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Ever since we began trading in 1978, Ful-ton Forklifts have become renowned in their sector for the provision of top-quality forklift trucks along with related products and services. From our headquarters in Hamilton (near Glasgow), we expertly meet the needs of UK and international customers through the supply of the best equipment and the finest customer support.

As well as our extensive stock of new forklifts, Ful-ton can supply all kinds of recycled trucks and spare parts. We also offer short- and long-term equipment rental options, while a variety of schemes for lease purchase, contract hire, haulage and maintenance are available. Ful-ton’s superbly trained engineers and technicians are highly competent in every electrical, hydraulic and mechanical aspect of their profession and can carry out any type of service or maintenance assignment they are given. Once you’ve contacted our service centre, our field staff will be sent to investigate and satisfy your requirements. We draw on the most up-to-date technology to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently, thereby guarantee the least possible disruption to the day-to-day running of your business operation. The appropriate forklift solution for your organisation is just a phone call or email away – have a look at our website to see just what we can do for you!


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Thorough Examinations

A ‘thorough examination’ is a type of safety inspection for forklifts comparable to the MOT tests carried out on cars. Ful-ton’s engineers are all completely qualified to conduct ‘thorough examinations’ on every type of lifting machine. The main functions of these examinations are: establishing that the truck is still safe to operate; checking the truck is lifting and moving in the appropriate manner; discover weakness or flaws that might prevent the truck being used properly; identify the time-frame for addressing any defects discovered and verifying that previously identified defects have been dealt with; checking the functioning of safety devices; and assessing the fixing and legibility of warning notices.

Forklift Driver Training

Get forklift driver training for every sort of mechanical handling equipment on your own premises – at very competitive prices! Operator training for forklifts by a certified instructor is a legal requirement. It is essential that the training covers the whole range of knowledge and skills for the relevant type of vehicle being operated, although the training’s length can depend on prior experience and the particular environment and tasks that will eventually be confronted by the operator. Our instructors have nationally recognised professional qualifications and are authorised to give competence-based training, assign and conduct practical skills tests and issue certificates of achievement.


Let Ful-ton provide the solution to your transport and haulage problems with our specially designed forklift Brimec transporter.  It has a maximum carrying capacity of 15 tonnes, and its dimensions are 5.05 metres long by 2.55 metres wide. The transporter’s maximum height is 3.5 metres on top of its bed.


Industrial vacuum and floor cleaning machines are a recent addition to the Ful-ton catatalogue.  Get in touch with us for further details about what we have in this line of products.

Spare Parts

Our longstanding experience in the forklift industry means that we’re able to cross-refer between the key components of most models. For example, we know that Lansing FRER parts are compatible with those from the old Hillman type. As a result, we can source them for our customers at remarkably low prices. Just tell us the type and serial number of your truck and we’ll give you a highly competitive quotation to supply spare parts for it. If the item you’re after is something that we don’t happen to have in stock at the moment, then we’ll generally be able to get it in for you the very next day.


Stock up on your attachments and racking with the great products in our inventory. The Meyer white goods clamp has an opening range between its paddles of 1,760 mm, which is decreased to 435mm when closed. Its pair of speed-coupling fittings are Class 2 in fit. Our overhead block clamp goes with Class 3 carriages and is equipped with quick-release hosing. The Belzoni Class 2a 360 degree rotator’s frame is 980mm wide and its gross weight is 183Kg, while it can accommodate 2,500 Kg. Racking comes in sets of ten 900mm-wide uprights of 4.1m heights, six 900mm-wide and 3.05m-high uprights, and 50 spars 2.7m in length.


Dreaming of a forklift that’s diesel driven? The 1.8-ton Caterpillar DP18N lifts 3,295mm high and has a Duplex full-free lift mast, a Mitsubishi engine and forks of 1,040mm length. For traversing rough terrain, the Massey Ferguson STA-26W is a full-cab four-wheel drive machine with a Perkins engine and triple mast. It’s able to lift as high as 5.5m. The Doosan D55SC-5 Diesel Counterbalance has a capacity of 5.5 tons and a weatherguard with front wipers, while its closed height is 2,290mm. Doosan’s D70S-2 make is a 3.5m lift and is built with a hydraulic fork positioner, wipers and a CD player. Its cab has a heater to keep temperatures pleasant while working!

