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Precision Welding Products

For over 25 years Weldlogic has lead the market with innovations in micro-TIG and micro-Plasma welding. Its range of state of the art Linear and Computerised power sources are capable of delivering precise current, voltage and travel over programmable weld schedules. Along side these power sources are a range of welding lathes, turntables and linear seam welders. The company’s philosophy is to work in close partnership with its customers, to realise process solutions that meet their exact need. Whether customisation of standard equipment or full turnkey automated machinery is required Weldlogic has the answer.

TIG and Plasma welding power supplies

The most accurate low current welding system on the market today performs welds on the thinnest of components. Has become the industry standard for metal bellows edge welding.

The AWS-200N (Advanced Welding System) is a micro processor based system designed and built to provide a high quality, economically priced, very accurate and repeatable total welding system

PT-10A Plasma Console
This Power module includes a plasma weld console, 50 Ampere plasma welding torch, torch accessory kit, water circulator and integration to the PA-10/100 or AWS systems to allow welding in either a TIG or Plasma mode.

Welding Manipulators

Weldlogic supply a wide range of welding manipulators: welding lathes, welding turntables, column & boom manipulators etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

AWS 6100 Automatic Arc Welding Station
To achieve maximum welding rate and minimal labour cost, AWS-6100 Automatic Welding systems integrate a combination of standard Weldlogic products to provide a complete package. Specifically designed for precision automatic welding, 6100 systems allow circumferential, longitudinal and spot welds to be easily made with a minimum of operator skill. All components are fully integrated to create a complete "ready to go" automatic welding station.

Weldlogic offer an extensive range of standard and custom lathes and turntables, operating in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Welding Manipulators

Rotary welding manipulators
Weldlogic sell a broad range of rotary welding manipulators, turntables and welding lathes with capacities ranging from 100kg to 15,000kg. Custom variants are also available.

PLS Longitudinal Seamer
Weldlogic PLS Weld Seamers are designed for straight line welding of all weldable metals in thickness from .005" to 1/2" and lengths up to 10 feet.

Welding Glove Boxes (Purge Chambers)

We provide both custom and standard welding glove boxes (purge chambers) suitable for use within the aerospace, medical, scientific and nuclear industries. Our welding glove boxes are manufactured from stainless steel making them long lasting and durable. By using our welding glove boxes you will achieve defect free, high quality welded joints, even on exotic materials.

Welding Accessories

Tungsten Grinders & Preground Electrodes
Our sister company Diamond Ground Products sell a wide range of Tungsten Electrode Grinders, Pre-ground & Re-ground Welding Electrodes, Fusion Electrodes and Tungsten Welding Electrodes.

500kg Rotary Welding Turntable

Rotary welding manipulator with max load of 500 Kg and thru-hole Ø260 mm. Motorised inclination from 0° to -135° (using brushless motor).

Heavy Duty Rotary Welding Manipulators

Weldlogic supply a wide range of heavy duty rotary welding manipulators, welding lathes and turntables, whose features include:

  • CC Motor driven by tachometric dynamo or encoder, brushless or AC;
  • Hollow rotating shaft with internal service pipe passage;
  • Extremely rigid bearing arm, with endless screw, capable of supporting pneumatic & motorised slides;
  • Pneumatic slide movement with ball bearing guides;
  • Numeric control.

Further variants and customs solutions are available. These manipulators can be used as the core components of integrated custom welding systems. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

OM-5 Oxygen Weld Purge Monitor - 0.01%
The OM-5 Oxygen Purge Monitor measures the oxygen content of the backing/shielding gases during the welding process.


OM1 Oxygen Analyser to 1ppm
The OM1 Oxygen Monitor measures the oxygen content of the backing/shielding gases down to 1ppm Oxygen. This instrument is ideal for critical applications such as the welding of Titanium and other exotic materials.

Sight Pipes
Sight-Pipes are ideal for visually inspecting orbital tube welds, typical in the semiconductor and nuclear industry. When inserted into a tube/fitting welding assembly, Sight-Pipes project a magnified image of the weld to the top of the enlarged head of the Sight-Pipe. The image seen would be similar to that produced by sectioning the tube and looking directly at the weld.




Registration Number: 03263625
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Registered at Companies House:15 October, 1996 (27 years and 8 months ago)
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Annual Turnover: 2-5m
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Brand & Trade Names

  • Centrator Centrator specialises in the manufacture and supply of internal alignment and purging equipment used to assemble pipes and cylindrical components for circumferential welding.
  • Diamond Ground Products Tungsten Raw and Pre Ground. Tungsten Grinders Fibre Optic Splicing Electrodes Cleaving Blades
  • Piranha Tungsten Grinders

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