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Emergi-Lite Emergency Lighting Safety Systems (part of the Thomas & Betts group), is a leading life safety solutions provider - delivering state-of- the-art systems and products covering emergency lighting, fire detection and safety system products.

From stylish and cost efficient LED downlighters and exit signs, through to Central Power Supply Systems, Emergi-Lite provides a range of reliable high quality products that are easy to use, versatile and designed to meet relevant standards and specifications.

Whether planning, installing, managing or renewing Emergency Lighting Systems your projects are in safe hands with Emergi-Lite.  

Brand Portfolio

  • Serenga & Escape Line LED emergency lighting
  • New Naveo online emergency lighting maintenance solutions
  • Centrel Emergency Lighting testing system
  • IR2 infra red Emergency Lighting testing systems
  • EMEX Central Power Supply Systems
  • An extensive range of self contained emergency luminaries
  • Conventional 4-wire & 2-wire Fire Detection Panels and Analogue Addressable Fire Systems

Supporting You

Emergi-Lite provides impressive services and technical support, including:

  • Emergency Lighting Conversion Services
  • Wide Ranging Distribution Network
  • Free Risk Assessment & Scheme Design
  • Maintenance Support & Servicing
  • Technical Publications
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Members of FIA, ICEL & LIF

Serenga Emergency Lighting

Offering a complete solution across the design scheme, Serenga Emergency Lighting systems are a modular, LED-based, versatile range of exit signs with high-spec downlighters. As well as giving significant energy savings, LED technology means Serenga lamps have a greater lifespan of up to 12 years. Because Serenga emergency lighting systems are constructed to a modular design, a high level of flexibility during planning and installation is permitted. You can choose from a variety of exit sign combinations supported by first-fix downlighters for emergency illumination. All Serenga products are designed for optimised light distribution across escape routes and open areas.

Aqualux Emergency Lighting

The Aqualux range of emergency light systems are sought after for their durability and high performance capabilities. Where heavy duty emergency lighting is needed to perform in high bay warehouses, storage facilities, car parks, sports halls and stadia, Aqualux is the solution.

Rated to IK10 and certified to IP65 and IP67, these systems are ultra-versatile and come with a range of mounting accessories. They offer unbeaten lighting distribution and spacing, and their modular construction with replaceable geartray enables simple installation and rapid replacement of parts. Aqualux Emergency Lighting systems come with a 3 year warranty.

EMEX Power Emergency Lighting

Emergi-Lite is proud to offer EMEX Power Emergency Lighting systems, an advanced range of products with a wide choice of batteries giving a lifespan of up to 25 years when operated and maintained according to the battery manufacturer.

Designed to meet even the most exacting demands of local fire authorities and emergency lighting scheme designers, EMEX systems incorporate a static inverter which functions at mains voltage during both normal and emergency conditions. In these circumstances, mains luminaries with an integrated electronic starter will operate at full brightness.

Horizon Emergency Lighting

For cost-effective yet powerful emergency lighting solutions, Horizon's high output fluorescent luminaires are the answer. Because these systems deliver optical light distribution, fewer luminaires are necessary, and ongoing maintenance costs are reduced.

Highly versatile, the Horizon range can be surface mounted, recessed or mounted using a range of accessories for modern suspended ceilings and traditional solid walls. Horizon systems are made up of both luminaires and directional signage for open area and escape route lighting. These powerful luminaires blend in seamlessly with the entire design scheme, and industry-leading spacing offer savings in comparison to 8 watt fluorescents.

LED Escape Line Emergency Lighting

High performance LED light source with energy saving GS-LED control technology, the new Escape Line product combines both design-LED emergency lighting solutions with cost-efficient long life functionality.

Specific features within Escape Line range include: downlighters with extended life and high performance LED light source; LED light strip source; energy saving GS-LED control technology and slim & clean design.

Naveo Online Maintenance Testing Solutions

Emergi-Lite’s new Naveo online software allows users to control the entire emergency lighting installation, inspection and maintenance process – providing an overview and control of all emergency lighting systems at any place, 24/7.
Using inspection and maintenance software for PC, tablet or smart- phone, Naveo allows users to save valuable time spent collecting and entering information. There’s no unnecessary ladder hauling, illegible annotations or double data entry. 
Plus, the Naveo software goes further than simply providing an overview of self-contained emergency lighting luminaires. By receiving inspection and maintenance updates on email or text message users are alerted to potential faults and repair requirements – increasing planning efficiency and building safety.

