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Epak Electronics Ltd
- Chard, Somerset - ge of die bonding tools, capillaries and bonding wedges. Epak undertakes the installation and subsequent servicing of all our principals products alon

Inseto (UK) Ltd
- Andover, Hampshire - Die Bonding Equipment Automatic Die Bond Advanced Packaging Die Bonding Equipment Automatic Die Bond Advanced Packaging Adhesives Reference Appl...bbed) Die Bond Adhesives Die Bond Encapsulation Glob Tops Die Bond Tools Packages Ceramic and Metal Packages Semiconductor Packages Lids Substrates Th

Nv Technology & Services Ltd
- - anced Die Bonding Esec 2100 SC Esec 2100 hS Esec 2100 hS i Esec 2100 sD plus Esec 2100 sD PPP plus Esec 2100 sD advanced i Z-Pattern on Esec Die Bonde...older Die Bonding Esec 2100 DS Esec 2009 SSI E Esec 2009 fS E Flip Chip Datacon 8800 TC advanced Datacon 8800FCQUANTUM advanced Datacon 8800FCQUANTUM

PRP Optoelectronics Ltd
- Towcester, Northamptonshire - uding die bonding, wirebonding, precision assembly, burn-in test and environmental stress screening.We also use a range of substrates including co-fir

Bay Photonics Ltd
- Torquay, Devon - anual Die bonding Manual and Auto Gold and Aluminium wire bonding Various Optical alignment capabilities (including 6 axis auto align stage) Auto/semi...-auto die bonding and hermetic seam sealing capability Gold ball bumping / re-bumping Re-working of chips, wires and gold bumps Business Services Deve

Cammax Precima Ltd
- Colchester, Essex - imple die bonding operations. For precise die alignmentto within 0.05mm, both pickup and placement cycles can be viewed by theoperator using a stereo ...ecise die bonding techniques. Various accessories and magnificationoptions are available to suit particular applications DB600 DB400 DB600 EDB65 EDB80

SMAC Europe Ltd
- Crawley, West Sussex - d for die bonding applications, in which precise and gentle placement is required, in conjunction with a controlled amount of force, in order to ensur

Profoil Ltd
- Ipswich, Suffolk - cking Die Bonding Tape What are Toggle Bits ? Profoil RP Grade Hot Stamping Foils Association of Were proud to be part of Contact Profoil Systems Limi...cking Die Bonding Tape What are Toggle Bits ? Profoil RP Grade Hot Stamping Foils Association of Were proud to be part of Contact Profoil Systems Limi

Custom Interconnect Ltd
- London - ctive die bonding. Our facilities currently include two fully automatic die bonders capable of large throughputs, as well as one manual die bonder for...ty to die bond to a range of substrates, including Alumina, Metallised Ceramic, Carbon Fibre, FR4 and Chip on Flex. CIL is particularly experienced in

Bishtons Ltd
- Bromsgrove, Worcestershire - ding, die bonding and small optical and mechanical assemblies. Help companies todiversify into new market areas. Find funding if required. January 201...ding, die bonding and small mechanical assemblies for Renishaw PLC, and Tytus Technology Ltd. and also looking into newmarket area for PRP Ltd. June 2

Molyneux Press Ltd
- Dartford, Kent - amex, Die bond and Correx panels Floor and window graphics Kiss cutstickers and labels Need some help? 01322 861 582 Printin

Vinyl Plus Graphics
- Horley, Surrey - amex, die bond and Perspex WALL ART Wall Art is one of our newest, most exciting products. DESIGN YOUR OWN WALLPAPER! Walls are usually quite boring b

Misomex (UK) Ltd
- Stockport, Cheshire - onto Die-bond and route out for that individual look. We can also print custom shaped window stickers, to make good use of the free advertising space

Elt Consultancy Ltd
- Altrincham, Cheshire - Split die bonding Go No-Go Gauges Heat guards Support trays UV gluing Tensile test Track test Deployment test Torque test Assembly support Leak test a

Hangzhou Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd - Hangzhou Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd.
- - icing Die Bonding Wire Bonding Welding Aging Hi-low Temp Testing Leak Testing Final Testing Finished Saw Filter quartz blanks process flow The file ca

- Paignton, Devon - tach) Die bonding (position-&-attach) Electro-optical testing (test-&-qualify) Entry-level systems Stand-alone systems In-line systems Our Vision By a...s for die bonding, beam testing capability and/or wafer handling, and already provide everything needed for an outstanding range of applications. A va

Foilco Ltd
- Warrington, Cheshire - ct Us Die BondIng Tape Die Bonding Tape We understand the importance of using makeready materials Choice of correct makeready material is important an...fits. Die bonding tape is a brown heat receptive tape used for bonding metal dies to the metal heat plate. Die bonding tape is a metal to metal bondin

Distributed Micro Technology Ltd
- Sandhurst, Berkshire - ectic die-bonding, conductive epoxies, and soldering. The AT is fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place processing. Fully Franchised

Bondline Electronics Ltd
- Swindon, Wiltshire - g and die Bonding industries. (Chris worked in this industry for many years and there was not one company supplying this range of products.) The origi