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Essex based Connectors Cables Specialists (CCS) specialises in the supply of quality coaxial connectors and cables, RF coaxial, GTK, EDAC and Hirose Interconnect Products to customers in a range of industries. With nearly thirty years of service, CCS has a great reputation for providing customers with quality products at competitive prices. During the years we have built great relationships with many top manufacturers and we are now franchised distributors for companies such as GTK, Telegartner, and IMS. We are also stockists for Hirose Electric products and distributors for Silvertronic Test leads and Accessories, EDAC Interconnect products and Custom and Cable Assemblies. We are dedicated to providing customers with a first class service and offer technical advice and support on our products. If you are unsure of the cables and connectors you require for your application, please give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

Alternative for Hirose

We have created a range of high quality connectors as cost-effective alternatives to the Hirose range of products. Our range is manufactured to extremely high standards in order to provide effective results. Please visit our website to view images and find out more about our range. Prices are available online and items can also be ordered easily via our online ordering system. For larger quantities of connections the price per item is reduced to provide you with further savings. Please don't hesitate to contact us at Connectors Cables Specialists Ltd with your queries. Our technical team is on hand at all stages to offer advice and information regarding our complete catalogue of products.

BNC Connectors

BNC connectors are designed for use with various signal connections such as analogue and serial digital interface video signals, amateur radio antennas, aviation electronics, and test equipment. Items within our range include: BNC plug to plug adaptar Greenpar, BNC Bulkhead Jack to Jack adaptors, BNC Jack to Jack Adaptor Greenpar, BNC Plug to Jack to Jack Flag Adaptor, various crimp plugs, cables, and more. For full details of the complete range and to view images, please visit our website.

Coaxial Cables

We provide a range of high quality coaxial cable to the broadcast industry for transmission purposes. Our coaxial cable is designed and manufactured to carry high-frequency signals and provides superiors EMI shielding compared to other types of cabling. Our ranges of coaxial cable are supplied in 100 meter reels and are supplied at cost-effective prices. Prices are reduced when 10 to 49 reels are ordered. Please contact our sales team for technical information or advice regarding our coaxial cable.

RF Adaptor Kit

The RF Adaptor Kit is an incredibly useful addition to the tool kit for anyone working in the RF or Audio/Visual industry. It contains a range of connectors and universal couplers that can be combined to form up to 64 connector combinations. This incredibly handy kit enables solutions to be reached quickly and efficiently in the workplace when other adaptors are simply not available. These temporary solutions can then be replaced at a later date when there is more time to source fittings. The RF Adaptor Kit features inter-series and intra series adaptor possibilities, gold-plated brass body and centre conductors, Teflon insulator material, and, of course, a wide selection of couplers.

UHF Connectors

UHF connectors are commonly used through what is known as the VHF and HF frequencies and can handle RF power levels over one kilowatt. We supply a large selection of high quality UHF Connectors including: RF Adaptor N Jack to UHF Jack Adaptor, RF Adaptor UHF Plug - SMA Plug Interseries, RF Adaptor BNC Jack - UHF Plug Interseries, Adaptor UHF Plug - SMA Jack Interseries, RF Adaptor UHF Jack - BNC Plug Interseries, RF Adaptor UHF Jack - N Plug Interseries, RF ADAPTOR KIT. COAX INTERSERIES ADAPTOR KIT, and more.

RF Coaxial Connectors

We provide a range of high quality RF coaxial connectors. These electrical connectors are used for multi-megahertz radio frequencies. They are largely used with coaxial cables to complement the shielding of the coaxial cable. Our range of high quality RF coaxial connectors includes, RF Coaxial Connectors (such as BNC connectors, TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, FME, MCX, MMCX, UHF, F-Type and more), Reverse Polarity Coaxial Connectors (such as BNC reverse polarity crimp plugs 50 OHM and Crimp Jack 50 OHM, BNC Male Dust Cap with chain greenpar), RF Coaxial Adaptors, RF Adaptors Interseries and Coaxial Connector Accessories.

