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Preheat Engineering Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of specialist heating equipment. We produce engine heating systems, fuel line heaters, tank heaters, battery pan heaters, coolant elements and thermostats, all of which are designed to improve the start-up and operating efficiency of engines and batteries in cold environments. These products form part of the famous PEREGRINE range, and have been used in all sorts of applications since their introduction to the market in 1954. Indeed, it's a range that has been used by the MoD, the Fire and Health authorities, the rail industry, generator and pump manufacturers, and many private car and commercial vehicle owners.

We're very proud to have served these important industry sectors - sectors which demand reliability, durability, and exceptional performance. Each and every piece of equipment has been carefully designed to live up to these requirements. From a Preheat Engineering product you can expect nothing less than excellence. We back this up with full technical support and assistance.

The following is a short list of some of the exciting technologies we have developed. Make sure you head to the Preheat Engineering website to view our full product portfolio. If you have any questions regarding our equipment, please do not hesitate to get in touch - we're always happy to receive your enquiry!

Coolant Heaters

Peregrine engine coolant heaters come supplied in a kit that comprises of a thermostatically controlled heater, heater mountings, hose clips, high temperature rubber or silicone hose, installation fittings appropriate to the particular engine, and installation notes and drawings. Coolant heaters are available in vertical or horizontal format.

Replacement elements and parts are all available separately if required.

For more information on our coolant heaters, or any of the products that we offer, please head to the Preheat Engineering website, or get in touch with our reps directly.

Coolant Heater Elements

We stock a wide range of high quality coolant heater elements, including replacement elements for XL, DL, TL, DS, XLC, DLW, DSW, XLWC, XLW and U39 heaters. It's worth noting that we can also provide elements for YLPC pumped heaters and for Perkins diesels. We have over 6000 different element types and therefore we remind customers that if they can't find a particular component on our website, they should contact us directly and we may be able to help you further. 

Oil Sump and Gearbox Heaters

Oil tends to have a high viscosity at low ambient temperatures, which can cause drag problems with engine starting and may also cause wear on cold start-up because of poor oil circulation. The prevent these problems, an oil heater can be used to warm the lubricant for reduced viscosity. These are often fitted as a supplement to coolant pre-heaters in extremely low ambient temperatures. In the PEREGRINE range we have two oil heaters - internal and external - which can be used with gearboxes, geared pumps, pipelines, and reservoirs where oil drag needs to be kept at a minimum.

To find out more, simply follow the link to the Preheat Engineering website.

Tank Heaters - General

Preheat Engineering Ltd manufactures a wide range of tank heaters to suit virtually every tank application. Most of these are thermostatically controlled by an integral device or a separate control thermostat, depending on the application. Tank heaters are typically used for preventing the waxing of fuel, for reducing liquid viscosity, and for frost protection, but there are many other industrial applications. PEREGRINE tank heaters are available in standard and weatherproof versions, for side or top tank entry. Side tank entry heaters are available with removable elements so that they can be easily replaced.

Tank Heaters - Fuel Oil

In colder ambient temperatures, diesel fuel needs to be kept at a temperature where it can flow freely. Our Peregrine diesel fuel tank heaters - suitable for all sizes of tank - can help achieve this. There are several types of Peregrine fuel tank heater, including a threaded version for insertion into the tank bosses, and a flanged version for insertion into the tank flanges. Both types are available as standard and weatherproof models, with fixed and removable elements. We have various length, wattage and voltage options for you to choose from.

Battery Pan Heaters

Cold temperatures can have serious effects on battery efficiency and battery output. In order to work to their full potential, most batteries need to remain at a temperature of around 15°C to 20°C. Preheat Engineering has developed a series of battery pan heaters which are fitted in or under the battery tray to warm your batteries to the ideal working temperature. There are three standard sizes to choose from, in AC or DC format, though we can manufacture custom models if specially requested. To find out more, simply follow the link to the Preheat Engineering website!

Fuel Line Heaters

Preheat Engineering manufactures PEREGRINE fuel line heaters to maintain a consistent 7ºC for fuel in transit through the line.  With a choice of DC and AC voltage models to choose from, PEREGRINE fuel line heaters are a great choice in either static or mobile applications.  Each heater comes with your choice of connection diameter allowing quick and easy installation to your existing fuel line.  Further options include weatherproof heads making this line of heaters truly versatile and adaptable to your unique application. All heaters come with control thermostat and thermal cut-off as standard, giving you complete peace of mind.

Trace-Heating Tapes

Trace-heating tape is a suitable solution for circumstances where space does not permit the use of a heating element. We stock a wide range of self-regulating tapes which are temperature sensitive, as well as a variety of unregulated tapes that are typically used in applications where a higher temperature has to be maintained, for example, in chemical processing, where a bi-fuel tank requires a consistent amount of heat over a relatively short period to deice a frozen valve. Trace-heating tapes may be supplied in any required length, and are terminated and ready for use.


Preheat Engineering is a leading manufacturer of thermostatic controls. Our products cover various temperature ranges and applications. Both analogue and digital controls are available. They include:

  • PH8/7 and PH8/11 Thermostats – with probe lengths ranging from 20mm to 700mm, and with a large range of threads and operating voltages.
  • PH8/7W and PH8/11 Weatherproof Thermostats – for a wide variety of outdoor applications.
  • PATW Thermostats – for frost protection and equipment control.

These are just some of the thermostatic controls we have available. If you have a specific requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Alongside our expansive range of heaters and ancillary items we also work with customers to design and manufacture bespoke heating solutions to meet differing applications and the unique heating requirements that accompany them. Take a look at our Specials page to discover just some of the solutions we have executed including warm air dryers for processed chemicals, heaters for chocolate delivery tankers, thermostatic heaters for crane cabs and frost protection pipework solutions. Our design and manufacturing teams are also able to produce spares and replacement parts for obsolete heating systems.  Whatever your requirements, please contact us to find out how we can help.


Alongside our range of quality PEREGRINE pre-heaters, Preheat Engineering also manufactures and supplies a comprehensive selection of complementary components including:

  • Fittings - threaded male and threaded female connections, core plug connections, plate connections, pipe connections
  • Hoses - our range includes variants suitable for high temperature applications, those fabricated for use with steam and also those made from silicone 
  • Non-Return Valves - for applications where flow needs to be limited to a single direction
  • Brackets -  hose clips, wall mounting brackets, beam mounting brackets and floor mounting brackets.



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