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BMI Solutions Ltd is a well-respected supplier of top quality document scanners and associated software. As an authorised and trusted document scanner and software partner for a number of leading manufacturers such as Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Xerox, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Brother, Plustek, IRIS, Visioneer and Silex we are sure to be able to meet all of your scanning and software needs.

With more than 15 years experience in the document scanning industry we have built a fantastic reputation in the industry and we are a recognised supplier of first class document scanning and software equipment.

Our range of equipment has been created to suit a wide range of customer requirements and all document scanners are offered with at least a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty which can be extended for up to five years if required.

Our support team is on hand to answer any queries you may have and to provide technical information and advice to assist customers in choosing the most suitable and effective equipment for their requirements. We also offer on-site demonstrations if required.

All of our products are offered at competitive prices. We also provide a ‘price promise’ service so if you find the same product cheaper somewhere else, we will beat the price – please see full terms and conditions on our website.

Canon Scanners

Here at BMI Solutions Ltd, we are pleased to be authorised Canon Scanner Partners. We offer the very latest scanners available on the market today including:

  • Canon P-208 Document Scanner: 8PPM (Simplex_ 16PPM (Duplex), 10 sheet feeder capacity, Mac and Windows compatible, optional Wi-Fi unit
  • Canon DR-C125 Document Scanner: A4 colour scanner, duplex, 25 ppm, 30 sheet capacity, compatible with Vista, Windows 7 and Mac.
  • Canon CR-190i Cheque Scanner: colour scanner, duplex, 190 ppm, 250 sheet capacity, compatible with Windows XP.

Please visit our website to view the complete range.

Fujitsu Scanners

We are also authorised and trusted Fujitsu Scanner Partners. We offer a wide range of Fujitsu scanners including:

  • Fujitsu Scansnap S1100 Portable Scanner: A4 colour scanner, simplex, 8 ppm, compatible with Vista, Windows 7 and Mac.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Wifi Document Scanner: A4 colour scanner, duplex, 25ppm, 50 sheet capacity, compatible with Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac and Smartphone (wifi).
  • Fujitsu fi-6230z Document Scanner: A4 colour scanner, duplex, 40 ppm, 50 sheet capacity, built-in flatbed, compatible with Vista and Windows 7.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Kodak Scanners

We offer a wide selection of Kodak scanners. Most units are supplied with a one year manufacturer’s warranty while a number of models are supplied with a three year advanced unit replacement warranty. Examples of the range include:

  • Kodak ScanMate i940 Document Scanner: A4 colour scanner, duplex, 20 ppm, 20 sheet capacity, compatible with Vista and Windows 7.
  • Kodak i2400 Document Scanner: A4 colour scanner, duplex, 30 ppm, 50 sheet capacity, compatible with Vista and Windows.
  • Kodak PS50 Photo Scanner: 50 photos per minute, 50 sheets capacity, three years warranty.

Please visit our website to view the range in full. Full product descriptions, including prices, are available to view.

Panasonic Scanners

We offer a fantastic range of Panasonic scanners to suit a range of customer requirements and budgets. Choose from the Panasonic KV-S1046C Document Scanner for A4 colour scanning (features 75 sheet capacity and compatible with Vista or Windows 7 currently available at £431.00. Prices are subject to change). Or, the advanced Panasonic KV-S4085CW Document Scanner for A3 colour scanning, duplex, 100 ppm, 300 sheet capacity and compatible with XP and Windows 7(currently available at £6,100). Whatever your requirements, we are sure to be able to meet your needs.

Xerox Document Scanners

We also supply an excellent range of Xerox scanners. Examples of the range include:

  • Xerox 7600i Document Scanner: a multipurpose flatbed featuring a range of options to capture, organise and share.
  • Xerox Documate 152 Document Scanner: scans documents at 18 pages/36 images per minute, compact duplex scanner with 50 page ADF capacity.
  • Xerox Documate 5445 Document Scanner: 45ppm scan speed, 600 x 600 dpi resolution, USB 2.0 interface, one year’s warranty.
  • Xerox Documate 4790 VRS Standard Document Scanner: ideal for large volume and distributed scanning environments. Features a duty cycle of up to 10,000 sheets a day.

