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Primalec is the trading name of R J Doran & Co Ltd which has been providing inspection products for over 26 years, and has also been designing and producing ultra violet light sources since 1987. Our UV products are used for leak detection in motor vehicle engines, fuel systems, hydraulics, engine cooling & air conditioning systems, and also to cure adhesives and resins. Primalec also supplies the commercial air conditioning industry. Our Glo-Leak brand is the result of over 26 years of hard work and determination in developing uv-flourescent tracer fluids. As Europe’s first company to specialise in this field, we have the experience and know-how to supply leading manufacturing plants and aftermarket distributors all over the world.

Our range of products is constantly expanding. We now produce ultrasonic inspection devices, ultraviolet light sources and fluorescent leak detection fluids, in addition to inspection tools, including endoscopes, inspection lamps and mirrors, and bore inspectors. Primalec has the air-conditioning expertise to provide your solutions for leak detection and repair, A/C sanitising, A/C lubricants, A/C flushing and retro-fit products, as well as providing many routine valves and fittings.

New Leak Detecto

Our brand new Primalec USV1 is a fixed frequency ultrasonic leak tester which detects water, air and dust leaks around windscreens, door seals and boot lids. This small, portable and inexpensive instrument now makes checking leaks after every windscreen repair or replacement extremely quick and easy. When a customer complains of water leaks or air noise from the car, the USV1 is the perfect tool to locate the problem. This tool is ideal for use by all motor car, truck and bus workshops, windscreen fitting and repair centres, body repair shops, and also for finding leaks in sealed containers and cylinders.


The majority of mechanical faults and failures begin with very small defects or leaks. These faults often emit a high pitched noise as ultrasonic waves which are beyond the scope of hearing for the human ear. When the fault becomes more serious the sound wavelength tends to increase to an audible range. By this point, the damage has been done. It’s much better to detect the fault before you hear it.

That's why we have developed the new USX-1 which detects the ultrasonic noise and converts it to an audible sound via earphones. This allows you to undertake the preventive maintenance before the problems becomes more serious.

Glo-Leak UV fluids

Our Glo-Leak UV Test Fluids are engineered with one or more fluorophors in solution with compatible base fluids. This solution gives fluorescent potential to coolants, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and ACR refrigerants. The fluids are detectable using a UVA or UV-Blue light source which converts fluorescent potential into bright yellow or yellow-green glow. Glo-Leak is the best value leak detection solution for engines, A/C systems, transmissions, cooling systems, bodywork, as well as commercial A/C and refrigeration. You cannot beat the value of our Glo-Leak fluids.

New products

Our Leaktronic-2 heated sensor refrigerant leak detector is the only one of its kind to pass the new SAE2971 certification tests. Developed for accuracy and sensitivity, the Leaktronic-2 features long life heated solid electrolyte sensor technology designed to detect difficult HFC refrigerants such as R-134a, as well as all HCFC and CFC refrigerants including SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends. The Leaktronic-2's unique digital leak size indicator removes the guesswork from leak diagnosis. This digital display is independent of the audio alarm and sensitivity level - this allows precise pinpointing of the leak source.



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