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Metascientific.com was established in 1985 with the aim of supplying all aspects of microscopy. We have been supplying microscopes to Industry, Veterinary Practices, Museums, Universities, Colleges and Schools for many years. Our knowledge and understanding of educational requirements is second to none.

As well as supplying all manner of microscopes and their accessories, we also supply comprehensive servicing. Metascientific.com are the UK's leading distributor for Euromex and Novex microscopes and accessories. If the microscope you require is not listed on our site please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


We supply a wide range of microscopes and accessories for professional and amateur microscopists as well as for educational establishments, various industries and for research organisations. Items within our range include  AP P & AR series Microscopes, S & T series Microscopes, X & C series Microscopes, Novex FL100 series Microscopes, Novex B series Microscopes, Novex RZ Stereo Zoom Microscopes, Novex Junior Microscopes, Eurocam CCD Cameras, Educational Slides and CMEX & Image Focus.

Please contact us for details regarding our microscope products or please visit our website for detailed specifications and images. We also supply cameras, illumination products and magnifiers.


We also supply the CMEX-1300x and CMEX-5000 ranges of cameras for precision image capture. The Euromex CMEX camera family and Image Focus analysing software are suitable for all levels of microscopists.

CMEX-1300x: this camera has 1.3 megapixels, ½ CMOS sensor, output high resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, frame rate of up to 12 f/s depending on camera settings and has a range of high sensitivity features such as bright field, dark field, phase contrast and epi-illumination.

CMEX-5000: this camera has 5.0 megapixels, has an output high resolution of 2592x1944 pixels format, ½ CMOS sensor and is convenient to use.

For full specifications of our cameras, please visit our website, or contact us for further information.

Illumination Solutions

At Metascientific.com we provide various illumination solutions for microscopy and macroscopy  purposes.  Examples of the range include compact 20 watt cold-light illuminator with fibre optic, multifunctional 100 watt cold-light iluminator without fibre optic, multifunctional 150 watt cold-light illuminator without fibre optic, EuroLED 56 ring light, EuroLED 40 ring lights, fluorescent ring light for zoom lenses, universal halogen 20 watt microscopy lamp, fluorescent 7 watt light source, universal 30 watt microscopy lamp, fluorescent 7 W ring light for Novex RZ and many more.  Please contact us at Metascientific.com for further information regarding our range of high quality illumination equipment.


We also offer an excellent range of spectroscopes to suit different applications. Spectroscopes are used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our hand spectroscopes SP-5100, SP-5150 and SP-5155 are widely used for optical experiments in natural sciences education while the hand spectroscope SP-5200 is widely used for gem determination. The SP-5200 features a wavelength of 400-700 nm and when transparent solid substances, liquids or gas is placed between the light source and the spectroscope, the specific spectrum of these substances are visible. We also offer the SP-5275 table spectrometer for measurements of a prism. Please see full product descriptions on our website.

Refractometers and Polarimeters

We offer a high quality selection of refractometers and polarimeters, used to identify substances or to measure concentrations in fluids.  You can choose from hand held and digital refractometers or the highly accurate Abbe refractometer, designed for table/bench use.  The Abbe refractometer has an extended scale to enable measurement of concentrations of sugar and refractive indices and is designed to effectively measure all types of concentrations and to identify many different substances.  Polarimeters are often used for process control in chemical, pharmaceutical and research labs.  We offer two polarimeters suitable for measuring steroids, diuretics, drugs, vitamins and many more substances.  Visit our website where you will be able to see our range of Refractometers and Polarimeters and see a great deal more technical data.


Metascientific stock a comprehensive range of microscopy accessories.  We offer high quality magnifiers, measuring magnifiers and microtomes, dissection instruments and student measuring graticules.  You can see all of these on our website, where you will also find a range of accessories for microscopy including microscope slides and cover glasses, slide boxes, auxiliaries, Canada balsams and stains.  Our range is extensive, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, just let us know.  We are always happy to help.

Biological Microscopes

We stock an extensive range of high quality biological microscopes, including products from Euromex and Novex. All of our microscopes offer exceptional functionality with features designed specifically for the scientific industry. Customers can visit the website to view the entire range which includes detailed technical specifications on all of our microscopes. Alternatively, if you have any specific queries don't hesitate to contact our customer service team by phone or email. 

Teaching Microscopes

We can provide a range of specialist teaching microscopes which includes devices from Novex. Our teaching microscopes have been designed for use by both students and amateur biologists and are ideal for environments such as laboratories, hospitals, universities and research centres. This range features products which are not only premium and multifunctional but also accessible and easy to use. If you would like more information, including details on features, sizes and pricing, don't hesitate to visit the website. 

Industrial Microscopes

We can supply a wide selection of industrial microscopes which offer excellent functionality, usability and value for money. Just some of the products we can provide include, the Euromex M Series, Euromex BE, Novex B-Plus and Novex BBS. Our microscopes would benefit a variety of different environments, from labs to schools and research centres. For full technical specs on any of our products don't hesitate to visit the website, alternatively you can contact us directly by phone or email.  

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  • Euromex Industries at present using Euromex microscopes include, Biologists, Brewers, Diamond Industry, Food Industry, Jewellers, Pathologists and many more. Metascientific.com are the UK's leading distributor of Euromex Microscopes and have been supplying industry for over 25 years
  • Novex Novex Microscopes are robust, affordable microscopes with excellent optical and mechanical construction and have been used by schools and colleges, amateur biologists and hobbyists for over 25 years.