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BGB Innovation is a market leading designer and manufacturer of slip ring systems, underwater lighting and camera solutions, and wireless Ethernet bridge systems.

Our products are used for a wide range of applications, including wind turbine control and power transfer, water and sewage treatment, packaging machines, leisure rides, cable reeling, stand-by power generation, and fish farming! The company is divided into three main industry brands – BGB Engineering, BGB Marine, and BGB Digilinc. Each deals with a specific business area.

BGB Engineering is our high precision electro-mechanical engineering division, producing top quality brush holders, slip rings, slip ring assemblies, and bespoke assemblies.

BGB Marine designs and manufactures underwater lighting and camera systems which are used in a number of applications, including fish farming, yacht lighting, waterways, canals and marinas.

BGB Digilinc products are typically used for wireless monitoring and surveillance of CCTV, feed response for aquaculture, and enterprise network expansion.

Slip Rings

BGB Engineering supplies a range of slip rings which are ideal for almost any application speed. Our barrel and face type units use phosphor bronze rings as standard, and are insulated with a thermoset, glass-reinforced DMC based on unsaturated polyester resin. Typical applications include slip ring motors, frequency changers, alternators, cable reeling drums, cable bunching machines, electro-magnetic clutches, wind generators, packaging machines, rotary welding machines, and much more.

Marine Underwater Lighting

BGB Marine has designed a range of high performance lighting systems for use in the aquaculture industry. Our Pisces 400 lighting system is a reliable submersible fish cage illuminator with a 400 watt metal halide lamp that offers an output resembling natural daylight. The Pisces 1000 is also  suspended vertically using a lifting eye built into the housing, while the power cable is encapsulated in a polyurethane jacket for protection against corrosion and abrasion.

If you would like further details and technical data, simply follow the link to the BGB Marine website!

Optilinc (Fibre Optic Rotary Joint)

Our brand new BGB Optilinc telemetry system represents a real breakthrough in the slip ring market. It has been made with a fibre optic rotary joint that offers high speed data-transfer across many applications, and features IP65 protection to prevent the ingress of dust and water. A stainless steel construction ensures outstanding durability, while a number of innovative features ensure that the Optilinc system is not affected by humidity, heat, vibration, magnetism, or other typical slip ring disturbances. Please head directly to the BGB website if you would like to find out more about this innovative new slip ring system.

Brush Holders

BGB has developed a comprehensive range of standard brush holders for a multitude of engineering applications. It includes everything from simple callipers and cartridges right through to advanced fixed box holders with constant force springs and 22KV collectors. Each holder in the range features an adaptable design that is ideal for both fast and slow moving applications. They are typically made from brass, with either copper foil or braid connections – though variations on this format are available upon request.

Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Our latest BGB Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) boasts a rugged design and has been built to withstand and adapt to the most extreme environmental conditions. The BGM WDM has been expertly designed to accompany our Optilinc FORJ (Fibre Optic Rotary Joint) in order to convert two fibre systems to a single multiwave length system. The BGB Wavelength Division Multiplexer is more than robust enough to survive the physical and electrical environmental conditions as demanded by the wind energy industry. This device includes inbuilt transient surge protection and utilises an electronic clamping system to protect itself in the event of a lightning strike.

Media Converters

BGB Innovation can offer a range of media converters as part of our Telemetry solutions range. We offer media converters for 100Mbps as well as 1Gbps. Our company is also working on the development of a range of protocols including an extensive range of NET systems such as Profi Net and Arc Net to name just a few. We are also developing a comprehensive range of BUS systems including Profibus and Canbus. Our Ethernet converters with Ethercat (PLC protocol) are fully tested in our Research and Development lab and we successfully supply these devices to international wind turbine manufacturers.

Slip Ring Assemblies

BGB Innovation offers a range of high quality power and signal transfer units comprised of SPBs and SPF; all of our enclosures come with an IP rating up to I.P.65. Our SPs feature accommodation for a minimum three circuits upwards and we offer barrel type slip rings, which can be precious metal plated to your specifications. A rang of contact methods is available such as metallic callipers and gold wire material through to plastic brush holders. Our SPF incorporates face type slip rings featuring brush blocks consisting of specific grade brushes with the capabilities to transfer 10 circuits. Please visit the BGB Innovation website to view full specifications of our slip ring assemblies.

Signal & Data Transfer

Our signal and data transfer units come with a proven track record for RS232 and RS485 signals. Successful data transfer has been shown across a typical slip ring assembly with an Ethernet link via precious metal ring surfaces and a diversity of silver-graphite mix ratios. BGB Innovation offers units for high integrity analogue signals for thermocouples as well as tachometers and stress/strain measurement; features include control signals for proximity switches and relay circuits, to name just a few. BGB Innovation Profibus prototypes are receiving favourable results via customer testing for sufficient frequency limits and baud rates.

Power Transfer

BGB Innovation offers slip ring and brush holder solutions for a diversity of current and voltage applications. Our products can be supplied with ratings of up to 2.5KAmps, 22.0KV as well as to ISO and Ansi Standards. We can offer these products individually or as part of a packaged solution. BGB Innovation offers unrivalled experience in this field and we offer this experience across all of our development projects. Our power transfer slip rings feature high and low speeds, extensive carbon grade brushes, low maintenance, enhanced-life Paratec brush system and wear detection devices as well as AC and DC systems I.P. with dust and waterproof enclosures.

Marine Feed Response Cameras

Our marine feed response cameras have been designed for use underwater for applications such as feed response behavioural monitoring. Featuring a specialist build, our FR cameras can be submerged in salt water for prolonged periods of time and can even be utilised within low lighting. Customers can visit the website for further information, including details on features and technical specs. Alternative, you can contact our customer service team directly by phone or email. 

Marine Lighting For Nuclear Monitoring

We can offer a unique marine lighting system which utilises parabolic, aluminised, reflector lamps for illumination. These lamps have been designed for complete immersion and can therefore be used for applications such as nuclear monitoring. The Aqualux system is not only effective and reliable but also easy to maintain. If you would like more information feel free to visit the website where you can download detailed PDF's on all of our products. You can also give us a call if you have any specific queries. 

Marine Lighting For Aquatic Displays

Along with nuclear monitoring, our innovative marine lighting systems can also be utilised for aquatic display applications. An excellent example of this can be seen on the current Sky One reboot of the popular television show 'Gladiators', with the Aqualux system in full effect. If you have any questions whatsoever about these or any of our products, feel free to visit the website or you can contact us directly. 

Marine Lifestyle LEDs For Aquatic Displays

The Amphibian lighting system offers a flexible and durable solution for applications both in and out of water. The Amphibian LEDS feature a unique design which means they are safe to use in moving water, for example rivers. The system itself offers attractive mood lighting with different colour transitions. Just some of the many uses for this system include, ponds, fountains, swimming pools, jetties, waterways and canals, as well as many more. For further information feel free to visit the website. 



Registration Number: 02107467
VAT Number: GB476 5615 57
Registered at Companies House:9 March, 1987 (36 years and 11 months ago)
No of Employees: 51-100
Annual Turnover: 10-20m
Company Type:
  • Manufacturer

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Additional Information

Brand & Trade Names

  • Optilinc FORJ - Fibre Optic Rotary Joint
  • Paratec BGB Parallel Force Brush Technology. Applicable to Carbon brushgear, carbon brushgear assemblies, carbon brushgear/electrical slipring packages; all the aforesaid being electrical goods.
  • Pisces Pisces Underwater Lighting for Aquaculture
  • SILS Submersible Induction Lighting System
  • SPB Slip Ring Collector Columns for Half Bridge Scrapers and Clarifiers

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