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Family owned and run since 1996, but with three generations of experience and insight gained from working in the steel industry, Avocet Steel Strip Ltd pride’s itself on delivering bespoke precision strip, wire and tube.

We have differentiated ourselves from our competitors by supplying high-end, high-tech precision products and by making products to order using our customer’s individual specifications.  We are not in the business of supplying off-the-shelf products as we understand how diverse and ever-changing our customers’ requirements are.

By collaborating with like-minded, high-tech and forward thinking suppliers across the globe we are able to offer the very best products and are exclusive UK agents for the suppliers and principles we work with.

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd doesn’t just supply products, we work alongside our customers, using our knowledge and experience to supply state-of-the-art solutions that enable them to improve their products, performance and efficiencies.

Strip & Coil - Visit our website

At Avocet Steel Strip Ltd, we pride ourselves on manufacturing a range of different high precision strips and coils.  Our products are fulfilled to our customers’ individual specifications, offering tight tolerances for both their width and thickness requirements and ensuring you are in receipt of the perfect product for your needs.  We produce strip and coil in a number of different standard material grades as well as those that are more specialised such as electrostatic pinning, thermocouple and controlled expansion alloy strips to suit your application.

Mild, Alloy & Carbon Steel Strip - Visit our website

Our mild, alloy and carbon steel strip is produced to our customers’ exact specifications and we can accommodate thickness ranges of between 0.05mm and 8.0mm and width ranges of anywhere from 3.0mm up to 750mm. Our precision strips are available in a range of grades including: 

  • Mild steel - DC01-DC06
  • Carbon Steels - C10, C15, C20, C45, C67, C75, C85, C100
  • Micro Alloyed Steels - 16MnCr05, 25CrMo4, 34CRMo4, 42CRMo4, 51CrV4

Alongside our mild, alloy and carbon steel strip Avocet Steel Strip Ltd can also produce custom edge profiles, as well as supplying sheets and cut lengths as required.

Hardened & Tempered Steel Strip - Visit our website

Our hardened and tempered steel strips provide the prefect solution for applications that demand a tougher material, such as blades, tools and springs.  Avocet Steel Strip Ltd is able to offer a comprehensive range of options and grades, and is made to your requirements.  The process involves taking cold rolled strip and then subjecting it several heat treatments until it reaches the desired hardness.  Steel grades available include: C60s, C67s, C75s, C85s, C100s and 51CrV4 and strip can be fabricated in thickness from 0.1mm to 4.0mm and widths of 3.0mm to 600mm.  A choice of surface finishes are available and comprise blue black, white polished, blue polished and bronze.

Painted & Plated Steel Strip - Visit our website

You can reap many benefits by obtaining pre-coated steels prior to starting your manufacturing process, some of which include reduced production speed by removing the need to coat steel during the production process, not to mention achieving a more aesthetically pleasing end product. The choice of steel strip offered by Avocet Steel Strip Ltd includes pre painted, electro galvanised and hot dip galvanised, electro copper, nickel and brass plated, and precision nizec strip. Each product varies in thickness and width ranges, so please see our website for individual specifications and available grades.

Stainless Steel Strip - Visit our website

Stainless steel strip is a popular choice for a range of different applications, combining anti-corrosion properties and high temperature tolerance with aesthetically pleasing surface finishes. Avocet Steel Strip Ltd supplies stainless steel strip from industry leader Ulbrich Stainless Steels, a US-based manufacturer that offers high quality products.  We produce stainless steel strip in a variety of grades as well as precipitation hardening grades, which provides superior strength and hardness should your application require.

Electrostatic Pinning Strip - Visit our website

We are always looking at ways to improve our products and address customer issues and production efficiencies.  One such area of development has been with electrostatic pinning strips, which often present a problem relating to the slit edge of the strip, where burring and inconsistencies can lead to occurrences of spark discharge and streamers.  Avocet Steel Strip Ltd has created a unique process to produce a smoother slit edge. This specialist strip is manufactured from hard rolled stainless steel 302 with a thickness of 0.05mm and a choice of widths.  Coil sizes are 320m with larger coils being available on request.

Titanium Strip - Visit our website

Through a winning combination of our relationship and exclusive UK agent status with Ubrich, and our dedication to developing detailed insights into our customers’ needs, Avocet Steel Strip Ltd has become the UK’s leading supplier of titanium strip and foil.  Titanium strip and foil is produced to our customers’ unique specifications and is available in commercially pure grades 1 to 4 and titanium alloys Ti G7/11, Ti 15-3-3-3, Ti 3-2.5G9, Ti Beta 21S(G21) and Ti 6-2-4-2. Thicknesses start from 0.015mm and widths range from 3.0mm to 305mm.