Neutrik Connectors

We also supply a range of high quality Neutrik connectors. The range includes:

Speakon Accessories: various items including coloured coding rings for right angle, strain relief reduction ring for NL4FX, soft plastic covers for the rear end D-size, weather resistant dripboot, gaskets, fixing plates and more.
Speakon Cable Connectors: various 4-pole, 2-pole and 8-pole connectors.
Speakon Chassis Connectors: various 2-pole, 4-pole and 8-pole chassis connectors.
Speakon STX Series: various 4-pole and 8-pole female and male cable connectors.
XLR Connectors Neutrik: various 3-pole, 4-pole, 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole male and female connectors.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

USB Charger

Our range of fantastic Euro-Modular USB chargers is approved to IEC 60950. They feature internal 0.5A fuses for each charging circuit which connects to the L terminal in the 230V input connector. When connected via a FCU the fuse will provide a minimum rating of 3A and will not rupture if a fault occurs in the charger. To find out more about our USB chargers, please follow the link to our website. The range includes: USB Charger 25mm X 50mm single white, USB Charger 25mm X 50mm single black, USB Charger 50mm X 50mm double white, USB Charger 50mm X 50mm double black, 13 amp socket in white and 13 amp socket in black.

D Type Connectors

Please also browse our wide selection of D-Type Connectors. The range includes options in the following categories: Die Cast D Type Hood MHDTZK Series MH, Die Cast D Type Hood 45 DEG MHD45ZK MH, Plastic D Type Hood MHDPPK MH Connectors, Plastic D Type Hood MHDTPPK MH Connectors, Plastic Hood 45 DEG MHD45PPK Series MH, Plastic Hood MH Connectors MHTRI-P, D Type Plug and Socket Solder Connectors, D Type Solder Plug and Socket Turned Pin MHDM, Crimp D Plug, Socket and Contacts MH, MH-105 IDC D Type MH Connectors and D-Type Accessories.

Adaptors - Inter Series

Our extensive range of over 100 Inter Series Adaptors covers a host of coaxial applications and features BNC jack and plug adaptors, Euro (TV) jack and plug adaptors, F type plug and jack adaptors, N jack and plug adaptors, FME adaptors, phono plug and jack adaptors, SMA plug and jack adaptors, TNC plug and jack adaptors, UHF jack and plug adaptors and mini UHF plug and jack adaptors.  To discover more details for the adaptors in each category, including prices, please see our website and remember whether you are looking for one or 500 adaptors, CCS Ltd can meet your requirements.

Binder Connector

Binder is an established manufacturer of high quality high performance connectors and CCS Ltd is pleased to be a reseller of their products.  Binder manufactures a comprehensive range of products and of these we stock the following: series 425 solder eye ring, 423 series two-way free plug, 423 series two-way free socket, 423 series six-way free plug, 423 series eight-way free plug, 680 series 12-way free plug, 680 series 12-way free socket and 680 series 12-way panel socket.  More details of each of these items can be found on our website.

BNC Patch Panel

CCS Ltd’s range of patch panels is specifically designed to accommodate BNC connectors.  Our selection of these single unit, 16-port panels includes bare panels for BNC bulkhead adaptors and connectors specifically for CCTV and broadcast applications, 50 ohm fully loaded panels with a choice of insulated and non-insulated options for radio and signalling applications and panels fully loaded with 75 ohm BNC bulkhead adaptors and connectors for broadcast and CCTV applications.  We also have panels loaded with 75 ohm 3G HD adaptors.  Please see our website for further details.

Braided Sleeving

Protect your tubing, wring, hydraulic hoses and harnesses from both mechanical and abrasive damage with Hilflex PG braided sleeving, which we supply on 100m reels.  The close weave nature of this sleeving enables simple application to components after which it bounces back for a snug fit.  Manufactured from UL rated polythene terephthalate monofilaments, this sleeving offers resistance to corrosion from salt water, oils and the majority of fuels and solvents and is able to withstand temperatures of up to 150°C.  Please see our website for current prices. 

Cable Assembly

We offer and expansive array of cable assembly products and we will work with you to design cable harnesses that meet your individual geometric and electrical requirements.  Our range includes D connector assemblies, LLA100 cable assemblies, LLA 400 cable assemblies, LLA600 cable assemblies, mini DIN cable assemblies, molex cable assemblies, RG174 cable assemblies, RG179 cable assemblies, RG213 assemblies, RG214 assemblies, RG223 assemblies, RG58 assemblies, UFL assemblies and URM67 assemblies.  Please contact us to advise us of your requirements and we will supply you with a competitive quotation.