Epson Scanners

Our range of Epson document scanners includes:

  • Epson Perfection V37 Photo Scanner: delivers scans instantly with little warm-up time needed.
  • Epson WorkForce DS-5500 Document Scanner: designed to accommodate documents individually. It is ideal for users with specific capture needs such as scanning bound materials and thick or fragile documents.
  • Epson Perfection V750 Photo Scanner: features an optical resolution of 6400dpi and a 4.0 DMax measure for a superior dynamic range.
  • Epson Expression 11000XL Pro Scanner: a high resolution A3 scanner designed to meet the most demanding of graphic arts applications.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Hewlett Packard Document Scanners

Our range of Hewlett Packard document scanners is designed to suit a variety of customer requirements. The HP ScanJet 1000 Professional Mobile Scanner, for example, is a convenient document scanner that can be used almost anywhere, while the HP ScanJet N9120 Document Scanner is robust, departmental scanner suitable for capturing single or two-sided documents up to A3-size. Please visit our website to view our complete range of Hewlett Packard Document Scanners. For further information or advice regarding your selection, please contact us at BMI and we will be happy to help.

Brother Scanners

We offer an excellent range of Brother scanners, all of which are supplied with a three year warranty. The range includes:

  • Brother DS-600 Portable Scanner: fantastic for capturing and archiving a range of documents when you are on the move.
  • Brother ADS-2100 Document Scanner: features ‘one touch’ scanning to USB stick, PC or Mac, 24ppm scan speed and 50 sheet automatic document feeder.
  • Brother ADS-2600W A4 Desktop Wireless Document Scanner: features auto document feeder input capacity, 50 sheets, and scan to the Cloud including Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, Dropbox and Evernote.

Please see full product descriptions on our website.

Plustek Document Scanners

We also supply various Plustek scanners. Examples of the range include:

  • Plustek SmartPhoto F50 Scanner: lightweight and compact unit for scanning films and slides.
  • Plustek MobileOffice D600 Mobile Scanner: an A6 duplex true mobile colour scanner designed to convert paper-based documents, plastic cards, embossed cards, ID cards and prescriptions into various digital formats.
  • Plustek SmartOffice PS406U: features an ultrasonic sensor to detect the double feeding of original documents during scanning.
  • Plustek SmartOffice PL7500 Document Scanner: one of the latest models in the series offering high-speed scanning for workgroups and other decentralised scanning applications.

Iris Scanners

We supply the latest Iris scanners on the market today. The range features:

  • IRISNotes 1 for Smartphones Scanner: this unit sends handwritten notes directly to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth®
  • IRISPen Translator 6 Scanner: this scanner works in the same way as a highlighter. Simply slide the IRISPen™ over printed information from newspapers, magazines, faxes, letters etc to get editable and translated text.
  • IRISCard Corporate 5 Scanner: a professional, multi-user solution for capturing information from business contacts when away from the computer.
  • IRIScan Pro 3 Cloud Document Scanner: 50 page ADF, scan directly into your Cloud storage, 15 pages per minute.

Visioneer Scanners

As authorised Visionner Scanner partners, we are able to offer the latest Visioneer scanners with a one year manufacturer warranty. The range includes:

  • Visioneer Mobility Colour Cordless Scanner Document Scanner: scans documents, receipts, photos, business cards, plastic ID cards and more to smartphone, SD card or USB flash drive.
  • Visioneer Strobe 400 Document Scanner: a duplex scanner designed for busy professionals who require fast and reliable scanning solutions. This model is the world’s smallest cross-platform document scanner.
  • Visioneer Strobe 500 Document Scanner: features a 20 page automatic document feeder, 30 images per minute duplex scanning speed and visioneer OneTouch with Kofax VRS technology.

Silex Servers

Our complete range of document scanners can be networked with our range of top quality Silex server devices. Once the software is installed on the computer, access to the scanner is straightforward and efficient. Our range of Silex servers includes:

  • Silex C-6600GB: a print and scan server ideally used for Canon USB printers and scanners, compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Silex SX-DS3000 WAN USB Server: this unit is easy to install and features print server function, support for Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed. It also supports IEEE 802,11 a/b/g/n.

Please visit our website to view the range in full.

Kodak Scanner Consumables

BMI Solutions Ltd supplies a wide selection of Kodak scanner accessories. Examples of the ranges include: Kodak Scanners Cleaning Supplies, Kodak i30/i40 Consumables and Accessories, Kodak i1400 Series Scanner Accessories, Accessories for Kodak i100 Series, Kodak i600/i700/i1800 Series Accessories, Kodak i1210, i1220, i1310 i1320 and S122 Accessories, Kodak i50, i55, i60, i65, i80 Accessories, Accessories for Kodak i200 Series Scanners, Kodak i2000’s Accessories, Kodak Scanstation 500-520 Consumables and Kodak Scanstation 100 Accessories. Please visit our website to view all Kodak items in these ranges.

Canon Scanner Consumables

We also offer a wide selection of Canon scanner accessories to complement our complete range of Canon Scanners. Please visit our website to view our extensive selection. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us directly at BMI and we will be happy to help.