Thin Walled Tube - Visit our website

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd is a producer of custom-made thin-wall and small-diameter tubes.  Our selection of tubing caters to a wide range of applications with choices comprising stainless steel tubing, nickel alloy tubing, mu-metal tubing and Kovar® tubing.  Please find details of each below. Contact us with details of your specifications and we will use the latest in laser welding or seamless drawing technology to meet your requirements.

Stainless Steel Tube - Visit our website

As with our entire range of thin-walled tube, Avocet Steel Strip Ltd's stainless steel tubing is manufactured in France by our partners Le Guellec, who are renowned for their innovative approach to tubing.  All of their products are custom-made, ensuring you are in receipt of the perfect precision stainless steel tube for your application. Tubing is available in a choice of grades with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.05m and 2.5mm and diameter ranges of 0.2mm up to 35.0 mm. We can supply stainless steel tube in quantities of as little as 10 linear meters, making us the ideal partner for a full process, from prototype to production.

Nickel Alloy Tube - Visit our website

Nickel alloy is the tubing material of choice for applications requiring uncompromised performance in conditions where corrosion and heat related issues may present a problem. It’s robustness and ability to withstand the most severe conditions make it a popular choice for customers in the aerospace industry. Working with our partner, Le Guellec, we are able to supply bespoke nickel alloy tube in a vast range of grades, full details of which can be found on our website. Avocet Steel Strip Ltd offer a choice of wall thickness ranges of 0.05mm to 2.50mm, dimeters of 0.2mm to 35.0mm and a selection of surface finishes to suit your exact requirements.

Mu-Metal Tube - Visit our website

The unique characteristics of Mu-Metal tubing make them the go-to choice in applications where magnetic shielding is paramount. Mu-Metal tubes work to protect sensitive contents of the tube from magnetic fields by redirecting them around the tubing. Avocet Steel Strip Ltd works with our partner, Le Guellec, to supply high precision tubing to our customer’s individual specifications in wall thicknesses of 0.05mm to 2.50mm and dimeters as small as 0.2mm to 35.0mm.

Precision Wire - Visit our website

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd’s selection of precision wire is as diverse as the range of applications it has been designed for.  Our precision wires are of the highest quality and manufactured to very tight tolerances ensuring the best performance possible.  The range includes:

  • Stainless steel fine wire
  • Electroplated wire
  • Thermal resistance wire
  • Controlled expansion alloy wire
  • Dumet wire
  • Nickel alloy wire
  • Fine wire for medical applications
  • Carbon steel spring wire
  • Oil tempered spring steel wire
  • Thermocouple wire
  • Nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy wire
  • Welding wire
  • Copper nickel resistance wire and shunt alloy 
  • Profile wire.

Stainless Steel Fine Wire - Visit our website

Our stainless steel fine wires are manufactured by US-based Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals.  Their state-of-the-art machinery, which includes both wire drawing and rolling lines, produces precision flat and round fine wires which are used across a multitude of applications including the medical device market.  Grades available include 304v, 301 and 316, with other grades being available on request. Avocet Steel Strip Ltd's stainless steel fine wires can be packaged in Steeger or Wardwell bobbins or DIN 100 or DIN 125 spools, and we can accommodate small orders of just a few spools right up to orders of many kilograms.

Nickel Alloy Wire - Visit our website

By partnering with two leading manufactures of nickel alloy wire - JLC Electromet and Ulbrich Stainless Steel and Special Metals - Avocet Steel Strip Ltd is able to meet the diverse range of requirements that our customers’ have.  We offer a range of grades including Nickel 200, 201, 205, 206, 212, 211 and Alloy 400, 500, 600 and 625, with others being available on request. We offer both round and flat profiles.

Fine Wire for Medical Applications - Visit our website

Working with our partners Ulbrich, Avocet Steel Strip Ltd is pleased to have introduced medical grade fine wire to our product portfolio in 2018. Our range includes both flat and round wires as well as micro shaped wire - a product that our partners, Ulbrich, are experts in producing, boasting the most technically advanced machinery for producing fine wires through both drawing and rolling techniques. Alloys available include 304V, nitinol (NiTi), MP35N, L605, Tungsten and Beryllium Copper and we can work to your individual specifications for size, winding tensions and winding gap (for round wires) and offer a choice of spooling options.

