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Russell Finex is a market-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of industrial sieves and filters. Our fine mesh separation technologies are used across a diverse range of industrial applications to improve product quality and to ensure powders and liquids remain free of contamination.

Serving a worldwide market that includes customers involved in the production of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, powder coatings, inks, dyes, metals and more. In fact, there are very few manufacturing processes that do not at some stage involve sieving or filtration.

In order to cater for such a wide variety of industrial sectors, Russell Finex has assembled one of the largest ranges of sieves and filters in the market. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of sieving machines, in-line filters, and ultrasonic deblinding systems, and all of these can be obtained anywhere in the world thanks to our global stocking policy. Russell Finex products are now available in over 140 countries.

We also offer a comprehensive spares department for all your sieving and meshing needs.

Russell Finex has been involved in the production of sieves and filters for over 75 years, giving us experience and expertise to take on all tasks and challenges. Whatever your liquid/powder processing needs, expert engineers are able to provide high-performance, low-cost solutions.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with Russell Finex, please get in touch.

Conversion Tool

One of the most common processes undertaken within the industrial industry is the conversion of measurements. If you visit our website, you will find our conversion tool which allows users to carry out a wide range of conversions, quickly and accurately. We understand the importance of versatility and this is why we offer 30 of the most common conversion within our online tool. Simply choose the relevant conversion from the drop down list and input your values.

Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator

We have designed the easy-clean magnetic separator to be a unique and effective solution for the problem of ferrous contamination. Where this product differs from conventional models is in its open ended design as opposed to the usual closed end configuration. This specific redevelopment means that ferrous contamination can be removed much easier, saving time and effort. If you would like to find out any more information about our magnetic separator products, do not hesitate to visit the website.

Frame Guard

Another example of one of our effective problem solvers is our frame guard product which has been designed for storage. Whether it's mesh screens or magnetic separators, our frame guards can provide a durable and protective storage solution. Using our frame guard means that your screens and separators are completely protected from contamination, when not in use. To find out any more information, on these or any of our other products, please visit the website.


We can provide customers with highly beneficial granular products, including the necessary equipment needed for wet granulation and mixer granulation. There are many advantages to using granular products including a decrease in dust, increased flowability and a great accuracy of dosing, just to name a few. We stock a wide range of granular products, including twin dome granulators, radial extruders, basket extruders, marumerizers, pressure swing granulators, spartan granulators and kneaders. For further information, feel free to visit the website.

Sieving Machines

Russell Finex has designed, developed and manufactured a wide range of high quality sieving machines that are used to remove contamination from all sorts of powders and liquids. Manufacturers all across the globe rely on Russell Finex machines to safeguard their reputation and product quality.

To find out more about sieving machines, please visit the Russell Finex website, or get in touch with our experts via telephone.

Check Screening Vibratory Sieves

Vibratory sieves, often referred to as safety screeners or control sieves, are used across a range of industrial applications to remove oversized contaminants from liquids or powders. Russell Finex has designed a high-performance range of vibratory sieves that are able to handle large quantities, ensuring maximum plant productivity. They include:

  • Russell Compact Sieve - this compact piece of equipment is used to remove all oversized contamination and is suitable for high capacity safety screening where space is restricted.
  • Blow Thru Sieve - the Blow Thru Sieve removes contamination before the production process. It is able to handle throughputs as high as 25 metric tonnes per hour.
  • Compact Airlock Sieve - used for high containment pharmaceutical check-screening.
  • Compact 3 in 1 Sieve - specifically designed to check screen hand fed ingredients where quality is essential.
  • Compact Airswept Sieve - allows pneumatic conveying and check-screening of the material from storage locations to the next process stage.
  • Rotary Sieves - these employ a rotary action to remove oversized contaminants.
  • Mini Sifter - used to remove contamination from small liquid/powder batches

Grading Sieves

Grading sieves are used for the sizing or sorting of liquids or powders into their various grades. Russell Finex understand the importance of consistency and reliability, which is why all of our grading sieves are designed and built to the very highest standards. We use only the best quality mesh to ensure screening efficiency. Our range of grading sieves includes:

  • Finex Separator - this innovative piece of equipment effectively grades and separates materials on up to four mesh decks.
  • Eco Separator - provides a cost-effective solution to almost any screening requirement, including sizing, scalping, grading or product recovery. 

Liquid Solid Separation Equipment

Russell Finex provide a range of liquid solid separation units for the removal of solids from high volumes of liquid slurry. These machines are widely used across a range of industries to reduce product wastage and to minimise the cost of disposing effluent streams.

Ultrasonic Sieve Deblinding Systems

Russell Finex's innovative ultrasonic sieve deblinding systems are used to eliminate mesh blockages and are far more effective at doing so than conventional mechanical deblinding systems. They allow accurate separation down to 20µm, giving a higher quality final product, they also increase sieving capacity by up to 10 times whilst reducing mesh damage.  These revolutionary systems are typically used for processing powder coatings, chemical powders, metal powders, pharmaceutical powers, and ceramic powders.

Inline Self-Cleaning Filters

Russell Finex produces self-cleaning filters for both industrial and sanitary applications. These are used to remove contamination and oversized materials from liquids. The Self-Cleaning Eco Filters provide consistently high flow rates and require no operator control and very little maintenance. A unique self-cleaning design means there are no stoppages to change filter elements and no slowing of throughputs as filter elements become blocked. This improves productivity and reduces the costs associated with replacing and disposing filter media. A totally enclosed design safeguards the health and safety of operators and also eliminates contamination, improving the overall quality of your product.

Case Studies

We understand that our customers like to be completely informed about products and services before progressing further. It is for this reason that we have showcased some of the best examples of our successes across a wide range of industries, within the case study section of our website. The case studies document a wide range of solutions we have provided in the sieving, separation and filtration of substrates. You can also read some of our customer testimonials, which help to illustrate the high level of service we provide.

Spares & Services

A commitment to an outstanding level of customer service has always been the cornerstone of Russell Finex's success. When you buy a Russell Finex product, you can expect comprehensive after-sales support that includes maintenance, spares and repairs.

So whether you require an upgrade for your industrial sieve or a repair on your in-line filter, you can count on Russell Finex for help.




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Brand & Trade Names

  • Blow-Thru Sieve™ Remove oversize contamination during dilute phase pneumatic conveying e.g. Tanker unloading
  • Compact 3in1™ Check-screening of hand fed raw ingredients from bags
  • Compact Airlock Sieve™ Achieving high containment in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Compact Airswept Sieve™ Check-screening and conveying of powders in one dust-tight operation
  • Compact Sieve® High capacity check-screening vibratory sieve where space is restricted
  • Eco Separator™ For grading, scalping, sizing, and product recovery
  • Finex Separator™ Our finest separator for grading, scalping, sizing and product recovery
  • Liquid Solid Separator™ Our Liquid Solid Separator removes impurities from liquids
  • Mini Sifter™ Remove contamination from small batches of powder
  • Russell Eco filter® Improve product quality while removing oversize contamination
  • Russell Hygiene Filter™ Designed to meet the highest sanitary standards
  • Vibrasonic® - Deblinding System Eliminate mesh blinding problems

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