Ringtel Electronics (UK) Ltd

5-6 Waterside Court
Albany Street
South Wales
NP20 5NT
United Kingdom

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Ringtel Electronics is a market leader in the manufacture of custom connectors,cable assemblies and wire harnesses. We operate in a range of diverse markets, including Electronics, Gaming, Automotive and Communications.

Since 2001, we have operated our own manufacturing facility in Guang Dong Province, Southern China to complement our head-office in Wales which offers technical support, customer service, storage and distribution. This means we can offer our customers the optimum procurement solution- manufacturing in a low-cost country, combined with the excellent service you would expect from a local supplier.

  • Product Design and Engineering handled in the UK.
  • Customer Service in the UK - a convenient time-zone for European customers.
  • We take care of logistics, import costs, insurance and delivery.
  • Stocks can be held in Wales for quick delivery.
  • Quality control handled by UK head office.
  • Manufacturing processes are governed by UK & EU law, protecting your intellectual property.
  • Low cost, high-quality, 60,000 square metre manufacturing facility.
  • 200 experienced production operators and engineers with an experienced management team.
  • Dedicated production lines.
  • ISO9001 : 2008 and UL Approved.
  • ROHS compliant.
  • High-speed equipment able to process large quantities quickly and accurately.
  • Material sourcing expertise in China. If we can’t manufacture it, we will source it for you.
  • Total procurement solution- the benefit of low-cost country manufacturing, combined with the excellent service you expect from a local supplier.



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