Electroplated Wire - Visit our website

If you require electroplating for your high performance cable and connector applications, then please contact Avocet Steel Strip Ltd.  We work with Ulbrich Stainless Steels and Special Metals and this partnership enables us to offer you electroplated wires that boast tight tolerances and high aspect ratios which mean better performances for you.  We offer a number of different base grades, including copper alloys, bronze alloys and aluminium alloys, as well as a choice of plating options including gold types I, II and III, silver, nickel and tin, depending upon you individual requirements.

Carbon Steel Spring Wire - Visit our website

Our carbon steel spring wire is manufactured to BS EN 10270-1 specifications by our partners in Italy and we are able to offer a diverse selection of sizes and grades, the majority of which is available ex stock.  The choice of surface finishes includes bright, phosphated, galvanised  and aluzinc coated with SL, SM, DM, SH and DH grades being available.  Spring manufacturers can choose from a diameter range of between 0.4mm and 13mm and also from a range of packaging options including spool and spool-less coils and Z2/Z3 packs.  Please contact Avocet Steel Strip to discuss your requirements.

Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire - Visit our website

Always produced to our customers’ unique specifications, Avocet Steel Strip Ltd's oil tempered spring steel wire is manufactured from silicon-chrome annealed wire, which is then tempered to increase its strength and durability using a heat treatment.  This wire is used across such a diverse range of applications and we offer three different standard qualities; FD, TV and TD, the selection of which will depend upon your individual application.  Oil tempered spring steel wire can also be obtained in Superclean, shaved and vanadium materials should your needs dictate.  Available in diameter ranges of 1.0mm to 18.50mm.

Foils - Visit our website

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd is pleased to be able to offer our customers a range of precision cold-rolled metal foils that are made to your individual specifications and can be supplied in foils as thin as 0.01mm.    We supply a range of different materials to suit your application, details of which can be found by following the links below.

Stainless Steel Foil - Visit our website

Our stainless steel foils are produced by one of the world’s leading experts in cold rolled foil production.  Ulbrich produce the finest quality precision foils, ensuring consistency across orders, each of which is made to your unique specifications.  Small quantity orders can be accommodated, which assists in reducing the inventory you need to hold. Avocet Steel Strip Ltd offer 300 and 400 series grades as well as precipitation hardening grades if required.  Available in thicknesses of a minimum of 0.009mm and a width range of 3.00mm to 305mm.

Nickel Alloy Foil - Visit our website

Nickel alloy foil presents advantages to customers who are looking for a foil that can withstand harsh and demanding environments, such as those with very high temperatures or where exposure to corrosive atmospheres is possible. Avocet Steel Strip Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of nickel alloy foil and we not only supply our clients with a product but offer them the benefit of our knowledge and expertise. We supply a vast number of grades, all of which are listed on our website and will produce foils to your exact specifications.

Electrodeposited Nickel Foil - Visit our website

One advantage of manufacturing electrodeposited nickel foil is that it enables us to supply our nickel foils in a larger widths.  The process involves depositing dissolved nickel ions onto a rotating metallic mandrel via a electrolysis-based procedure. Another advantage to this process is that small quantities can easily be produced, making it ideal for prototypes and small productions. Thicknesses available from Avocet Steel Strip Ltd range from 0.007mm to 0.05mm with width range of between 3.00mm to 1,000mm.

Titanium Foil - Visit our website

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd’s titanium foils are supplied from USA-based precision foil manufacturers Ulbrich.  It is available in commercially pure grades 1 to 4 in a width range of 3mm to 305mm and thickness range of 0.015mm and over.  Titanium alloys available include Ti G7/11, Ti 16 -3-3-3, Ti3-2.5G9, Ti Beta 21S, G21 and Ti6-2-4-2. If your business’ needs dictate the requirement of titanium foils produced to British, American, aerospace or medical standards this can be arranged. Please contact us to find out more.

Castings - Visit our website

Avocet Steel Strip Ltd offers a comprehensive choice of materials for our precision investment castings, each made to our customers’ exact specifications.  Castings can be manufactured from steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys and copper alloys and can be combined with an extensive choice of surface treatments dependent on your individual requirements.  On occasions, when large quantities of small precision parts are required we are able to supply MIM parts (Metal Injection Mouldings), again in a wide array of grades and treatments to suit a multitude of applications.



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