IR2 Infra Red Emergency Lighting Testing Solutions

IR2 is a safe, fast & easy way of testing emergency lighting. It eliminates the need for ladders or key switches, removes the need for a costly wiring installation, is more cost effective for maintenance and offers a simple walk test process for the user to interact with the emergency lighting system.

Fire Detection

Conventional 4-wire & 2-wire Fire Detection Panels
Designed to configure both 2-wire and 4-wire systems, with 4 -16 zone panels, Eurofire is a conventional, non-addressable system incorporating enhanced safety, technical & practical features. Complimenting this is the Firetec system offering practical, cost effective fire safety solution for smaller to medium sized premises.
Analogue Addressable Fire Systems
With enhanced capabilities for installations where extra intelligence & flexibility are required Emergi-Fire provides analogue addressable fire systems with an array of user & installer-friendly features. The powerful Anatec Pro system provides extensive networking, complex sounder & control functions & 500mA output per loop. The expanded Anatec-Lite range further maximizes cost efficiency & functionality.

Cable Ties, Tools & Accessories

We can provide a comprehensive selection of cable ties, tools and accessories. Just some of the products within this range include Ty-Rap nylon cable ties, Ty-Met stainless steel cable ties, Ty-Rap detectable cable ties, Ty-Rap special environment cable ties, Deltec assembly line cable ties packaging and Ty-Fast plastic cable ties, as well as many more. Customers can visit the website to view our entire range, including product details and information on pricing. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email.  

Power Backup Systems

We can provide comprehensive and reliable power back up systems for use with emergency lighting. Products within this range include Emex AC battery systems, Emex mini compact systems and Emex test systems. Our backup systems also offer incredible value money and users can benefit from low running and maintenance costs. Customers can visit the website for further information on these or any of our products. Alternatively, you can contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Monitoring & Control

We can provide an innovative range of monitoring and control equipment which has been designed for use with emergency lighting. Products within this range can offer a quick and convenient way of testing your emergency lighting without having to resort to manual testing. Just some of the equipment we stock includes infrared testing, Naveo emergency light software, self-test emergency kits, street lighting controls and photocells. For further information on these or any of our products please visit the website. 

Surge Protection

Transient over-voltages or power surges can occur at any time and can cause a huge amount of damage if you don't have the correct protection. This type of damage is particularly costly when it affects sensitive or expensive equipment which may have to repaired or completely replaced. Our range of surge protection products have been specifically designed with inbuilt safeguards against transient over-voltages. Products within this range include mains power supplies, phone lines, data line, signal lines and specific systems protection, as well as more. 

Hazardous Lighting & Control

We can offer a comprehensive range of hazardous lighting and control products. Our selection of hazardous lighting products have been designed to withstand many different adverse conditions, from atmospheres polluted with explosive gases to dust. We can also provide a range of control equipment including our EJB control boxes, XB control boxes and our boxes junction guv range. For further information on these or any of our products please visit the website or you can give us a call directly by phone or email. 

Connectors & Grounding

It is incredibly important to allow your lighting infrastructure to be earthed using a suitable grounding system. We can provide a wide range of connectors and grounding products including lighting protection components, electronic system protection components, earthing equipment and risk assessment software, as well as much more. To view this range in full, feel free to visit the website. Alternatively, if you have any specific queries you can give our customer service team a call and they can help you further. 

Power & High Voltage

Our range of power and high voltage products include underground switchgear, high voltage switches, underground and industrial cable connectors, as well as a range of Fisher Pierce sensors and indicators. All of our power components offer exceptional quality, performance and reliability and we strive to offer our customers solutions which not only cut costs but also increase efficiency. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us directly, by phone or email. 

Wire Termination

Our range of wire termination products include the popular crimp terminals and connectors from Sta-Kon. We can also provide Shrink-kon heat shrinks, dragon tooth magnet wire terminals, Shield-kon shielded cable connectors and color-keyed power cable connectors, as well as much more. Customers can visit the website for more information on any of the products within this range including key features and details on pricing. 

Identification Products

We stock a variety of identification products along with other general supplies suitable for electrical applications. Our identification products include labels, signs, warning tapes, tags and wire and cable marking. Just some of the general products we have to offer include wire markers, lubricants and fishtape, as well as many more. To view our full range of identification and general purpose products please visit the website. 

Conduit Systems

We can offer expertly designed conduit systems, suitable for a wide range of electrical applications. It is also worth noting that we can provide these systems in many different sizes, to suit the specific requirements of our customers. Whether you work in the food industry, mining industry or renewable energy sector, we can offer a solution which is both effective and tailored to your needs. To discuss your options further, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team directly. 



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