Fujitsu Scanner Consumables

Please visit our website to view our range of Fujitsu cleaning kits and Fujitsu consumable kits. Full product descriptions, including prices, are available to view online.

Plustek Scanner Consumables

Please also take a look at our range of Plustek accessories. For further information, please contact our friendly team at BMI.

Epson Scanner Consumables

We are pleased to supply the Epson single sheet feeder. This 100 sheet automatic document feeder scans multiple documents up to A3 size. Please get in touch to find out more.

Panasonic Scanner Consumables

We supply a range of Panasonic scanner consumables including:

  • Exchange Roller Kit for Panasonic KV-S2055/2065 – Part # KV-SS009.
  • Exchange Roller Kit for Panasonic KV-SS905- Part # KV-SS012.
  • Imprinter Unit for 7065, 7075, 3065, 4065, 4085, 5055 – Part # KV-SS014
  • Exchange Roller Kit for Panasonic KV-S7065-Part # KV-SS015
  • Exchange Roller Kit for the Panasonic KVS-3056 Part # KV-SS017
  • Exchange Roller Kit (for thin paper) for the Panasonic KV-S3065 – Part# KV-SS018.
  • Imprinter for Panasonic KV-SS2045/46C – Part # KV-SS020.

Please see full product details on our website.

Xerox Scanner Consumables

The Xerox Visioneer NetScan 2000 – Network Device has been expertly designed and created to convert Hi-Speed USB 2.0 scanner to a shared network resource. The Hi-Speed USB scanner server provides users with fast Ethernet connectivity for all of your Hi-Speed USB 2.0 devices. Please visit our website to find out more.

Visioneer Scanner Consumables

Please also take a look at our range of Visioneer scanner accessories. For further information, please contact us at BMI.

Kofax VRS Software

At BMI, we offer an excellent range of Kofax VRS software. The range includes:

  • Kofax VRS Elite Software (for Desktop scanning)
  • Kofax VRS 4 VRS 4.5 Professional for USB/SCSI/ Firewire Workgroup Scanning
  • Kofax VRS Elite Software (for production scanning).

This software automatically examines documents and applies the correct settings to deliver high quality scanned images.

Kofax Express Software

We also offer an excellent range of Kofax Express software. Kofax equipment has been designed to make scanning, organising and storage of documents easy and straightforward. It is suitable for use by beginners or pros. The range includes:

  • Kofax Express Desktop Software – Part # VP-DX00-00u1
  • Kofax Express Workgroup Software – Part # VP-WX00-00U1
  • Kofax Express Low Volume Production Software – Part # VP-PX00-LVU1.

Please visit our website to find out more.


Please give us a call at BMI to find out more about ScanFile Document Management Systems.

Paper port pro

 We are authorised and trusted Nuance Software Partners. We offer the latest software on the market today including:

  • Nuance PaperPort 14 Professional Win Box: expertly designed for easy scanning. Works with networked scanner units, shares information easily and securely and is perfect for corporate scanning solutions.
  • Nuance PaperPort Standard 14 Win Box: finds documents easily, organises and manages all documentation with one software application.

Kodak Capture

Kodak Capture Pro Software is the perfect application for managing and moving images and information quickly and easily. It enables users to quickly convert forms, invoices, records and other business documents into high quality images.

Kodak Capture Pro enables users to: protect against indexing errors and ensures data integrity with New Double Data Entry indexing, Optimise image quality with enhancements to the Intelligent QC function, including auto-crop and deskew, Achieve more flexibility and security in outputting to PDF with password ecrypted PDF and Populate index fields faster and more accurately with expanded database look up.

IRIS Software

We also offer an excellent range of IRIS software. The range includes:

  • IRIS IRISCompressor Windows: create compressed PDF files with one click, reduces the size of images and PDF files, and converts standard document images and PDF files into new PDF documents up to 20 times smaller.
  • IRIS Readiris14 Pro Windows: turns paper, images or PDF into editable text and creates searchable PDF files.
  • IRISDocument Server 9: the most competitive and fastest professional solution on the market designed to convert images into indexed and editable files and provide multiple users with OCR service.

Virtual Cabinet

The Virtual Cabinet is a fully integrated document management system designed to provide users with a straightforward and simple method of converting to a paperless office while at the same time adhering to standards for legal admissibility. The Virtual Cabinet provides a secure document store and features a range of facilities to enable documents to be located quickly and easily. It can be integrated with back office systems and also has the ability to link all forms of electronic files back to the client record. The Virtual Cabinet enables companies to control all documents, share information, increase productivity and archive documents securely. Please get in touch to find out more.



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