7/0.2mm Def-Stan Cable 61-12 Part 4

Please see our website to discover are extensive selection of 7/0.2mm defence standard cables, which are all manufactured to DEF-STAN 61-12 Part 4.  Our range includes a choice of screened and unscreened cables and all are protected with black sheathing.  Options include 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 6 core, 8 core, 10 core, 12 core, 15 core and 25 core.


CCS Ltd are pleased to stock products from American signal transmissions solutions provider, Belden, who are renowned for their high engineered products which have been designed to withstand the most demanding of applications and are used across the globe by industries who employ automation as well as security, infrastructure and transportation industries amongst others.   We stock an extensive range of Belden coaxial cables to suit different applications and in a choice of colours.  Please see our website to discover more about our full collection of Belden products.

Belden Equivalent Cables

We offer an extensive selection of cables that can be used as an alternative to Belden cables. This range of equivalent stock can be divided into two categories: multi-pair foil screen and multi conductor overall foil screen.  Please see our website to discover our comprehensive choices for each category and to see our current prices.

Coaxial Cable -LLA - RG - URM STYLES

Coaxial cable is an excellent choice for the distribution of video and cable TV as well as RF and microwave transmission and computer and instrumentation data connections.  Coaxial cable differs from standard cable in that that electrical signal is conducted along a copper conductor.  This is then insulated and protected by a shield and outer insulation.  CCS Ltd is pleased to boast a comprehensive choice of coaxial cables including 50ohm and 75ohm, LLA Low Loss antenna cable, URM coaxial cable and a selection of cables specifically for either broadcasting, CCTV & satellite and telecommunications applications.

Cable Boot / Strain Relief Boot

Our range of cable boot and strain-relief boot provide a cost-effective and reliable way to protect your cable assemblies from moisture, deterioration from the elements and damage caused by bending, extending their performance and longevity.  We have an array of options to choose from including RG58 5.5mm, RG59 6.3mm and RG174/RG179 2.8mm Greenpar styles as well as RG58 CB50 and RG59 CB75 ribbed boot, each of which is available in a choice of colours and quantities.  We also stock mini RG59 cable boot and M20 cable gland thread for cable diameters of 6mm to 12mm.

Cable Ties & Bases

Our range of Eurolock cable ties and bases have been manufactured to provide a strong and robust solution to cable management, allowing organized arrangements of cable configurations as well as being an extremely useful tool in a variety of other applications.  They are made from a resilient nylon 6/6 that has been tested to UL94V2 flammability safety standards and have been designed to be equally effective when tightened by hand or in conjunction with a tightening tool.  We have a large selection of both white and black cables ties and bases to choose from.  Please see our website for further details.


We are pleased to stock Davico crimp terminals in quantities of 100 or 1,000.  These interlocking female terminals are manufactured from fully insulated vinyl.  Please see our website for our current prices.


We offer a wide selection of products from world leaders EDAC who are renowned in the fields of Card Edge and Rack & Panelling, and our stock from this innovative manufacturer includes their 516 series of rack and panelling components and accessories, 520 series connectors, 565 & 570 series waterproof connectors, assemblies and accessories, as well as a comprehensive choice of card edge connectors.  Please see our website for current prices or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Excel Networking

Our range of products from world-class cabling and racking expert, Excel Networking, is expansive and all items come with an impressive 25-year warranty when installed by one of their Excel Partners.  Excel Networking prides itself on delivering reliable, high performance systems that are favoured by educational, government, finance and retail establishments who view reliability as a key priority. From accessories, patch panels, cables and mounting hardware, all the way up to floor standing cabinets we are certain to have an Excel Networking product to suit your needs.  Please see our website for full details and prices for each of the 300 plus products available.


Our product range from global connector and cable assemblies solutions provider, FCI, includes both two-position and six-position crimp-to-wire housing connectors both of which are manufactured from blue, glass-filled thermostatic polyester which enables an operating temperature range of between -65°C and 125°C.  We also stock contact crimp connectors for use with the DUBOX Basics+ series.  Each of our FCI items are available to purchase either as a single unit or in quantities of up to 500 and current prices can be found on our website.



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