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Customer Interconnect Ltd (CIL) offers an exceptional electronics manufacturing service from its modern, state-of-the-art production facility in Hampshire. CIL have an excellent track record in the production and testing of safety critical and high reliability electronics used in a number of demanding industries, including defence, homeland security, medical, instrumentation and communication.

Our electronics manufacturing group facilitates high capability SMT and conventional electronics production and testing. We have four fully-independent SMT Lines and a comprehensive conventional electronics assembly team capable of assembling PCBs and conducting complete product assembly and testing processes. Our electronics engineers are trained to IPC 610 standards, assuring a quality finish and 100% customer satisfaction.

We have also established a reputation in leading edge technologies, providing customers with improved levels of miniaturisation. CIL currently possesses the largest independent chip and wire bonding facility in the UK! All of our processes are undertaken in line with ISO 9001 quality control standards.

CIL doesn't just manufacture your electronics – we also offer a comprehensive design service, providing a complete circuit and product design facility which employs CAD software for Printed Circuit Board and Advanced Substrate Circuit design. Our wealth of experience and breadth of expertise is at the disposal of our clients, helping them to create electronic circuitry in the most practical and cost-effective way.

After helping you to design your electronic assemblies, we can also offer a rapid prototype and early model production service. Our highly flexible production lines are quickly and easily configured to meet the production needs of your design. Indeed, in some cases we have even completed same day production! 

So for an all encompassing electronics design, prototyping and manufacturing service, Custom Interconnect Ltd is your premium choice of partner. Give us a call today for an initial discussion of your requirements.

SMT Board Assembly

CIL's manufacturing group offers a comprehensive electronics assembly service. We have an area dedicated to SMT assembly, offering a great combination of flexibility and technical capability. The Surface Mount Assembly area regularly carries out the placement of 0201, BGA, and even Bare Die
components, while the use of leaded, unleaded and HMP specialised solders is commonplace. We have four fully automatic SMT assembly lines, allowing CIL to accommodate for small to large (hundreds, thousands) production volumes. To find out about the technology we use on these lines, pleasefollow the link to the SMT Board Assembly page on the CIL website.

Electronics Product Build

CIL offers a full product build service which includes the assembly of the electronics and PCBs into the final product. This can be anything from a small desktop instrument or hand held device, to more complex assemblies employing mechanical frames, turned parts and mouldings. Flowline production facilities and In-Line testing equipment enables us to cater for high volumes or lower volume specialised builds. We also offer to test and configure the final product ready to be used in our customers' own production areas, or to be shipped directly to the end user.

Fast Track Purchasing

CIL has built a fast track purchasing team that are quickly able to determine the critical tasks and procurement needs of any given project. This fast track purchasing activity can be incorporated into the main MRP system or excluded and micro-managed by CIL. Our customers are provided with data
and samples and are assisted by the CIL Supply Chain in order to ensure they retain the technical support available from component manufacturers. We also provide estimates and commercial proposals for new projects.

Production Lead-times

Between 3 and 5 days are usually allotted for the production and manufacturing cycles of a new project. However, additional tests (such as flying probe testing) of early models may result in longer time-frames, depending on the complexity and coverage of the assemblies involved. We posses our own X-Ray and 3D measuring equipment, meaning we do not need to sub-contract the project. This tends to result in shorter lead times.

Die Bonding

We use both epoxies and eutectic solders to complete conductive and non-conductive die bonding. Our facilities currently include two fully automatic die bonders capable of large throughputs, as well as one manual die bonder for tight tolerance die placement. These are used for a variety of semi-conductor die types, including LEDs, ASICs, MEMs and Sensors that are typically used in medical, industrial and commercial devices. We have the capability to die bond to a range of substrates, including Alumina, Metallised Ceramic, Carbon Fibre, FR4 and Chip on Flex. CIL is particularly experienced in bonding Opto-electronic dies.

Wire Bonding

We use wedge bonding and ball bonding processes to bond aluminium and gold wiring. Over the past few years, CIL has invested heavily in this area and has acquired two fully automatic aluminium wedge bonders and one automatic gold ball bonder, as well as an additional manual heavy gauge aluminium wire bonder. These state-of-the-art machines, coupled with our high precision die bonders, mean CIL offers a bonding capability that is unrivalled anywhere in the UK.

