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When you need high quality pressure washers and associated pressure washing product for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, look no further than Malcolm Smith Power Cleaning. As a small, family run business, we can offer exceptional products that are always accompanied by a friendly, helpful service. Our online catalogue places a multitude of pressure washers and pressure washing equipment at your fingertips. Many years of experience and expertise in the field enable us to offer robust, reliable and effective pressure washers at an affordable price, as well as technical advice and support that is unrivalled anywhere in the market.

We are proud to supply jet washing equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Oertzen, Honda, Interpump, Kranzle, Pratissoli, Speck, UDOR, Flojet and Alberti. For every one of these brands, Malcolm Smith Power Cleaning can supply all necessary spares and a multitude of accessories. We have built up many 'kits' for numerous customers over the years that are tailored for the application. Whether it's an electric pump or an engine driven pump with a hot-box, all of our pressure washers may be supplied with quick release fittings on hoses and lances with easily interchangeable nozzles. As well as supplying standard pressure washers, we offer a range of Dual Pump jet washers.

So whether you're a domestic, commercial or industrial user, look no further than Malcolm Smith for all your Power Cleaning requirements. Give us a call today for expert, impartial advice and great savings on top-quality equipment.

Pressure Washers

Of course, you probably know by now that Malcolm Smith Power Cleaning supplies a huge range of pressure washers/jet washers. But we want to emphasise the point by showing you what products can be found in this great range.

The list is not exhaustive; we supply petrol pressure washers, 3-phase electric pressure washers, diesel pressure washers, skid mounted pressure washers, trailer mounted pressure washers, 230 volt hot water mobile pressure washers, 110 volt pressure washers, self contained hot and cold pressure washers, hot boxes, static cold and hot pressure washers, dirt driver pressure washers, pressure washer VAN packs, food industry standard cleaning equipment, and much more.

Please visit our website where you'll find technical information and specifications.

Pressure Washer Accessories

Malcolm Smith Power Cleaning is by no means a one trick pony. No - we're your one stop shop for all your pressure washing equipment, and that includes accessories. We supply a wide variety of flat surface cleaners, roof cleaning equipment, jet washer guns, lances, nozzles, foam heads, chemical injectors, jet washer hoses, pressure washer hot boxes, hose reels, brushes, high pressure nozzle holders, pump suction hoses, reservoir tanks, drain cleaning hoses, sandblasting heads, pressure washer mud suckers, rotary cleaning heads, and much more.

Follow the link and you'll find out catalogue of accessories, all of which can be purchased from our online shop.


Every great pressure washer relies on a great pump, and you’ll find an exceptional range of high-quality pumps available for purchase on the Malcolm Smith website. Our product range includes (but is not limited to); Interpump pressure washer pumps, PTO driven pumps, Plunger pumps from Pratissoli, Interpump hydraulic powered pumps, Interpump Pump with gearbox and PTO drive, booster pumps, Interpump Pump with gearbox for electric motor drive, engine driven water pumps, diaphragm pumps (240 or 415 volts), engine driven diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps (240 or 415 volts), Cat pressure pumps, electric driven pressure pump units, Flojet diaphragm pumps, speck pumps, HPP high pressure pumps, Annovi Reverberi pumps and many more. If you would like to find out more about any of these, please visit our website or give us a call.

Cleaning Power Guide

Here at Malcolm Smith Power Cleaning, we don't leave you in the dark as to what product to choose from. On our website you'll find a clear guide that helps you compare the different equipment we offer. This makes selecting the right product for your application unbelievably easy. Remember that different cleaning jobs require different pressure levels. Follow the link to find our guide, as well as some useful tips for identifying which product is most suitable for you. If you're still undecided, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We're ready and waiting to discuss your requirements.

Diesel Powered Pressure Washer Guide

Just like our Cleaning Power Guide, the Diesel Powered Pressure Washer Guide helps you find the right solution for your application. Here you can compare the different machines that we offer, and if you still cannot decide, just give us a call.

Petrol Pressure Washer Guide

We also provide a fantastic online guide to petrol engine powered pressure washers. Within the guide we feature a number of high quality petrol pressure washers with different properties to suit customer requirements. We are pleased to present models from many leading industry brands such as Oertzen, Zeta, Cobra, Kranzle, Rapier, Delta and more. Full technical information is available alongside product prices. All items can be ordered via our secure online shopping system. We provide free delivery for all online orders over £100 – full delivery details are available to view online.

