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Butterworth Laboratories specialises in Method Development, Method Validation, Stability Testing and QC Testing Services for the Pharmaceutical, Medical devices and Chemical Industries.

With more than 35 years experience in the industry, Butterworth Laboratories has a wealth of knowledge and provides clients with first class solutions.

The company began back in the 1970’s when it provided Elemental Microanalytical testing. It has since expanded throughout the years to offer a range of instrumental techniques including Ion and Gas Chromatography and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. In recent years it has also shifted focus to the pharmaceutical industry and expanded its range into HPLC, GCMS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

With a team of forty plus members of staff, Butterworth Laboratories continues to research and develop its service to meet the demands of the industry.

The quality of our services is crucial to our success and we are regularly inspected by the MHRA, UKAS and FDA to ensure that that our testing, validation and analysis services are of the highest standards.

Stability Testing

We are able to provide services for both small and medium studies, one of which includes stability testing. We can conduct testing of materials which have been stored to precise ICH conditions. It is also worth noting that we can work with both short term and long term investigations. Customers can visit the website to view further information, including the specific onsite conditions we utilise. If you have any questions about our stability testing services, please feel free to contact us directly.

GLP Projects

Customers are reminded that we have been a member of the UK Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Programme since 1989. Our status as a member of this programme means we can guarantee a high standard of service. It is also worth noting that as a member of the GLP, any data which is gathered from our studies is internationally recognised and is of acceptable quality. For any more information about the GLP Programme, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, via the website.

QC Testing

Here at Butterworth Laboratories we pride ourselves on the diverse range of techniques on offer. These allow us to provide quality control testing for a wide range of industries – largely for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Our highly skilled team has an outstanding knowledge of analytical chemistry and is able to undertake a wide range of chemical tests with the pharmacopoeia monographs. The testing of pharmaceutical raw materials to international pharmacopoeia specifications has become a particular specialty in our laboratories.

Please contact our friendly team at Butterworth Laboratories to find out more about our QC Testing options.

Method Development & Validation

In 1989, Butterworth Laboratories became a member of the UK Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliance Programme and has continued to maintain this status for analytical chemistry and phys/chem testing ever since. Our clients can be assured that the results they receive from the conduct of regulatory study are of the highest quality and internationally recognised.

If you would like to find out more about GLP projects, please contact David Hawkins, our Head of Quality Assurance and IT Manager, who will be happy to talk with you.


Gas Chromatography: for Mass Spectrometry, Flame Ionisation, Electron Capture and Thermal Conductivity. This rapid technique is used for organic materials and can come with very complex mixtures.

Liquid Chromatography: for UV, Fluorescence and refractive index. This technique is widely used for organic and inorganic materials.

Ion Chromatography: for conductivity, pulsed amperometric, ultraviolet and refractive index. This technique is widely used for organic and inorganic materials.

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and Paper Chromatography: this technique is mainly used for qualitative purposes and is suitable for quality control, purity checks, clinical diagnosis and forensic tests.

Column Chromatography: this technique is not used as commonly as the others as a stand-alone technique.

Atomic Spectroscopy

Butterworth Laboratories offers the following atomic spectrometric techniques:

Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS): this technique enables the analysis of more than 70 elements (metallic and non-metallic) from low ppt to high ppm in solution.

Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES): this technique enables qualitative and quantitative determination of metals and certain non-metallic elements from low ppb to high ppm for the simultaneous determination of high and low elements.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA): for the quantitative determination of metals, largely as minor or trace constituents.

Please contact us at Butterworth Laboratories to find out more about these techniques.

Molecular Spectroscopy

We also offer the following molecular spectrometric techniques:

·         FTIR Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectroscopy: identification and structural analysis of organic compounds.
·         UV/VIS Ultra-violet/ visible Spectroscopy: identification and quantitative determination of elements and compounds, largely as trace and minor constituents.
·         Fluorimetry: the measurement of radiation provides a sensitive and selective means of quantitative analysis.
·         Paramagnetic Analyser: measures the concentration of diamagnetic gases such as oxygen
Please contact the team at Butterworth Laboratories to find out more about these techniques.

General & Wet Chemistry

Our analysts are highly trained in a variety of areas including gravimetric, titrimetric and colorimetry techniques. This enables them to perform various basic qualitative and quantitative tests such as in pharmacopoeias and other published methods.

Our available instrumental techniques include:
·         Range of 1,2,3,5 and 7 figure balances
·         Range of incubators, ovens and furnaces
·         Potentiometric titrator
·         Colorimetric and conventional Karl Fischer titrators
·         Ion Selective Electrodes
·         UV/VIS spectrophotometers
·         Microwave digester (Acid Digestion and Solvent Extraction Capabilities).

Phys/Chem Testing

Phys/Chem testing refers to the determination of physical-chemical properties of materials such as:

·         Melting point/ melting range
·         Boiling point/ boiling range
·         Distillation range
·         Viscosity of liquids
·         Refractive index
·         Specific gravity or density of liquids and solids
·         Particle size distribution (by sieve technique).

These tests are not strictly Analytical Chemistry techniques they are an additional element to the scope of our testing. Other parameters in the same category include:

·         Optical rotation
·         Congealing temperature
·         Loss on drying
·         Loss on ignition
·         pH determination
·         Water conductivity
·         Calorific value
·         Dissolution
·         Disintegration
·         Osmolality
·         Colour and achromicity
·         Hydrolytic resistance of glass

Elemental Microanalysis

Elemental Microanalysis is a technique that provides crucial information on the purity and composition of various materials. This fast, accurate and cost-effective technique is widely used for routine QC samples, reaction intermediates and new and novel research materials.

Our instrumentation includes CHN Analyser, Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Analyser, ICP-OES/ICP-MS and Ion Chromatography.

The technique can be used to assess purity, monitor syntheses and to determine other elements such as halogens and phosphorus, thus creating an overall picture of a compound.



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