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Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd
- Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire - blies Magnetic Alloy Powders Bonded Magnets Magnetic Coat Hooks Automotive Speed Sensor Magnets Self-adhesive Magnetic Sheet Alnico Magnets Sensing Ma

Magnetic Shields Ltd
- Tonbridge, Kent - tment Magnetic Alloys Magnetic Materials Magnetic Products Shielding Alloys Mumetal Magnetic Shielding Transformer Toroidal Cores Magnetic Shields spe... soft magnetic alloy sheet materials featuringthe highest permeabilities combined with the lowest coercive forces andmagnetic losses in the low freque

Knight Strip Metals Ltd - Strip Division
- Potters Bar, Hertfordshire - These magnetic alloys feature higher annealed strengths, improved stress relaxation and fatigue properties as well as superior tensile strength when c

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd
- Alderley Edge, Cheshire - Soft Magnetic Alloy Wire Nickel-iron alloys are characterized by relatively high permeability, low core losses and low residual magnetism. Their over... Soft Magnetic Alloy Wire Dumet Wire Nickel Alloy Wire Controlled Expansion Alloy Wire Welding Wire Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire Copper Nickel Resis

Testbourne Ltd
- Basingstoke, Hampshire - lloys Magnetic Alloy Powders Metal Powders Nickel Alloy Powders Molybdenum Alloys Precious Metal Compounds Nickel Alloy Rods Thin Film Measurement Equ