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LMK Thermosafe is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of induction drum heaters and flexible heating jackets. With a growing network of agents and stocking distributors across the globe, we are able to supply more than 45 countries with our high-performance technologies. Our induction drums and flexible heating jackets have been used in a range of applications across a number of different industries. In fact, drum heaters from LMK Thermosafe have become the model of choice for many multi-national companies. Our products are so popular because they combine excellent performance with outstanding reliability. Over the years, LMK Thermosafe has continually invested in the development of brand new drum heaters and the improvement of existing designs. That ensures our customers receive a high-class, delicately refined product. Customer satisfaction has been a guiding principle for us over the years. With application insight and industry awareness, we can provide the advice and guidance you need to find the perfect solution for your drum heating needs. Below you will find a synopsis of some of the products that we manufacture. Please follow the links to our website in order to find out more. And if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch directly - we're only a phone call away!

Thermosafe Drum & Process Induction Heater

Drum and Process Induction heaters from Thermosafe have been designed to heat 205 litre drums or smaller steel vessels. They use a single induction coil which is entirely enclosed in a cylinder that has been manufactured from a glass reinforced resin. The cylinder is placed over the drum, and the coil is
connected to a single phase AC mains supply - this distributes heat directly and evenly in the drum wall. Energy is transferred by alternating magnetic field, which is far more efficient than conventional radiation or convection heating.

We have two models available, Type A for 240 V AC supply, and Type B for operation at 110/120 V AC.

Faratherm Induction Base Heater

The Faratherm Induction Base Heater functions on the same electrical principles as the Thermosafe heater, but allows additional power to be delivered to the base of the drum. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to melt solids or heat highly viscous liquids contained in the drum. These base heaters can be used together with one of our insulation jackets, or as a standalone piece of equipment. They are certified for safe operation with HDPE plastic drums, while smaller drums can also be placed onto the hot plate if required.

LMK Flexible Heating Jacket

Flexible Heating Jackets from LMK are suitable for virtually all plastic, fibre and metal containers, including barrels, drums, buckets, tubs, kegs, carboys, totes, IBCs and more. We have a wide range of standard sizes which are able to accommodate most containers from 20 litres (5 Gallon) to 1200 litres (300 Gallon). These are all available for immediate delivery. For unusually small or large containers we can manufacture customised, made to measure flexible heating jackets. We also have versions for economical anti-freeze protection of 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBCs and 250 gallon totes. All standard jackets feature a heavy duty, waterproof nylon outer material and a thermally efficient layer of insulation which is held between the outer cover and the inner element carrier.

For further information on functionality and applications, please follow the link to the LMK website.

High Power & Chemically Resistant Heating Jackets

We have several special purpose flexible heating jackets to suit a variety of demanding applications. They include our high power and chemically resistant heating jackets, which have been designed for temperatures up to 180 degrees C. These offer enhanced insulation properties as well as faster heating rates, which makes them ideal for melting solids. Heating jackets in this category are custom made to suit a variety of process and reactor vessels. For full technical details and pricing, please get in touch with the team at LMK.

Gas Bottle Heater & Heavy Duty Tote / IBC Cover

Other special purpose flexible heating jackets from LMK include our Gas Bottle Heaters and heavy duty Tote/IBC covers. For further information, technical details and pricing, please head directly to the LMK website, or simply get in touch directly.

Thermosafe Rental

Investing into equipment that you're only likely to use once is obviously not ideal. That's why LMK makes its drum heating equipment available for hire for a fixed weekly fee. So if short-term use is all that is required, just get in touch. Units are delivered directly to your site, and if you should decide you want to purchase the equipment outright, we'll rebate 50% of the rental charges, up to three months.

Handling Equipment

The Thermosafe is an encapsulated induction coil. The cylinder features open ends which allows the heater to be lowered over the drum or vessel. It can also feature top, bottom or side flanges to attach to handling equipment if this method is preferred to manual lifting. Here at LMK Thermosafe we offer vertical lifting frames that meet industry requirements including the EU Mechanical Handling Directive. Please contact us at LMK to find out more about the benefits of Thermosafe.

Control Units & Sensors

We provide the industry with various control units and sensors. The thermosafe heats by induction and does not feature heating elements. It features a self-limiting maximum-temperature and the drum wall temperature is governed by the material inside the drum as well as the supply voltage. The thermosafe therefore remains cooler than the vessel being heated and the lack of retained heat after switching off enables close temperature control (usually on/off devices). The choice of control is dependant on specific requirements but may include temperature controllers, timers, energy regulators or other components.



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  • Digiheat The Digiheat base heater is suitable for heating 200 litre drums and smaller containers. It comes complete with a digital thermostat.
  • Faratherm The Faratherm induction heater is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas.
  • Inteliheat ATEX & IECEx certified Heating Jackets for drums and IBC tanks. Standard sizes are 1000 litre IBC, 200 litre drum, 100 litre, 50 litre and 25 litre. Custom sizes available: please call us on 01440 707141 to discuss your requirements.
  • Thermosafe The Thermosafe drum heater is an induction heater that is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas. It is available in Type A (240V) or Type B (110V).

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