Hardware Design

We offer a full design solution that includes circuit design using PADS PCB CAD including SPICE simulations, PCB layout using CAD, Design for Test, Project management, global component sourcing, product certification and qualification (such as CE marking), and lead free compliance. To find out more about our hardware design service, please visit our website or simply give us a call!

LED and Opto-Electronics

Following an intensive research programme with the Optoelectronics Research Centre at Southampton University, CIL has established itself as one of the world’s market leaders in custom LED displays. Our ergonomic designs are produced in a high package density, making them suitable for many industrial applications. After five years of R&D in the field, CIL has gone on to become a Future Lighting Solutions Integration Member for Phillips' LUMILEDs. To find out more about our expertise in LED and Opto-electronics, simply follow this link to the Custom Interconnect website.

Conventional PCB Assembly

Here at CIL, we offer a range of conventional PCB assembly methods including hand soldering, flow soldering and automated, selective soldering. These are carried out by our highly trained and experienced team to meet customers own workmanship standards including IPC 610 Level C ‘Target Conditions’.

We are pleased to operate a fantastic range of conventional assembly equipment including:

Operator based conventional assembly using a range of flow-line, light-guided and turn-over jig assembly

  • Flow Solder CMS 400 (Leaded Solder Bath)
  • Flow Solder CMS 400 (Blundell Lead Free System)
  • Pillarhouse Handex Lead Free selective soldering station with off-line programming

To view our complete range of equipment and to find out more about our excellent conventional PCB assembly services, please visit our website or give us a call at CIL and we will be happy to help.

Inspection & Testing

We also provide the industry with first class product verification and product testing services. As experts in leading edge SMT PCB and through-hole PCB assembly technologies we have the skills and expertise to provide product testing and inspection services to meet the developing demands of the industry.

We work with a range of top quality process verification and testing equipment including:

  • Marantz M22XDL450 Automatic Optical Inspection
  • MITUTOYO 3-D non contact optical measurement system
  • Optical Wavelength and power measurement
  • Teradyne Z1820VP ICT/Functional Combinational ATE System
  • Takaya APT 8400 CE/CJ Flying Probe fixtureless testers

Please visit our website to view the range in full and to find out more about our inspection and testing capabilities.

Product Service and Upgrade

CIL provides customers with a full warranty support programme which features product servicing and upgrading to current revision and operational requirements. Our warranty services are suitable for products manufactured by CIL and second party companies.

We also provide a through life documentation and tracking system designed to aid recognition of product status.

Please give us a call at CIL to find out more.

Materials Procurement

We also provide a complete materials procurement and control service using our fantastic MRP-based management information system. This system enables us to manage complex projects using project purchasing and planning modules. Our highly experienced operations group provides suitable and effective configurations to ensure that all required materials are available when required by production.

Engineering Support

Our production and engineering teams works closely with customers own design and engineering teams to ensure the most effective solutions are created and that product quality and reliability attributes are met.

We use state-of-the-art hardware and software tools in order to use core data quickly and efficiently within the development and testing stages. We provide customers with complete test solutions via our Solution Partners.

We can source turnkey test solutions for almost all applications including full ATE, Teradyne fixtures and associated programming. We also provide specific test fixtures and test boxes to enable customers engineering departments to concentrate on their own product design.

Low-Cost Gateway

We use a network of quality assessed partners to provide customers with cost-effective manufacture from offshore production facilities. We assess the product complexity, volume and project risk along with any potential, commercial benefits and present them to customers for consideration.

For each new project, production locations, quality support arrangements and capabilities are matched for suitability.

Thick Film Hybrids

Here at CIL, we have been designing and manufacturing thick film, hybrid circuits since 1987. We use state-of-the-art CAD design facilities combined with highly automated SMT equipment and chip and wire bonding facilities in order to create advanced solutions.

Today, we have a number of existing designs in continuous manufacture with a number of new assemblies currently going through the new product introduction phases.

We are pleased to have the facilities and capabilities to process most sizes and thickness of commercially available ceramic and can process it further for SMT or chip and wire products.

