-powered ignition systems for domestic and commercial cooking appliances, including: 

  • IGG-07000118 Model FZ6-4000 – for a 220-240V AC supply. Offers a spark frequency of 3Hz at 230V. Maximum working temperature is 120°C. Recommended spark gap up to 4mm.
  • IGG-07000800 Model IGM60 – also for a 220-240V AC supply, with a spark frequency of 3Hz at 230V. Maximum working temperature is 120°C. Recommended spark gap up to 5mm.
  • IGG-07000806 Model IGM61 – with 6 spark on demand outlets and one flame sensing re-ignition outlet.
  • IGG-07000808 Model IGM02 – with 2 “flame sensing re-ignition” outlets. Maximum working temperature is 100°C.






Battery Ignitors

Also available from Thermaco is a range of battery powered igniters. Models include: 

  • IGG-07000540 Model BGB 1/9 – with a single spark outlet powered by a 9V battery (two outlet models available on request). Recommended spark gap is 8mm.
  • IGG-07000300 Model BZX 1/1.5 – with a single spark outlet powered by a 1.5V AA battery. Recommended spark gap is 5mm.
  • IGG-07000555 Model UBZ 2/1.5 – with two outlets powered by an independent 1.5V battery. Recommended spark gap is 4mm.
  • IGG-07000701 Model PBZ 2 (9) – with two spark outlets powered by a 9V or 12V battery. Recommended spark gap up to 2x4mm or 1x8 mm.

Piezo Ignitors

Thermaco’s range of Piezo igniters includes the following models:


  • IPI-D102/18/S63/TF – with a single outlet connection (2.8 x 0.5mm flat terminal)
  • IPI-D102/18/I285/DFN/SNF – with twin outlet connections (both 2.8 x 0.5mm flat terminals)
  • IPI-D102/18/I285 – with twin outlet connections (one 2.8 x 0.5mm flat terminal, one 2.35mm round pin terminal)
  • IPI-425-935-11 – with a single outlet connection (2.8 x 0.5mm flat terminal) and M22 thread
  • D102/22/I285/DFN/SNF – with twin outlet connections (both 2.8 x 0.5mm flat terminals) and M22 thread.
  • IPI-D102/22/S63/ODC – with a single outlet connection (2.8 x 0.5mm flat terminal) and M22 thread. 

Heating Elements

Thermaco supplies a range of high density, stitched wire heating elements for use in forced air applications such as electric fires, kick board heaters, door air curtains, combined function storage heaters and air conditioners with a heat function. They have been designed to fit most standard 60mm and 45mm diameter tangential fans.


  • EES-1HZM2A570001 – side mount cut out, Texas or Microtherm self hold (PTC effect) set at 85°C, with a fourth terminal for motor power interruption (if required) and metal end brackets for rigidity.
  • EES-1HZM2A653001 – centre mount cut out, Texas or Microtherm self hold (PTC effect) set at 100°C, with a fourth terminal for blower motor interruption when cut-out functions. 

AC/DC Power Adaptors

Thermaco’s range of AC/DC power adaptors includes: 

  • Desk Top Switch-mode Power Supplies – covering the full range from 12W to 180W, with standard output voltages running from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc. 
  • Plug Top Switch-mode Power Supplies – covering the full range from 3W to 30W, with standard output voltages from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc. 
  • World Traveller Plug & Go Series – including UK, European and USA AC heads. 
  • Industrial Power Adaptors – designed for use in extreme environments and in temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as +70°C. 
  • Installation Power Supplies – covering a range from 12W to 42W, with standard output voltages from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc.

International Powercords & Cordsets

Selecting the right power cord or cordset for each export market is important in ensuring the manufactured product can easily be plugged in and used by customers. Firstly, the designer must identify the correct plug head for the country in which the product is to be used, then they must determine the ideal current rating. The third step is choosing the correct cable, and if using a cordset, choosing an appropriate IEC 60320 power connector. Thermaco offers an extensive range of plugs, power cords and cordsets, and can provide all the technical advice and guidance you need in selecting the right type for your application.

Switched Mode Power Supplies

Thermaco can supply five different types of switched mode power supply.


  • Enclosed (5W to 3000W) - a versatile ‘front-end’ power source suitable for a variety of applications. Standard features include Modular Power, UPS Function (external battery required), Parallel Operation and PFC.
  • Open Frame (5W to 250W) – available in single output and multi output configurations, with PFC, low leakage current and free air convection cooling.
  • Medical Grade (5W to 200W) – available as general PCB, desktop and on-board types. Designed with low leakage current or low no-load power consumption.
  • PCB Mount – a space saving solution designed to fit directly onto your system’s PCB board. Ideal for IT systems, general electronics, and non-contact medical devices.
  • Din Rail (20W to 960W) – designed for installation on TS35/7.5 or TS35/15 industrial rails

Pressure Switches & Transducers

Thermaco’s range of pressure switches and transducers includes the following models:


  • LFS02 – offers an economical interface between pressure systems and PCBs.
  • LFAS – a pressure cut-off switch with excellent thermal and dimensional stability at higher temperatures. Ideal for use in contaminated atmospheres such as combustion flues.
  • LF31 – designed for use in HVAC applications in which reliable air proving is vital to both performance and customer safety (such as gas-fires and water heaters).
  • LF25 – designed for pressure control applications. Incorporates diaphragm-operated miniature snap-action switches.
  • LF32 – commonly used to control flue aeration and for monitoring fans in air conditioners. 

Rocker & Push Button Switches

Thermaco can offer a wide variety of rocker and push button switches from Everel, the company behind the leading switch brands Signal Lux, Molveno and Dreefs. Switches produced by Everel can be found on a whole host of devices, from pumps and motors to cleaning appliances and HVAC systems. Wherever they find use, Everel switches provide unrivalled reliability. Visit Thermaco online to find out more.

Electro-Mechanical Timers

Thermaco’s range of electro-mechanical timers includes the following models: 

  • CD360 – with a running time of 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes and a signal duration of 4 seconds.
  • C20 – with a timing period from 1 minute to 120 minutes. A number of variations in spindle length and wind up angle are available. The C20 may have one or two poles, SPST & DPST (NO or NC), SPDT & DPDT.
  • Mi2 – with a timing period from 1 minute to 14 hours. A number of variations in spindle length and wind up angle are available. The Mi2 can have one to four poles, SPST & DPST (NO or NC), SPDT & DPDT.
  • Mi7 – with a timing period from 1 minute to 120 minutes. A number of variations in spindle length and wind up angle are available. The Mi7 may have one or two poles, SPST & DPST (NO or NC), SPDT & DPDT.
  • C53 – with a timing period from 1 minute to 24 hours. A number of variations in spindle length and wind up angle are available. The C53 may have one to six poles - SPST, DPST & SPDT in various combinations



Registration Number: 01414038
VAT Number: GB349 3058 42
Registered at Companies House:8 February, 1979 (45 years ago)
No of Employees: 11-20
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