Boiler Spares

We stock a wide range of spares for hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners for domestic, commercial, and industrial environments. Our product ranges include:


  • Burner fans
  • Burner motors and flanges
  • Descaling equipment – including pumps, bottles, and descaling agents
  • Flow switches – including reed switches and magnets
  • Fuel filters
  • Fuel nozzles – half-hollow, hollow, and solid
  • Fuel pumps – left and right hand rotation
  • HT & supply cables – sold per metre with caps and crimps available
  • Ignition electrodes
  • Ignition transformers
  • Solenoid coils
  • Steam valves
  • Step down transformers
  • Thermostats – including adapters and holders

Control Valves

Our range of control valves for pressure washing pumps include unloader, safety, regulating, pressure relief, and pneumatic control valves. We also stock Interpump control sets which have an internal by-pass and low pressure chemical injection system. Our range includes well known brands such as Pratissoli, Annovi Reverberi, and Speck, all of whom manufacture their goods to the highest standard. This ensures you get a reliable, hard wearing pump that will keep your equipment running smoothly. Items such as the safety relief valve are ideal for modern businesses that need to follow health and safety rules, as they will protect a pressure system when its maximum pressure is exceeded.  


We stock a wide range of water filters for pressure washing pumping equipment, including:


  • Aluminium pump filters – choose male or female theads
  • Banjo “T” and “Y” pressure filters – including models with cam lever
  • Cartridge filters
  • Chemical filters
  • Foot valves and filters
  • Geoline pressure filters
  • Geoline suction filters
  • Hypro and FloJet in-line filters
  • Marco pump filters
  • Pratissoli filters
  • Stainless steel filters
  • Weighted filters
  • Y brass filters


We supply a wide range of fittings – including high and low pressure fittings, stainless steel compression fittings, polypropylene fittings, Cam Lever fittings, zinc-plated steel or stainless steel ball valves, pump thermal protectors, easy start valves, pulsation dampeners, engine speed controls, hose clips, and thread sealing materials. We supply fitting with both BSP and NPT threads and in a range of sizes. Please visit our website for details.

Hose / Hose Reels

We supply a number of hoses – including drain or sewer hoses, food grade hoses, fuel hoses, high and low pressure hoses, lay flat hoses, mini-bore low pressure hoses, and suction hoses. Please visit our website for details.


We supply a range of lances for use with pressure washers – including 1/4” lance tubes, extending telescopic lances, foam lances, gun and half lances, plain half lances, lance accessories, lances used for pressures over 400 bar, nozzle holders, push/pull lances, twin lances, and a number of other special lance products. Please visit our website for details.

Motors & Engines

We sell a number of motors and engines for use with pumps and pressure washers. Our electric motors come in a range of designs – hollow shaft 110 volt motors, male shaft motors, as well as 1 Phase and 3 Phase motors for hollow shaft and male shaft. And we sell both diesel and petrol engines for greater power. Please visit our website for details.


We supply a range of high pressure washer nozzles – ideal for applications with pressure washers, jet washers, other jetting tools, drain cleaning, and cleaning sewer pipes. Our nozzles come in a range of sizes. And our range includes 1/4” and 1/8” male threaded nozzles, chemical nozzles, quick release nozzles, nozzle holders, turbo nozzles, Vario nozzles, drain and sewer nozzles, steam nozzles, and Kranzle nozzles. Please visit our website for details.

Rotary Cleaning Heads

We sell a number of rotary cleaning heads for pressure pumps and pressure washers. Our range includes the Mosmatic rotary cleaning head, a high pressure rotary tank-cleaning head, the A80FR2 Penta Tank cleaning head, as well as the Penta water-driven tank cleaning head, and the A400 Series water-driven tank cleaning head. These stainless steel products come in sizes range from 100mm to 600mm and offer pressures from 170 bar to 350 bar. Please visit our website for details.

Sprayers & Foam Sprayers

We offer a number of sprayers, including foam sprayers, for spraying pressure tanks. These products include the spraying apparatus and a tank to hold the liquids or foam to be sprayed. These sprayers are built coated steel or stainless steel. And we sell a number of spare guns, hoses, filters, and nozzles. Please visit our website for details.


We sell a range of tools essential for power cleaning or maintaining power cleaning appliances. Our tools include a 4-way utilities key, a 7mm hex socket for use with most hose clips, ear clip pliers, and an Interpump V-Packing Insertion tool. Please visit our website for details.