MCM & Custom BGA's

We design and manufacture top quality Multi-Chip Module (MCM), Custom Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and Chip Scale Packages (CSP) to the MCM-C (ceramic-based) and MCM-L (laminate or PCB-based). These assemblies can be single or multiple die types featuring external components or aerials/ antenna.

We are pleased to have built a fantastic reputation in leading edge technologies enabling us to provide customers with greater miniaturisation assembly services.

We provide customers with state-of-the-art designs leading to solutions for all kinds of microelectronic/ thermo/ micropackaging problems.

Power Hybrid Circuits

CIL’s outstanding design and manufacturing services include the production of power hybrid and heavy gauge wire bonding to thermally conductive substrates. Our highly skilled engineers use modern CAD design facilities combined with modern assembly equipment to supply power hybrids to customers in a range of market sectors. We create high power modules using LED’s featuring a combination of air/ water/ peltier cooling to enable the LED’s to function effectively.

LED & Thermal Management

We provide an extensive range of products and services that have been expertly designed and created to aid the development of products and LED solutions. Our products and services are in place to help bring products and LED solutions to market quickly and efficiently. Our LED solutions and services include: Power Solutions, Optical Solutions, Thermal Solutions, Engineering Services, Bare LED die and LUMILEDS packaged hi-power LED’s.

Design Support

We are pleased to boast an incredibly talented team of individuals in our design team who provide complete design solutions from the initial product concept through to product manufacture. Our services are based around many years of experience in areas such as: Design for Manufacture (DFM), Design for Test (DFT), Full product design using high power LED’s such as LUMILED’s, Optical products such as light sources for fluorescent microscopes and Design for compliance – EMC, RoHS and more.

We specialise in:

  • Product definition and development
  • Electronic design and development
  • Industrial design
  • Firmware/ embedded software specification, design developmentand testing
  • Product conformity to European and global directives including EMC
  • Product feasibility studies

Software Design

We work closely with clients during the software development cycle in order to gain a firm understanding of their requirements and subsequently create the most suitable and effective solutions.

We offer specialist design skills in system design, architecture definition and partitioning, high speed digital design (including FPGA and CPLD), software and firmware design in C++, C and assembler and Windows programming in Visual C++ and Visual BASIC.

We are also experienced in the field of imaging software found in the science of fluorescence microscopy and compiling software to interface with most imaging software use in the field.

LED and Opto-Electronics

At CIL, we specialise in outstanding LED and Opto-Electronics services. In fact, we are market leaders in the design and manufacture of custom LED arrays.

Each year, LED performance increases dramatically with higher output covering a broader range of wavelengths. However, despite vast improvements in performance and the increased use of LED’s as a replacement for incandescent lamps, designers are faced with problems such as the balance of basic physics of increasing light output while dealing with the heat that is generated.

At CIL, we have the skills and experience to overcome such problems as this and have been working in this field for the last five years. We have become a Future Lighting Solutions Integration Member for Phillip’s LUMILED’s.

Customer Supplied Materials

We are pleased to accept materials from customers during the early stages of production and prototype build. All customer supplied materials are checked and discrepancy issues reported prior to use. They are used or issued on a regular basis and coded as Customer Furnished within our material control system for easy identification.

New Product Reporting

At CIL Engineering, we now formulate and collect data that has been measured and observed during the prototype and early model production phases. This data is available to customers along with recommendations and corrections required to improve any follow-on production processes.

New Product Introduction reporting helps customers identify any product improvements as early as possible in the product life cycle.


We have been designing and manufacturing products using bare die and packaged CREE LEDs since 2004. Our manufacturing equipment is set up to handle CREE bare die and CREE packaged LED’s and mount them on to various substrates such as FR4, metal clad PCB’s, ceramic and more.

Please give us a call at CIL to find out more about bare die and packaged CREE LEDs.


We can provide a selection of products utilising LED's from the OSRAM Dragon range. We have a wealth of experience in working with these types of components and can guarantee high quality, reliable products. If you would like more information this range, feel free to visit our website where you will find a link to OSRAM's site. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email and we will help you further. 



Registration Number: 02026753
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No of Employees: 101-250
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