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Solent Plastics provides tough, durable storage solutions in the form of plastic boxes, crates, trunks and containers. We offer a huge range of quality plastic storage products in hundreds of different shapes, styles and sizes. Our containers are used for storing, packing and shipping all kinds of goods across many different industry sectors – from general warehousing to defence, education to medicine.  We even supply a range of watertight products for marine / offshore industries

Established in 1928, Solent Plastics is one of the UK’s leading distributors of plastic storage containers. Our reputation has been built upon the supply of top quality storage products that can withstand the rigours of industrial use. The containers we supply are notorious for being strong, sturdy and highly durable, so you can be confident that your goods will be stored safely or arrive at their destination in perfect condition. 

The Solent range is continually expanding. We are constantly looking to source new exciting storage products to the portfolio. New storage product design is driven by customer demand and changing behaviour. We respond to the needs of the market by sourcing new products that save money, save space or enhance the protection of contents. 

Solent Plastics gives customers the option to purchase or hire. Of course we can supply a huge range of brand new containers, but we also have a very large selection of used crates and boxes which offer an ideal solution for anyone requiring storage on a lower cost basis. We also offer a crate and box hire service that is ideal for large or small office or home moves, relocations or emergency storage for the long or short term.

Some of our plastic storage products are detailed in the sections below. You can find out more by visiting Solent Plastics online. 

Static Tanks, Mobile Container Trucks & Round Storage Bins - Visit our website

Solent’s range of static tanks, mobile container trucks and round storage bins are ideal for all kinds of goods. Highly versatile and extremely durable, they are used across many different industries from catering to general warehousing. All of the containers we supply are made with quality plastics for a strong, sturdy construction. 

  • Mobile Tanks & Wheeled Container Trucks – For watertight mobile storage. Made from food grade materials. Suitable for all industries.
  • Bottle Bins & Bar Trolleys – For glass bottle collection. Suitable for catering environments, bars, events, etc. 
  • Static Storage Tanks – For watertight, heavy duty storage applications. Made from food grade materials. Suitable for all industries.
  • Round Storage Bins – In tapered or stacking designs. Made from food grade materials. Suitable for all industries.
  • Ingredients Storage Bins – Specifically designed for the catering industry. 

Euro Stacking Plastic Containers - Visit our website

Solent can offer a range of solid side and ventilated Euro containers. Being extremely versatile, these are used across many different industries for storing all kinds of goods.

Ventilated Euro containers are particularly suited to the storage and transport of perishable goods such as foodstuffs. Colour coded Euro containers, meanwhile, are ideal for situations where you need to quickly distinguish between the different goods within (usually to speed up distribution). 

You can find out more about the different types of Euro container we have in stock by visiting Solent Plastics online. 

Really Useful Boxes & Clear Storage Boxes - Visit our website

Solent’s Really Useful Boxes are recognised throughout the world for their strength, simplicity, and of course, their versatility. Made from a highly transparent plastic and available in a range of sizes from 0.2 to 145 litres, these containers have been used to store everything from business stationary to sports equipment, files and folders to cleaning products and fabrics. In fact, you can store virtually anything you want in these handy stackable boxes. They are great for the home or garage, but also very popular in schools and nurseries. Find out more about the Really Useful range by visiting Solent Plastics online.

Schools, Classroom & Home Storage - Visit our website

We offer a great range of storage products which are perfect for use in schools, nurseries and other similar environments. On our website you’ll find a number of lightweight boxes for storing things like stationary and class materials, as well as a series of heavy duty trunks for keeping the bulkier items like laboratory instruments or sports equipment safe and secure. We can also supply a number of robust, durable storage products for caretaker’s tools and consumables. You can see exactly what’s available by visiting Solent Plastics online.

Small Parts Storage Bins & Trays - Visit our website

Solent’s small parts storage bins and trays are perfect for manufacturing, production and workshop environments. They are ideal for holding things like nuts, bolts, fasteners and other similar products. Many of the containers in this range can be fitted to our racking systems for a highly organised storage solution that gives you quick access to parts and components when you need them. The bins and trays themselves are made from reinforced polypropylene, giving them the strength and durability needed in harsh industrial environments. They are available in a wide range of colours and in many cases have an inbuilt label holder for easy part identification. Discover the range at Solent Plastics online.

Marine & Waterproof Storage Products - Visit our website

Being based in the port city of Southampton means we have naturally developed close ties with the marine industry, and in fact we have designed a whole range of products specifically for use across this important sector. Our Watertight Marine Range of boxes, trunks, cases, kegs and drums are used in offshore applications all over the globe. They can be found on oil rigs, surveying and exploration vessels, sports boats, cruise liners and leisure craft from the North Sea to Antarctica. Of course, they have many onshore applications too, particularly where weatherproof storage is needed. Head over to the Solent Plastics website to find out more.