We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of guns for use with pressure washers and low pressure wash down guns.  We carry a wide range – covering all applications, from high to low pressure.  As with all our products, quality is high and prices are competitive.  We usually ship within 48 hours of receipt of payment, so you can be sure of getting the right gun for the work you want done easily and speedily.  Please visit our website to see the full range available.


We offer a good range of pressure washer boilers, available as 12 volt, 100 volt or 240 volt boilers.  In each of these categories there are products for you to choose from, so you can find the one that best suits your requirements.  We draw on many years of experience with pressure washers and jet washing equipment to be sure that the products we offer are of superior quality and can be relied upon.  Delivery is free to the UK mainland on all orders over £100.  You can see the full range of boilers available on our website.

Clearance Items

One page of our website is dedicated to clearance items that are available because of, for example, someone over-ordering.  Take a look and you could get yourself a real bargain, but if you see something that suits you, you’ll have to be fast, as it is strictly first come, first served in the clearance area.  All clearance items have never been used.  We do apply a no returns policy to items in this range, because they are offered at rock bottom prices.

Pressure Pumping Units

You will find an excellent range of pressure pumping units.  We stock Interpump and Pratissoli motor pump units.   Single phase and three phase units are available.  All are competitively priced and live up to our reputation for supplying high quality products.  Take a look on our website where you will see the full selection available.

Spare Parts

We understand the importance of a good availability of spare parts and we therefore carry an extensive selection of spare parts for pressure pumps and pressure washers.  Included in this category are batteries, wheels and pressure washer pump oil.  We cover a good range of manufacturers, with spares for Interpump, BE, Flojet, Kranzel, Honda and more, so that you can find the spare parts you are looking for.  You can see all the manufacturers represented and the spare parts stocked on our website.

IBC Fittings

We are pleased to announce a welcome addition to our supply.  We now stock a range of fittings for use with IBC storage containers, suitable for IBC outlet sizes of 2 inch (60mm)..  IBC fittings are alternatively known as S60 by 6mm buttress threads.  Check out the range on our website and you will be pleased with the selection available, and all at competitive prices.

Drum Adaptors

Another new addition is a range of fittings that are suitable for DRUM storage containers.  The following DRUM outlet sizes apply – 54mm, 64mm and 70mm, also called S54 by 4mm/ S64 by 5mm and S70 by 6mm.  The thread coarseness is indicated by the 4mm, 5mm and 6mm measurements.  You can see the full range of drum adaptors on our website, along with full drum adaptor thread specifications.



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Brand & Trade Names

  • COBRA Cobra Pressure Washers and Cobra Jet Washers
  • COMET COMET Diaphragm pumps
  • DELTA DELTA Pressure Washers and Cobra Jet Washers
  • Hatz Hatz Powered Pressure Washers / Jet Washers
  • Honda Honda Powered Pressure Washers / Jet Washers
  • Honda Honda Powered Pressure Washers / Jet Washers
  • Honda Honda Powered Open Framed Generators
  • INTERPUMP INTERPUMP Pressure Washer Plunger High Pressure Pumps
  • Kranzle pressure washers and jet washers - pressure washing equipment
  • Lombardini Lombardini Powered Pressure Washers / Jet Washers
  • PRATISSOLI PRATISSOLI Pressure Washer Plunger High Pressure Pumps
  • RAPIER RAPIER Pressure Washers and Cobra Jet Washers
  • Taskman he Taskman range has been developed to offer quality and reliability at affordable prices. TASKMAN Pressure Washers are built with Getting the Job Done in mind. Portable yet heavy duty for ultimate toughness and longevity, all pressure washers are fitted with interpump units maximising their performance and reliability. The Taskman pressure washer range is suitable for all power cleaning applications. Extremely portable with powerful psi pressure, the range is designed to get the job done. Ten Petrol & Diesel Pressure Washer models from 1350 psi / 90 bar to 3000 psi / 200 bar All TASKMAN Pressure Washers come with High Pressure Hose, Heavy Duty Lance and Suction Pipe. Taskman Petrol and Diesel Pressure Washers enjoy a comprehensive 12 month warranty. The Taskman range has been developed to offer quality and reliability at affordable prices. . Heavy Duty Portable Design . Interpump Unit Fitted . Powered by Honda Petrol Engins / Yanmar Engines
  • THOR THOR Pressure Washers and Cobra Jet Washers
  • UDOR UDOR Pressure Washer Plunger High Pressure Pumps
  • WHIRL A WAY WHIRL A WAY Flat Surface Cleaners for use with pressure washers and jet washers - pressure washing
  • ZETA ZETA Pressure Washers and Cobra Jet Washers