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Based in Norwich, Redpack Packing Machinery have over 35 years of experience within the flow wrapping industry. Our machines are used by many different types of business, to package products such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, household products, bakery, greeting cards, gifts and toys, as well as much more. Although we have devised tried and tested techniques and machinery to tackle any project, each application has its own requirements and therefore demands a bespoke service. Following delivery and installation, we offer a comprehensive after sales service which involves telephone support, maintenance contracts and maintenance activities which are carried out by our experienced engineers. We also offer a wide range of spare parts which are all available from our website. 

Customer service is incredibly important to us and we are always on hand to answer any queries which customers may have about any of our machines or services. 

P325 - Bottom Seal

Our P325 Bottom Seal flow wrapping machine uses a single axis electronic drive system which means operation is simple. The machines also features a touch screen with easy to use commands, allowing the operator to enter the product code parameters and activate the device. Once programmed, the flow wrapper will automatically change over the bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position and machine speed to the desired requirements, saving time.

P325 - Snack Packer

The P325 Snack Packer is a horizontal flow wrapping machine which specialises in the multipacking of snack products. This model is available with either an Allen-Bradley three axis servo drive and colour touch screen or with a three axis electronic drive and mono touch screen. There are also other options available, including auto-splice for automatically changing film reels, a choice of data coders and a range of infeed solutions. For more information on the P325 Snack Packer, please visit the website.

P325 - Trayless

Our P325 Trayless flow wrapping has been designed to operate without a carrying tray which saves money as well as minimising handling and packaging wastage. As our Trayless model minimises handling, it is greatly beneficial when working with fresh produce and facilitates compliance with health and safety regulations. It is worth noting that this machine can be supplied with a choice of drive and control systems as well as product infeeds. If you would like to learn more about our P325 Trayless flow wrapping machine, or any of our products, please visit the website.

NTS - Top Seal

The NTS Top Seal flow wrapping machine is an industry leader and benefits from being incredibly versatile and sturdy. This particular model is renowned for its ability to facilitate the wrapping of difficult to handle products. As with all of our products, the Top Seal features precision engineered components which are protected by stainless steel. This protection means are machines are incredibly hardy and have an extended life-span when compared with devices manufactured by other companies.

NTS - Box Motion

Easy to use, functional and versatile, the NTS Box Motion flow wrapping machine can provide high quality solutions for many packaging processes. Whatever product requires packaging, we have the expertise and the machinery to help. The Box Motion features a full colour touch screen which allows operators to quickly and effortlessly input simple commands for a range of different products. For more information on our NTS Box Motion flow wrapping machine, please visit the website.

HTS - Shrink Wrap

Our HTS Shrink Wrap machine has been designed to work with a wide range of products thanks to features like box motion and rotary end crimping. As with all of our machines, our shrink wrapping device has been continuously developed and boasts a rugged and versatile structure. It also uses precision engineered components housed in stainless steel fabrications which means it is designed to run continuously with minimal maintenance. For more information on our HTS shrink wrapping machine, please visit the website.

P325 - Shrink Wrap

Our P325 stainless steel flow wrapping machine is renowned for its versatility and reliability and it is an ideal product for shrink wrapping products in trays. Thanks to its unique design and manufacture, our P325 model, as well as others within the range can be used for wide variety of flow wrapping applications. Customers are reminded that this model can be supplied with a choice of drive and control systems and product infeeds to suit your individual requirements. For any more information, please visit the website.

Packaging Systems

Thanks to our many years of experience within the industry, we can offer bespoke packaging systems based around P325 Bottom Seal flow wrapping machine or HTS Top Seal flow wrapping machine. We will work with our clients from conception, through design and development and all the way to factory installation and staff training. With the help of our experienced engineers and specialist Solid Works CAD software, we can provide you with the perfect solution for you packaging needs.



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