Electric Pallets/Stackers

Among our range of electric, power and hand pallet trucks and stackers, there’s sure to be one that’s right for you. Our Atlet CLL electric pallet truck has legs of dimensions 680mm x 1,000mm. It runs on a 24V chloride battery and is supplied with an external charger and 13A plug. The BT FT1056 electric stacker boasts a lift height of 3,750mm and a closed height of 1,820mm, along with a triple full free-lift mast. Other features include a plug-in charger and 1,100mm forks. The Total Lifter hand pallet trucks have capacities of 2.5 tons and wheels made of standard rubber. Their forks are 1,000mm long and either 520mm or 685mm wide.


An electric counterbalance truck will be an invaluable addition to your warehouse. The one-ton Linde E10 Counterbalance is fitted with a Duplex FFL, a Bolzoni sideshift and a single-phase RD charger, while its lift height is 3,300mm. Our new Nissan S1N1 L13T type possesses full front and rear lights as well as a Perspex roof screen and a bolt-on side shift. Its closed mast is 1,950mm in length and it is powered by a single-phase charger. The 1.6-ton Clark CEM16S has a 4.7-metre lift plus a positioner for the sideshift and fork. Its full cab and heater are complemented by solid tyres and road lights, while the machine requires a 48-volt battery to function.


We’ve a large assortment of new and used gas-powered forklifts for your delectation! The Komatsu FG15HT-17 has a 1.5-ton capacity and a Duplex clear-view mast. Closed height is 2,110mm and the truck’s forks are 1,100mm, with the vehicle being fitted with a beacon and reverse alarm. At 2.5 tons, the Daewoo G25E-3 LPG incorporates a suspension seat with lap belt, a 1,060mm chassis and oil-cooled disc brakes. It also has two front spotlights and a reverse alarm. If you’re looking for a heavyweight option, you might consider the seven-ton Caterpillar GC70K, which has an integral fork positioner, a 4,500mm lift and a fork length of 1,600mm.


The reach machines in our portfolio are available in several different capacities. The 1.1-ton Lansing FRER 6.1 lifts to a height of 4,420mm while its closed height is 2,100mm. This forklift comes with a twin-drive, while its chassis is 970mm wide. In the 1.4-ton class, the Linde R14 has a sideshift, a clearview part-free lift and power-assisted steering, plus forks which are 1,050mm long.  The Rolatruc RR B2/14 weights in at 1.6 tons and can lift up to seven metres high. Special attributes include hydraulic finger-tip controls, a triple mast and an electronic height indicator, and it uses a single-phase 48V/105A charger.


The Korean-based Doosan-Daewoo company is among the world’s largest infrastructure businesses, and Ful-ton have acted as a regional distributor for them since 2007. We retail more than 80 different Doosan trucks, including those in the prestigious Pro-5 Series, which emphasise strength, safety and style. Its trucks are characterised by their powerful and reliable service, outstanding safety features (including OCDB brakes), smooth and easy operation, elevated residual capacities, high level of comfort, and sleek and contemporary appearance. For an economic alternative, Doosan’s GX series are simple to maintain and operate. They have ergonomic operator compartments, broad visibility masts and a choice of 2.4- or 3.3-litre diesel engines.


Ful-ton became approved suppliers for the Swedish Atlet organisation in 2009. Based in Gothenburg, Atlet purvey an unmatched selection of forklift and warehousing products, which include reach trucks, pedestrian stackers and low-level pickers. One of Atlet’s most notable creations is the Piccolo PLL which is perfect for use in such confined locations as inside small warehouses, on board trucks and loading bays and on the shopfloor. It’s functional from room temperature down to as low as -35°C. Another excellent buy is the Alto PS, a highly compact pedestrian stacker that’s ideal in constricted areas. It’s a sturdy and versatile tool with an easy-to-control offset tiller arm.

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  • Doosan Industrial Vehicles One of the UK's leading material handling equipment manufacturers.
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