Recycling / Segregated / Waste Plastic Bins - Visit our website

Solent Plastics offers a great range of colour-coded recycling bins covering the requirements of both domestic and commercial users. All of the products in this category are designed to make sorting, storage and disposal of recyclable materials as easy as possible. They are ideal for warehouses and stores, schools, colleges, hospitals, retail environments, airports and many other public places.

Stacking & Nesting Plastic Containers - Visit our website

Our lightweight stacking and nesting containers are ideal for situations where space is at a premium. Stackable containers are designed to maximise the use of space in storage areas and on delivery vehicles – in fact they can reduce your volume requirements by up to 75%. Our nesting containers, meanwhile, are designed to be nested within each other, reducing the amount of space they take up when empty. We also have containers that can do both - stack and nest. These are perfect for anyone looking to improve storage efficiency within their warehouse or distribution centre. Find out more by visiting Solent Plastics online.

Hand Cases & Carry Cases - Visit our website

Solent’s range of heavy duty carry cases are designed to provide that extra bit of protection for valuable goods and equipment. Made with high quality plastics, they offer excellent impact resistance and are ideal for all sorts of industrial applications. Once sealed with the sliding clasp locks, the cases also offer a high level of protection against the elements.  A heavy duty carry handle makes them highly manoeuvrable and a secure stacking design means they are very space-efficient.  For more information and size availability, please head over to the Solent Plastics website.

Airtight Catering Buckets & Plastic Jerrycans - Visit our website

Solent Plastics offers a range of airtight catering and mixing buckets which are ideal for storing solids, powders or liquids in catering environments. They feature a clip-on, re-sealable lid which ensures an airtight seal and keeps perishable items fresh. They also have anti-lift protection, a tamper evident rim seal and a heavy duty, ergonomically designed plastic or metal carrying handle. All of our buckets are approved for the catering and food industry. We supply them to many professional kitchens, restaurants and catering colleges. 

We also offer a range of heavy duty plastic jerry cans ideal for storing liquids. Find out more by visiting Solent Plastics online. 

Special Offers & Used Plastic Boxes - Visit our website

For a great deal on storage containers, why not check out some of our special offers? On our website you’ll find a range of discounted boxes, crates and containers in many different shapes, styles and sizes. All of the products in this range are of industrial quality, meaning they are suitable for virtually all end-user applications, from general warehousing to home storage.


We also have a range of second hand plastic boxes. These are purchased in bulk so that the savings we make can be passed on to you. All of the boxes we supply are checked for quality, so you can be confident of their strength and durability. 

Attached Lid Distribution Containers - Visit our website

Need a flexible storage solution that provides a high level of protection for your consumer goods? Then look no further than our Attached Lid Containers. Often referred to as tote, crocodile or alligator boxes because of their interlocking lids, these are used across a range of industries and in distribution centres worldwide. The interlocking hinged lid means that the containers can be securely stacked when full as well as nested when empty, saving you huge amounts of space. Attached Lid Containers are available in a range of shapes and sizes, with capacities starting at 4 litres and going right up to 165 litres. Manufactured from a tough polypropylene or HDPE, they offer excellent durability and can be used in virtually all kinds of industrial environment.

Big Boxes & Large Storage Trunks - Visit our website

Solent Plastics offers a great range of large plastic trunks ideal for the storage and transportation of heavy and/or bulky equipment. They include:

  • Gorilla Boxes - Ultra strong and highly durable, our Gorilla Boxes have been used by the MOD, the army and other organisations working in volatile areas of the world where conditions are often very demanding.  
  • ‘Big Boxes’ – A highly versatile storage solution for all sorts of equipment. 
  • TIGABOX – A series of water and weather resistant containers with lockable lids. 

Find out more by visiting Solent Plastics online.  

Plastic Pallet Boxes / Bulk Storage Containers - Visit our website

Pallet boxes are designed with feet or skids in order to allow easy access and manoeuvrability using a forklift, pump or pallet truck. Ideal for use in warehouses, they can be stacked securely up to six boxes high or placed onto racking. The boxes are made from an extremely robust material which is scratch-resistant and very easy to clean. A maximum capacity of 500kg makes them ideal for storing big, bulky items.

Order Picking Containers & Open Fronted Storage - Visit our website

Open fronted storage containers are ideal for picking operations because they allow quick and easy access to stock. They are used in distribution centres worldwide to improve the efficiency of the shipping process. At Solent Plastics we have a huge range of containers for you to choose from, all of which are designed to improve picking accuracy and speed. The range includes Euro picking containers which can easily be stacked to reduce spatial requirements.

Hire Service - Visit our website

Solent Plastics offers a flexible storage container hire service for anyone requiring boxes or crates on a temporary basis. Customers can choose from a huge range of strong, durable crates which can be stacked, nested, or both. We can also supply dollies and sack trucks for easy handling. 

We can deliver at very short notice to addresses throughout Hampshire using our own fleet of vehicles. Long and short term hires are welcomed, and we impose no minimum order quantity. Get in touch to find out more. 



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  • Really Useful Boxes Best range of clear storage boxes in the world, over 20 sizes from under 1 ltr up to 84 ltr.

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